Finding my way back to hope

There are so many times in life when you just are going along, enjoying life and being content where you are when something changes your whole way of thinking and feeling,

For me it is like shaking up my senses. It allows me to see where I was slacking and what I want but somehow lost sight of. Because of my relationship with Murphy, of Murphy’s Law, it usually presents challenges most would chose to decline from. But sometimes, I just can’t ignore that feeling in my gut that says, “If you don’t try, you will regret it.”

So again, I find myself in a place where I am challenging the way I think. Where I question my contentment and wonder why I was settling for a ho-hum existence. Not that I was dull, just not as shiny as I know I can be. How finding one thing made me look at many things and realize, I am still living and I am constantly evolving.

I realized I was losing what I didn’t think I could lose… hope. My motto is Keep Hope Alive, yet I was allowing it to wither because I chose to settle thinking I would eventually find that which fuels my fire.

Oh how dense my mind can be. I should know better. If I ask the universe enough my answers come to me. My needs come. It may not be in the time frame that I want or when things are all rosy and perfect, but I have learned to never turn away a gift from the universe.

With all of the maos in the world and the uncertainties in my life, I feel I am finding my place again and my people. I am finding the ying to my yang. I am finding that the boy is growing up and showing a wisdom and insight that amazes me and scares me a little bit too.

Life keeps moving. It changes but it never stops.

I know I won’t stop either.

Keep Hope Alive!


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