Happy Halloween!!!

halloween this is halloween


Also, Happy All Hallows’ Eve, Allhallowee’en and All Saints’ Eve!

halloween happy

I have loved Halloween since I was a little girl. My parents must have known because every year since I was born I have dressed up. The only exception was the year my son was born as he was born mid-September and on Halloween I felt I looked scary enough and dressing up was not on my list of survival mode at that time! I did enjoy watching others & seeing the decorations, but I was too tired and overwhelmed to participate. I bought a t-shirt for me and a onesie for the boy. However, I recovered and have celebrated and included him on the Halloween tradition every year since. He loves putting on or making up costumes and I love that he creative and often pulls a bit of different characters to make one super cool character that he then portrays.

I love that he loves pumpkin carving and hayrides.


I love that we watch “scary” movies together.

halloween jack

But let’s get real. He is 5. There are some things I can’t let him watch yet because they scare me and I am so sure he would be terrified for months watching the horror movies I watch!

He’s been watching Monster Mash videos on my phone, a true perk as I am not down with shoving my phone to my kid since technology goes wonky on me not taking the chances with him – sorry to digress… ahem.

monster mash

Last night he wanted to watch another video and since we were stuck in a traffic jam, as he calls it, I found the longer “Thriller” video with the dancing, mini movie and Vincent Price and let him view it while I drove, repeating it and semi doing the driver dance moves for Thriller. The boy was thoroughly enjoying it, even the “scary” bits but laughing saying, “It’s pretend scary but it’s soooo good Mommy! I love it! Why haven’t I seen this before now?!” I know, I am a freak raising a mini freak! It’s already dark here at 6:45 PM so I am hopeful not too many witnessed it as I still had my devil horns on and was singing away loudly with the windows cracked! It must have been entertaining enough as I saw the construction crew at the exit ramp do a few of the moves from the song so I lowered the windows for a few minutes to let them enjoy it too! Spread the joy and the fun wherever you go!



We are going to a few festivals and then, of course, trick or treating! We are hoping the rain doesn’t come in until later but I promise you I am prepared for rain too! This Fabulously Graceless Crazy Mama is going to take her boy trick or treating no matter what!

I will have to put up some photos on a later post! Here is one from last year and what I wore to the boys Halloween party yesterday at school!


I hope you all have a fun, fantastic and Fabulous Halloween!

Always Keep Hope Alive!

I hope you get more treats than tricks, and if you get them, the tricks are fabulouhalloween oogy boogies!



The Friday before Halloween!

It’s almost here! Halloween! And its Friday, the day before Halloween!

halloween 1

Last night we had a trial run so to speak. The boy and I went to a local assisted living and he got to trick or treat. He was a red ninja with devil horns, yes I laughed as I got 2 pair of the devil horns at the dolla store for an adult without a costume on Halloween. I am a bit enthusiastic about Halloween! I also wore a pair of the horns. Like from when we left the house until after we got home including at the gas station! The residents got to visit with the children and everyone had a fabulous time! It was so much fun and there was a big turnout of children. It meant so much to the people living there to get to enjoy children dressed up and the kids had a safe environment and adoration by everyone they met. He made a lot of new friends and got a lot of candy for about 45 minutes of visiting with folks! I finally met the gentleman who’s always asking me for a date! He said, “Hey you’re the cutie from the day room I see and you were here today. Wait, that one’s not mine! Let me just give y’all some candy! I love your shirt and your horns!” It was fabulous!

Today is the boy’s Halloween party at school. I am still not sure what he is going to choose but it’s between Batman, a Ninja turtle, Red Power Ranger (or blue, why not?) or the red ninja costume… he has options. I have decided to go as the pink power ranger. I know I said “never again” but these are kids and they will get a kick out of it! Only I will wear my black cowboy boots instead of the “cute” white go-go like boots I got to go with the costume but I found out they are torture to walk in after about 45 minutes. And I will medicate myself before I fabulously and gracelessly get there for set up! I will have a bit of time to hang with the teachers and decorate before the small creatures get up from their “nap time.” *Sigh, I sometimes miss naps! I am sure we will have fun and dance about. Hence the medications needed!

halloween l s b

That’s the reason this fabulous crazy mama plans a semi low key evening in with crafts, easy dinner and Halloween movies with the boy before the big day! In my family, we dress up and go out and about. We may hit a festival or something Halloweenie and then go trick or treating. It is always Fabulously Fun! I love that I have passed the love of the holiday to the boy. Of course we pretend to be all kinds of people and dress in costumes even when it isn’t Halloween, so that may make us a touch strange but it still makes us totally fabulous! And maybe a wee bit crazy but in that good kind of way!

