Have a fantastically, fabulous Saturday!

betty b great sat

Hello my Fabulously Graceless Friends!

I hope this lovely Saturday you find happiness, hope and peace at some point this fine day.

I hope that these very words make you smile.

I hope that you can let go of your pain, your hurt and your worries and just enjoy Be-ing for a few moments.

beautiful sat

I hope you find beauty in something, somewhere.

I hope you smile.

I hope you remember to keep hope alive even in the most challenging times. Just remember to breathe.

I hope you all have a fantastically, fabulous Saturday!

sat smile


Finding my groove again

I have recently started a new job and I love it. However, after not working full time for about a year, I am struggling to get back into some sort of groove. I knew it would be challenging, but I didn’t know it would be quite this hard.

On the plus side, I truly love what I am doing. I have an awesome, understanding boss and it is very close to home. I do have to drive across town some, but it is totally worth it because I believe in our mission and I love helping people. I feel like I actually have a career again, something I did not have with my last full time job. I am making about half of what I made, but I have opportunity for advancement and know I can help grow the company. People need the services we provide, and having been on both sides of the field, I have a broader and understand the needs of both the clients and the caregivers. Yes, I need the money but I know that I don’t want to just work for more money and be completely miserable. It isn’t worth it and it isn’t fair to me or mine.

My biggest challenge has been managing my time so that I am still fully there for the boy and keeping up with my blog on a daily basis. The first is easy in some ways. I will always be there for him I just have to figure out how I can rearrange things so we can continue to do things together in shorter amounts of time.

I can’t stop writing; I think a part of me would be lost without my blog. It’s funny how something I started on the side has grown into something that fills me up.

I am already loosing time with friends and family because my free time is not as abundant as it once was. Even when I had more free time, I was cramming it so full of things that I was not getting things done. Then I get stressed and sick and then nothing gets done.

So in a way going back to full time work is forcing me to be better with my time management. I am nowhere close but I am getting there. Keep hope alive! It’s the best motto for me.

We often get so caught up in our own lives and our own needs, in what we think is important, that we forget those things that matter most. We forget to look at life from a different perspective. It isn’t always easy and it is easier to rationalize to ourselves that the way we are doing/seeing something is the best course. But if we look closely and examine it, we realize that we are doing what is best for us or easier for us or so we think. It is hard to think otherwise. It is easy to be selfish and blame life or circumstances for why we can’t follow through or be there for someone. Sometimes it is the truth. Other times it is an excuse because we don’t want to look too hard at the things that really matter. It can be depressing.

Life is so precious. We never know how much time we have. I know I don’t want to waste another second on regrets. I have too many as it is. I work to turn my regrets into life learning experiences. Not all of them are but I am learning that sometimes I can find a small morsel that I can learn from. I do my best to not repeat the things that cause the regret in the first place.

So today I am moving forward with hope and positive thoughts. I am going to banish the negativity and not be as hard on myself. I can be my own worst critic.

As one of my wonderfully, fabulously close friend says, “It’s a great day to be alive!” It is. No matter what crazy life thing happens, we woke up alive. We may have aches and pains, there may be fear or drama or things out of our control, but we can control how we react to people, places and situations.

Choose to be positive. Choose to keep hope alive. Choose life.

I hope you all have a fabulously wonderful Wednesday.

Much hope, happiness and positive thoughts,

Lady Maos



TGIF… We made it!

friday awesome


Can I get an amen and a halleluiah?!

I feel like I have struggled to get here and have finally begin making headway on getting things in order…somewhat! I mean I’m fabulously graceless and Murphy loves me so some things have to go a bit off! But being my OCD me I just try to plan for it so when it doesn’t happy I am pleased. When it does I still stress! However, no matter what today is going to be a fabulous day! I chose to believe that and I hope you do too!

its fridaywe made it peanuts

Keep Hope Alive My Fabulous Friends!

Much happiness and peace,

Lady Maos

motivational friday



Happy Halloween!!!

halloween this is halloween


Also, Happy All Hallows’ Eve, Allhallowee’en and All Saints’ Eve!

halloween happy

I have loved Halloween since I was a little girl. My parents must have known because every year since I was born I have dressed up. The only exception was the year my son was born as he was born mid-September and on Halloween I felt I looked scary enough and dressing up was not on my list of survival mode at that time! I did enjoy watching others & seeing the decorations, but I was too tired and overwhelmed to participate. I bought a t-shirt for me and a onesie for the boy. However, I recovered and have celebrated and included him on the Halloween tradition every year since. He loves putting on or making up costumes and I love that he creative and often pulls a bit of different characters to make one super cool character that he then portrays.

I love that he loves pumpkin carving and hayrides.


I love that we watch “scary” movies together.

halloween jack

But let’s get real. He is 5. There are some things I can’t let him watch yet because they scare me and I am so sure he would be terrified for months watching the horror movies I watch!

