Plague, plague Go Away!

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I feel the itching & scratching. No I will not let it in I start fighting it.

A few days ago it was trying to fill my head, make me stuffy. Always bringing the exhaustion. No! I will not give in to you oh cruel, evil vermin.

It is the seasonal “plague” as I call it. The one that gets in your head and chest and sometimes knocks you down for days. I have been doing battle since the first symptoms started last week.

Chances are good I got the germ from the boy, my little Typhoid Mary, as I am always up at his school. It doesn’t really matter where I got it, or apparently how much of that hand sanitizer I use, it has chosen to try and get into my system and knock me down. I am not cool with that!

clorox wipes

It’s one thing to have the back and hip problems I have. To wake up to a new ache or situation with something I am familiar with at least. But when this crap begins rearing its ugly head at me I tend to get a bit psycho on it. I immediately start taking OTC meds, guzzling more water and juices than I already do, and adding more vitamins to my routine. I work to eat better and try to sleep more because I know that sleeping helps. When I wake to crusty eyes and no voice I stumble to the bathroom for a hot wash cloth and gargle with salt water. I do everything I can think of doing to try and beat the beast before it truly awakens.

Its average is twice a year to knock me down. Last time I called the local ENT and went in for a shot and antibiotics to knock it out. I was still down for a few days. I am not what one would call a patient patient! I try to be but I am so independent. Caregiving is my job, not something I want to need for myself! Yet every year I find myself being attacked by a similar “bug” no matter how vigilant I am. I can’t take the flu shot, no, not any of them, so if I get the flu I will really be screwed!

Since I have had my son, it’s harder for me to be sick when I know that he needs me. At least he is seeing anyone can get sick no matter what precautions they take and how to care for others who are sick. He makes a good nurse though telling him I can’t run around, not because of my back, but because I have a fever and the doctor frowns on us getting too overheated. Not that I could run around if I wanted to!

fine no sleep needed

I pray that none of my fabulous readers get this plague. If you do, I pray it passes quickly and you aren’t down too long!

Try to stay healthy and Keep Hope Alive my Friends!


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