I hope you all have a fabulously fun Friday and get ready for Halloween!!!


halloween style

Chronic Pain blows so Keep Hope Alive!

Sometimes I can’t think right. Too many things going on and my brain doesn’t work like I want it to. I still can “perform” to a degree though it isn’t always pretty. Life with chronic pain issues just blows. There is no pretty dressing I can put on it today.

That I was able to shower, go to see the boy at karate and look “normal” was more of a challenge than I care to admit. But it was worth it hearing him say, “Mommy you look so pretty. You always come see me.” Like I would stay away. The only times I ever wasn’t there was when I had surgery and procedures done. I always work hard to be there for him. He needs me. I need him. It works both ways.

It seemed like because I made an effort I was able to take care of a few other things I needed to do. Some not all, but I count it as a victory for me. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Being an “older” single mommy has its benefits and challenges. I wouldn’t trade any of it because I am The Boy’s Mommy. He chose me. Lord knows there’s always something going on and usually I am moving faster than I want and quicker than I realized I could. Of course I pay for it. I should buy stock in the heating pad company! I give it my all and then some. I love every second of it and never take it for granted.

I am so blessed to have a great medical support team, amazing people who care about me and help me out and a twisted sense of humor to get me through even the bleakest of times. These people cheer me on, call me out and help me find ways to get through tests, treatments and procedures as well as get through my daily life. I couldn’t do it without them.

I am a horrible patient too! I would prefer to be the one taking care of others, it’s in my makeup. Life finds humor in making me be on the other end and making me stop at times.

It is then when I realize how lucky and blessed I am.

When I feel myself beginning to wallow in self-pity I have to remind myself that I have a miracle boy and loving people who support me.

I can’t allow myself to slip onto the island of depression for it’s an easy journey there and hard to leave once you arrive. It can be so hard as it can be very inviting to go and fall into the pit. I know that once you are there it is hard to leave. You think about it. About how easy it would be to just stay. Let others handle your life and maybe check yourself into the Casa de Straight-Jacket but then I realized I don’t like being bound and I would miss my freedom. No matter how gray the day may be I know I will see the sun again.

I know that all I have to do is believe and keep hope alive.

Stay Fabulous!


Wednesday Words

Words have power.

Words can also be pointless. Like air blowing over the landscape.

Sometimes words can convey emotions and feelings.

Other times the words are just there for answers, like a computer spitting out the information you need for your school paper. Monotonous. Clinical.

Words can cut you to the emotional bone.

They can make you laugh, cry, weep with joy or sadness. They can make you angry. They can start a movement of change. Words are good and bad, though you can’t have one without the other.

The boy is learning sight words in Pre-K. Yes, they have homework in Pre-K and I hear Kindergarten is worse with homework. At this stage I am wondering if I should book a tutor now for math in elementary school and get an early bird special! He is pretty good and identifying words and learning to spell them. Lately, he has been asking how to spell words as well as understanding the meaning of the word, as well as how it is used in a sentence.

Recently we were running a bit late on the way to school. We were talking back and forth, it was a good day with neither of us whining about the morning, when he exclaimed, “Oh damnit!” Of course I gave him a sideways, crooked look and asked him what he said. He repeated it clearly. Even enunciating while looking at me. He knew he had said an adult word but wasn’t sure it was acceptable. I asked him where he heard it. He thought about it and smiled the I-can-answer-this look and said, “You?” Oh no, no sir, I don’t think so. While I have no problem admitting I can have a potty mouth pretty much 24/7 it’s like I get shocked in my mind if I say a curse word in front of any kid, much less mine! Have I dropped a few not so nice words before? Absolutely. Have I told him each and every time I did it NOT to use that word and it was an adult word? YES. So him saying he heard it from me as a question, let’s me know he doesn’t want to reveal his source. I told him he would hear a LOT of new words as life goes on. If they weren’t words he heard from the Teachers at school, he needed to ask me in private before he tries it out in public. Because some words can get you into a lot of trouble by using them. I use “dangit” in place of damnit around children and some adults. Yes, I’ve slipped up but not often. It’s like something catches in my throat and won’t let me say the words flying through my head. I will say his placement of the word was excellent. He was using the word in frustration over forgetting to take his medicine drops that morning. Something we can do later in the day but he prefers to take it in the morning. I watched him in the back seat say dangit and mouth damnit. He looked up to see if I was looking, I am way better at looking like I saw nothing, and then said, “Ok we say dangit not the other.” Very good grasshopper.