He’s been watching Monster Mash videos on my phone, a true perk as I am not down with shoving my phone to my kid since technology goes wonky on me not taking the chances with him – sorry to digress… ahem.

monster mash

Last night he wanted to watch another video and since we were stuck in a traffic jam, as he calls it, I found the longer “Thriller” video with the dancing, mini movie and Vincent Price and let him view it while I drove, repeating it and semi doing the driver dance moves for Thriller. The boy was thoroughly enjoying it, even the “scary” bits but laughing saying, “It’s pretend scary but it’s soooo good Mommy! I love it! Why haven’t I seen this before now?!” I know, I am a freak raising a mini freak! It’s already dark here at 6:45 PM so I am hopeful not too many witnessed it as I still had my devil horns on and was singing away loudly with the windows cracked! It must have been entertaining enough as I saw the construction crew at the exit ramp do a few of the moves from the song so I lowered the windows for a few minutes to let them enjoy it too! Spread the joy and the fun wherever you go!



We are going to a few festivals and then, of course, trick or treating! We are hoping the rain doesn’t come in until later but I promise you I am prepared for rain too! This Fabulously Graceless Crazy Mama is going to take her boy trick or treating no matter what!

I will have to put up some photos on a later post! Here is one from last year and what I wore to the boys Halloween party yesterday at school!


I hope you all have a fun, fantastic and Fabulous Halloween!

Always Keep Hope Alive!

I hope you get more treats than tricks, and if you get them, the tricks are fabulouhalloween oogy boogies!


It’s Friday!!!

friday peanuts

We have made it my graceless peeps! It’s Friday! I feel like I have crawled to this day! But I have made it! If you are reading this, you have made it as well!

Change in schedules, plans and all around chaos seems to have been the theme for the week. The boy has been with his dad for the week so I have been a bit off but been so grateful to my friends, family and my man to help me get through it. Even with work, sickness and not getting to see several friends I am still grateful that I am alive and here to be writing whatever random thoughts my brain releases!

I feel like I am always trying to be a cheerleader for folks. Don’t get me wrong but it is just how I am. If my brain goes to the dark places and I write about it, people question if I am “OK”. Hello I am human! This means that I have multiple thoughts and emotions and sometimes I have to write about the not so pretty stuff too!

However, today is not one of those days! No, today is a get some things done, rest and hang with my girls kind of day! WhooooWhoooo I take my visits when I can get them and the universe smiled and said, “It’s time again” so we are together again minus one. It makes me happy in my heart!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday and that you make it through this day with a bit of laughter and maybe a dance or two!

friday happy dance

This fabulously graceless freak is signing off for now!

Have a fantastic day and always Keep Hope Alive!



Another procedure, another great day to be alive!

As I write this I am thinking of where I will be when this posts. I will be on my way to the ATL to have a hip procedure done and I am so excited! Most people probably think I am nuts, and maybe I am a little, but I look at each procedure like an opportunity to feel better. Even if only for a few weeks of relief I am so grateful to have it done! Plus I get to see my favorite SA and she rocks – Shout out! I am so glad she is feeling better and will be there tomorrow. It does make it so much easier having folk you trust work on your body. Plus I have been going there for about 8 years and every other doctor I see tells me to keep going there, no matter what state I have lived in. That in itself speaks volumes!

So me and my man will travel over there, I will have the procedure done and we come back home. Bless him for doing it as he has to work later today! I get to sleep for a while before my mom brings the boy home from school. No, things never let up but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love my maotic life and all the joy it brings. Just last night I got another pleasant surprise when I found out for sure the boy was invited to Black Belt Club at his karate school. He is young but he is learning to focus and is working hard! I try to work with him and help him learn the proper way to exercise, but a few nights ago he asked about sit up and push-ups. It is so hard to hide the disgust on my face about doing those 2 exercises! Honest Abe I do not like them at all! I can’t do sit ups due to my spine and I managed to squeak out 5 push-ups before I fell to the floor! I can do a few jumping jacks and am showing him how to do a cartwheel! Although I can’t do any exercises for a few days and to be honest, I have no problem with that! I can take it easy no problem! I have no clients until Monday so I will be allowed to rest and relax a bit. Sure. I will keep hope alive that that happens! This is Lady Maos, a.k.a. Fabulously Graceless, we are talking about here!

i love exercise nevermind

No matter what the day holds, I will keep my chin up and grin and bear it! Life happens and it isn’t always pretty, but we can chose how we take what’s given or thrown at us. I chose to make the best of whatever situation.

I hope you all Keep Hope Alive and have a Fabulously Graceless Day! And “great day to be alive” is from my other best friend/blogger/can’t define us Captain Pogo.

It is great day to be alive when you keep hope alive!


You don’t look that old!

“Can I please see your ID?”

That question can be taken several different ways.

I have always loved to dance and when I was younger than the legal age to be in a bar, I went to bars to dance. Yes I would occasionally drink but I have to say I was relatively responsible. The key was to pass as “old enough” to be get in the bar because once you were in, you we IN. I did have an older friend’s ID I would use to get in the clubs but never tested the theory in purchasing alcohol in a store. A club is usually dark and I could pass as being 21 at 18. A store is bright and too risky plus there could be law involvement and I made it a point to never get into that much trouble! At a club the worse thing they would do is not allow you in and maybe take your ID.

