It’s Friday!!!

friday peanuts

We have made it my graceless peeps! It’s Friday! I feel like I have crawled to this day! But I have made it! If you are reading this, you have made it as well!

Change in schedules, plans and all around chaos seems to have been the theme for the week. The boy has been with his dad for the week so I have been a bit off but been so grateful to my friends, family and my man to help me get through it. Even with work, sickness and not getting to see several friends I am still grateful that I am alive and here to be writing whatever random thoughts my brain releases!

I feel like I am always trying to be a cheerleader for folks. Don’t get me wrong but it is just how I am. If my brain goes to the dark places and I write about it, people question if I am “OK”. Hello I am human! This means that I have multiple thoughts and emotions and sometimes I have to write about the not so pretty stuff too!

However, today is not one of those days! No, today is a get some things done, rest and hang with my girls kind of day! WhooooWhoooo I take my visits when I can get them and the universe smiled and said, “It’s time again” so we are together again minus one. It makes me happy in my heart!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday and that you make it through this day with a bit of laughter and maybe a dance or two!

friday happy dance

This fabulously graceless freak is signing off for now!

Have a fantastic day and always Keep Hope Alive!




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