Happy November, All Saints Day and Day of the Innocents/Day of the Dead

1 day of the dead

Welcome to the first day of November, All Saints Day and the Day of the Innocents, the first day of Day of the Dead.

1 all saints day

I hope everyone has recovered from their Halloween shenanigans and that you are thus far having a fabulous day.

We also did the changing of the clock and fell back an hour. I am not sure how I feel about it yet but will keep you posted!

Here in sweet home Alabama we are getting some much needed rain and our temperatures are getting more fall like. Of course this is Alabama so it could be rainy and cold today and get warm again this week! I personally hope we get to keep the cool weather around for a bit. I love the fall weather. Our trees are still changing and beautiful. Daily it seems there is a colorful carpet in the yard yet our trees still have beautiful colors and leaves left to fall. It’s that in-between phase where they have changed colors but not yet completely and although some trees are a bit more barren than others, we still have a good amount of leaves on the trees. The contrast is amazingly beautiful.

1 fall leaves

It is also Sunday, what some consider a day of rest. I am hoping to get some things done to ready for the upcoming week and also rest! I am hoping that the boy will be down for a low key day today. After all of the running we did yesterday, he needs a day of rest before jumping back into a “regular” week! After all, he got to dress up for the past 3 days! Today we all may be in a bit of a sugar coma. We don’t eat a lot of sugar so the past few days have been like a free for all in the candy department!

1 halloween candy

I wish you all a fabulously, beautiful Sunday!

Always remember to keep hope alive!

Stay Fabulous!

Lady Maos




The First Fall Monday

Today is the first fall Monday.

hello monday image

The air has been crisp the days not quite as smoldering as it has been here in sweet home Alabama. The changing of the season to cooler at night and in the mornings.

We have a bit more rain but yet it isn’t all over.

We have some leaves that are colored still on the trees and then leaves on the ground of green, brown and bright reds and orange.

leaves green yelow orange red

Every day brings changes and fall is a time of change. That sweet spot between boiling hot and freezing cold.

What they say about the south is true. In one week you may wear shorts and sandals, jeans and t-shirt as well as heavy coat with boots. I keep a coat, boots and flip flops in my jeep year round.

flip flop boot

I am looking forward to a fabulous week with hopefully beautiful weather. I will find a way to find the good no matter what. After all, I have the miracle boy, proof dreams do come true and the universe has a wicked sense of humor.

Keep hope alive my fabulous friends!

Let’s go into this week kicking full of gracelessness!