We don’t realize how our words affect others or often, that others are paying attention when we think they are not. It’s how the boy gets me. I tend to talk to myself when I am busy. I ramble about whatever I am doing or whatever it is I may be thinking about. He may wait a few minutes, an hour, days or weeks but he will bring back up something that I say to myself. He has a wicked smart memory for one so young.

As I watch him learn to use his words I am in awe. He is starting to understand how words can hurt people but also make them feel better. He asks for definitions and how to spell them. He loves being read to and is looking forward to reading his own books. He loves now recognizing the words he is learning in school when we are reading our books.

I pray he will learn how to use his words to make people feel better. To stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves and to fight for what is right.

I hope he will love words as much as I do.

I have so many hopes and dreams for him. I just want him healthy and happy.

Maybe one day he will read these words. The internet is forever as is my love for him.

I hope you all have a fabulously wonderful Wednesday!

Keep Hope Alive!

Cleaning out the closets

improve your life

Recently I have been doing some fall cleaning/organizing. Actually it’s just long overdue yet we need to call it spring or fall cleaning when in fact it is just cleaning you should have done but waited to do!

For me, I am going through clothes in closets, drawers and the attic to see what I want and what needs to go. It is always fun to look through your stuff once you get it to a point where you can actually see what all you have! I moved from TN last year and had the best of intentions of getting things organized when I moved. I did somewhat but not what was really needed. So now I am going through for both myself and the boy cleaning out and organizing the massive spread of stuff we have accumulated! This could take a while. It seems I have stuff everywhere! When I moved I thought all of my clothes, etc were put upstairs, yet when I was seeking out a particular item from my storage in the basement I found another clothes box. Sigh. The good is I found some stuff I had been looking for. The bad is I am not sure what other boxes have clothes! It’s nearly impossible with the tetris stacks of boxes to go through just one. I have such big dreams!

piles of clothes everywhere

The good thing is one of the charities I volunteer with will be getting a large donation of clothes and shoes! I even found a pair of boots I never wore. For the record I did try to send them back and give them away but couldn’t find anyone with the right sized foot. The best part is someone will get a new pair of boots they weren’t expecting! See how I found the good in all of that madness?!

It seems I have infected others with the “clean it out bug” and that has turned into a win for me! I have ended up with clothes and jackets from my friends. Score! Of course it makes me rethink some of my “I will just keep that just in case” choices and give it to others who truly need it more than I do. How many pairs of black pants can one person own?! That is a rhetorical question for anyone that knows me!

I hope you are all having a fabulously fine Tuesday and getting things accomplished, whatever it may be.

As always, Keep Hope Alive and Stay Fabulous!



MONDAY…. We can do this!

have a wonderful monday

Well it has arrived full steam ahead… MONDAY!

Whether you are ready for it or not it is here! You may have hidden for a while thinking you could hide from it but it is going to happen whether you are ready for it or not. It can be dreadful or fabulous. I guess it could even be fabulously dreadful but I am all about the hope and I hope it is fabulous!

Coming off a weekend into Monday can be hard no matter if your weekend was good or bad.

A good friend of mine said Monday is like getting to start with a clean slate. I like that thought. Not that everything else is forgotten, but it is a brand new day and why not make it a good Monday? For the person who spoke those words to me, I can only hope your day is better than the weekend.

monday isnt bad

I am ready for my boy to come home! He was with his dad and family for a week, and even though I got to talk to him and see him once, I miss him terribly when he is gone. Plus, it is our favorite week, Halloween week! We are hoping to do a few different things this week in celebration, but as life teaches us, things can change any second. I am hoping we get to do everything we have planned! Of course it involves dressing up! Which in my household, we do on a regular basis anyway. That is a sign of being creative. Or maybe a little bit crazy, does it really matter?!

So go out and find the good in this Fabulous Monday!

Remember it’s only 5 more wake ups ‘til Halloween!!!!!


Have a fantastic Monday my Graceless Friends!

Keep Hope Alive

Happy Sunday!

As we come to the end of this long, challenging week I wish you hope. I wish you happiness in your heart and soul. I hope that you have found precious moments in this life.

I hope you got to enjoy friendship, laugh so hard your belly ached and/or got puppy kisses. I was lucky enough to get all three. I also had several hardships,  a few challenges thrown that were more daunting than I imagined and some plans go south. I was able to find the good in everything even in the dark times. I know that I am not alone on this journey of life. I know I have people I can turn to and trust when I ask questions or make statements that are out there. I know that no matter what I say, my true people are there for me. Cheering me on when needed and calling me out too.