On my 21st birthday I went to my favorite dance club with my parents and best friends handing over my legal ID as I went in to celebrate this big milestone.

Latter, I went into the liquor store and purchased a big bottle of booze for my friend’s party. I walked confidently up to the register and sat my purchase on the counter with my ID ready. “That will be $27 mam.” “Don’t you need to see my ID?!” I asked amazed. “Sure, of course, hand it over…. Um hummmm yep you’re legal.” I was a bit irritated but went on my way. I mean I was dressed up, looking fabulous with enough hairspray that if flame came close to my head there would be a bonfire! It was after all 1991!

Throughout my 20’s I was often asked for my ID and I was of course flattered. Sometimes I would get a bit irritated but for the most part I handed it over thinking I should enjoy it while it lasted.

After I reached 30, while I was no longer into the club scene, I would get alcohol for myself, friends, family or events. I remember the first time I left my ID in the car and was getting quite a few items. When I reached the register the clerk asked me for my ID. I said it was in the car and gave him my birth date. He said he didn’t believe me. I went out to my car and came back. “Wow, you don’t look that old!” “Gee thanks. Can I pay for this and be on my way now?” I was flattered but kind of embarrassed because a. he was loud and b. he looked barely legal himself.

Something else I realized is that once your turn 30, 40 plus you are supposed to look old on your license even if you don’t in person. I find this both fascinating and baffling.

You give them your ID for booze, to view and apartment, drive a car, for a job, whatever it may be. They look at it, look at me. Look at it again. At this point I as, “Is there a problem?” 95% of the time I get, “You don’t look that old.” I understand, it is a compliment. But is it really?

What is “old” and who are we to define what is “old”? Why is it more common with women than men? I have heard “you don’t look that old” to maybe 1 out of 5 men asked that question. I hear it said more often to women. It’s almost a back handed compliment in my humble opinion. Why does being old have to define our looks. I know that I don’t look the same at almost 45 as I did at 20 or 25. Heck I don’t look the same as I did even at 30-35 to me! And it really does make me feel just plain odd when I hear, “Well with black women it’s harder to tell their age than with white women.” Oh so give a back handed compliment and try to throw a race divide card into the mix! Seriously what is Wrong with people?! Like we as women, as humans, don’t have enough to contend with and people try to break people down with age, race, gender – the list is endless yet they keep on and on and on. Like a Barney DVD on loop. Not needed and a form of hell.

I wish, oh how I wish, people would just say, to anyone who looks younger than they are, “You look good (great or fabulous), thanks for letting me verify that for this sale” and move along. See, easy, no weird compliments to the ladies, no comparisons of others, just doing your job and moving along.

Believe me I am grateful that some folks think I don’t “look that old” I truly am.

One of my clients is 75. I had no idea! When she stated her birth date so she could get a “senior discount” I said, “Wow, you certainly don’t look old enough to get that discount!” She thanked me for not saying “you don’t look that old” because she was raised to never talk about a lady’s age in public unless they chose to reveal it themselves. Even then women did not break women down like they do today. We both believe in building each other up, no matter what our age. We believe in building others up, no matter what our gender or color because we are all human.

I am hoping to teach my son this lesson. If we could just get all generations to be a bit more tolerant and to think before they speak, the world will be a better place.

I wish you all a fabulously graceless day and thank you for tolerating another one of my Lady Maos mind moments.

Keep hope Alive!




Hello again my fabulous friends!


I keep thinking it’s later in the week though Tuesday is good too!

This week is the Celebration of my Boy who turned 5 yesterday which means he gets to basically party all week with friends and family. Saturday is his big party at one of those kid places where you may need to take a nerve pill or have a drink before you go… and I scheduled it for that morning because obviously there is something wrong with me! Besides the need to make sure everyone can catch their football game because me and mine love to sleep! Ah-ha no rest for the wicked! That’s it!

When I started blogging, 5 days shy of 4 months; I originally thought I would post several times a day but at least daily. We all have dreams! HA Seriously I did make a promise to myself that I would post at least once a day. Not for recognition, although that would be lovely, but because I love writing and I needed a commitment to do it for myself. No one else nor any other reason.

It isn’t always easy. I have lists and pages of topics to write on. So many things that mean something to me. There are also dates of significance and days that mean something. I seem to be sharing my life more than I thought I would. I do have friends and family that say, “don’t write about this” but also “you should write about this.” It’s is a fine line let me tell you. People thinking it’s about them or others they know, that can be good or bad depending! But it’s my thoughts, my writings, my ramblings and rants. I love it!

I love getting emails from friends, making new friends and getting “followers”, it’s so exciting to me! I am so very thankful and grateful!

That said today I am keeping it short and sweet!

Between the boy, my jobs and writings I have a bit of a full plate today. Of course I love it all!

Don’t’ forget always Keep Hope Alive!

Stay Fabulous!