Creeping back into my life!

So I have been gone for a bit.


About that, I am sorry.

I realized I haven’t been keeping up with my promise to myself, which is to write and keep up with my blog.

I think the last time I wrote was over a year ago… seriously what the hell have I been up to that made me not keep my promise to myself?


Sometimes, you get thrown some shit and you honestly don’t know how to handle it.

For me, I feel like I shut down parts of my life and I am realizing I Need those parts!

I need my outlet and I am so tired of censoring myself that I can’t see straight… I am tired of censoring myself around others, on social media, in Life. All so I don’t “hurt anyone’s feelings”, yet I am stepping on my own feelings and putting them aside, and in some situations, for people who don’t give a damn about me or my feelings.

I have had some wild health issues that I’m still working out. As this goes to post I have a long awaited appointment with a neurologist!

I have had health issues pretty much all of my life so I roll with the punches.

This last round of fuckery has been a bit more than I have been accustomed to.

For over 20 years I dealt with autoimmune issues and I understood how to handle my body when it decided to rebel against me. I thought I could handle anything.

Boy was I wrong!

I’ve had things go so awry lately that I have been left muttering “what in the actual hell with” to myself.

I’ve been doing the doctor train where one doctor refers you to another doctor and so on… and everyone is a specialist so that’s extra as is blood, new medications – freaking injections I had to give Myself… so yeah I got a bit inside of myself and my feelings of sorrow for myself.

We also adopted a dog in the middle of this maos of my life.

The boy asked for only a few things for Christmas in his letter to Santa…

A puppy, a Spiderman Homecoming action figure, an IronMan action figure and for his family to feel better.

And I know we won’t have the magic of Santa too much longer, he’s 8 almost 9, and we wanted a dog since ours passed 5 years ago.

He has several family members that have health issues, including me, so this really touched me. I have feelings!

I am such a sucker! HA!  Meet Pi, named for the Greek Pi symbol on his chest, and it just stuck!

I share this because getting a young dog is like having a child. For Real. If that offends you, then I’m not sorry and since I have both and it’s my blog, this is what I was referring to above… done with censorship of myself!

But I love my boys… they are pretty cute!

And I think with that I will end this here for now…

Definitely more to come!

I’ve kept my domain and started more blogs which I haven’t been able to do.

This is exciting!

Keep Hope Alive!


4 thoughts on “Creeping back into my life!

  1. Oh, Pi is beautiful! Looks a lot like my Bailey. They are for angels, I’m sure of it. Good for your boy and good for you. I am wishing you health. Health, pure and simple. And sending you a hug.

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  2. I am so happy to see you back. I’ve been kind of having the same issues as in my life has gotten out of control and I’m really not sure how it did and I’m trying desperately to rein it all back in.
    I am sorry to hear you’re having more health problems. I love the Santa letter! And that he got his dog! Pi is a great name!

    I am also planning on starting a different blog, one in which no one knows my name or my identity, because I too, want to say some things that I don’t want linked back to me. Sometimes you just need to be honest!

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