I wrote a post earlier this week how life can change in an instant. It can. It does. Never take things for granted. Never take people for granted.

I hope you all have a fabulously beautiful Sunday!

Keep Hope Alive!

Can we try to be nice?

Let’s just take a time out and stop assuming about each other. Why don’t we also stop judging too along with unrealistic expectations for others. Life is not a competition people. So why does it seem people seem to think that if they can’t find you, you don’t answer in their time frame or in a manner they feel is “right” suddenly there are assumptions made that are not even close to how reality is.

I don’t understand why folks let themselves get in a tizzy over something that they have made up in their head about you. Or they take it to another level and suddenly someone is a bad person and they are passing judgement on someone. Whether or not its you or someone else, why do we tend to think the worst of people? Why can’t we have a little hope, no matter how many times they’ve screwed up. or not, that they are handling issues of their own and it isn’t about you or anyone else for that matter. They are just trying to handle their life the best they can and don’t need anyone telling them how to live their life. I don’t care if you live with them, there could be things you don’t know about.

So let’s save the judgements and assumptions, scratch that, let’s just do away with them altogether. Try giving folk a break, turning the other cheek and not being such a tattle tale. Once we get past a certain age, we are considered adults. It would be a better world if people would just remember not only that they are adults, but the golden rule of “Do under others as you would have done unto you.” A much, much better world.

Imagine it.

Keep Hope Alive!

It’s Friday!!!

friday peanuts

We have made it my graceless peeps! It’s Friday! I feel like I have crawled to this day! But I have made it! If you are reading this, you have made it as well!

Change in schedules, plans and all around chaos seems to have been the theme for the week. The boy has been with his dad for the week so I have been a bit off but been so grateful to my friends, family and my man to help me get through it. Even with work, sickness and not getting to see several friends I am still grateful that I am alive and here to be writing whatever random thoughts my brain releases!

I feel like I am always trying to be a cheerleader for folks. Don’t get me wrong but it is just how I am. If my brain goes to the dark places and I write about it, people question if I am “OK”. Hello I am human! This means that I have multiple thoughts and emotions and sometimes I have to write about the not so pretty stuff too!

However, today is not one of those days! No, today is a get some things done, rest and hang with my girls kind of day! WhooooWhoooo I take my visits when I can get them and the universe smiled and said, “It’s time again” so we are together again minus one. It makes me happy in my heart!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday and that you make it through this day with a bit of laughter and maybe a dance or two!

friday happy dance

This fabulously graceless freak is signing off for now!

Have a fantastic day and always Keep Hope Alive!



Plague, plague Go Away!

web md google dying

I feel the itching & scratching. No I will not let it in I start fighting it.

A few days ago it was trying to fill my head, make me stuffy. Always bringing the exhaustion. No! I will not give in to you oh cruel, evil vermin.

It is the seasonal “plague” as I call it. The one that gets in your head and chest and sometimes knocks you down for days. I have been doing battle since the first symptoms started last week.

Chances are good I got the germ from the boy, my little Typhoid Mary, as I am always up at his school. It doesn’t really matter where I got it, or apparently how much of that hand sanitizer I use, it has chosen to try and get into my system and knock me down. I am not cool with that!

clorox wipes

It’s one thing to have the back and hip problems I have. To wake up to a new ache or situation with something I am familiar with at least. But when this crap begins rearing its ugly head at me I tend to get a bit psycho on it. I immediately start taking OTC meds, guzzling more water and juices than I already do, and adding more vitamins to my routine. I work to eat better and try to sleep more because I know that sleeping helps. When I wake to crusty eyes and no voice I stumble to the bathroom for a hot wash cloth and gargle with salt water. I do everything I can think of doing to try and beat the beast before it truly awakens.

Its average is twice a year to knock me down. Last time I called the local ENT and went in for a shot and antibiotics to knock it out. I was still down for a few days. I am not what one would call a patient patient! I try to be but I am so independent. Caregiving is my job, not something I want to need for myself! Yet every year I find myself being attacked by a similar “bug” no matter how vigilant I am. I can’t take the flu shot, no, not any of them, so if I get the flu I will really be screwed!

Since I have had my son, it’s harder for me to be sick when I know that he needs me. At least he is seeing anyone can get sick no matter what precautions they take and how to care for others who are sick. He makes a good nurse though telling him I can’t run around, not because of my back, but because I have a fever and the doctor frowns on us getting too overheated. Not that I could run around if I wanted to!

fine no sleep needed

I pray that none of my fabulous readers get this plague. If you do, I pray it passes quickly and you aren’t down too long!

Try to stay healthy and Keep Hope Alive my Friends!