Another fabulous Friday

oh its friday minion

Ahhhh Friday! The “last” day of the work week… unless you have to work or are on-call, which in my case, means working!

However, I am choosing to make this Friday Fabulous! No matter what!

It’s been a rough couple of months weeks and I am going to just be. Let whatever happens happen and do my best to not get ruffled by the winds of change and life.

I only have control over so much and also I have absolutely no control over others. I get in a funk when the boy isn’t home. I tend to throw myself into work or projects that need to be done and not just let myself rest and re-charge like I need to.

I don’t enjoy too many public outings, yet I crave humanity. Not an overwhelming abundance of folks but a select few… which is what makes it so challenging that I am not the one who gets to select the folks I would like to see these days or so it seems. I have a lot of interaction regarding work, but not so much on a personal level. I really need to work on that!

It’s just so hard to commit to plans when you know that you will also be working. It can annoy some people who may assume being on call is just taking a few calls when in actuality, for me, ends up being several hours or even all day. I would rather not make plans so that I’m not disappointed when I have to break them.

ffeling all done me either

But hey, it’s Friday! So I am going to make the most of trying to relax in between calls.

I always keep hope alive!

After all, we are all superheroes! Some of us sprinkled with a bit more maos and crazy than others!

Have a fantastically, fabulous Friday!

Made it through becoming more me to Friday

hellooooooo friday

I wish you all a beautiful and fabulous Friday!

This week has been a heck of a week and I am thrilled that I have made it to the end of the week alive!

deserve a medal friday

It’s been emotional and stressful but also fulfilling and full of love from my famriends and especially the boy. It has been a week of me becoming more me. That is a very good thing!

never changed became more me

I hope that everyone slides into the weekend with the happiness bug and no broken bones!

Keep Hope Alive!




Fabulous Friday and still going

happy friday forget the bad.png

Even though I have to work this weekend, I am so thankful it’s Friday! Celebrate!

It hopefully won’t be as active as this past week and I can maybe not go as much  because this fabulously graceless chick is a wee bit tired.

wk wkend batmans

Sometimes you are expecting things to be hectic and maotic. You expect Murphy to show up and life to change your plans.

What you may not be expecting is so much of it all in a 4 day period! You aren’t expecting the extras, though you should as you know how this game of life works. You definitely didn’t need that little memo about more things to do and people flat out disrespecting others and the cruelty of some.

We made it to Friday! That my friends is why Keep Hope Alive is my mantra. Because even in the storms I will find a silver lining. The phone calls I got to make and talk to those near and dear. The time with the boy, even when he’s having a moment and it’s unpleasant, the full on love and hugs he freely gives. Time with new people and being able to see things from a different perspective. Those moments that can make you stop and have to catch your breath and then plan on how you get through it.

The fact that we woke up this morning and are facing the day. The miracle of something as “simple” as that.

I hope you all have a wonderful and fabulous Friday!

have a beautiful friday

Keep Hope Alive!

Brand new Friday

gm beautiful its friday

Today is a brand new day!

Hopefully it will go smoothly and pleasant for us all. I know it can’t be perfect, but close to perfect would be nice!

This week I started a new chapter in my life doing one of the things I love so much. Helping in the planning and taking care of others. I have been doing this at the basic level but now I get to step it up a notch. It gets me out of the field, which I love, but physically is draining on my body. I will get to still work with clients, families and caregivers making sure the clients are cared for by top notch caregivers. Thus far after a week I love it and my boss is a fabulous human.

The week after a holiday weekend seems to always be a bit of a challenge but we made it!

Plus, the fact we are diving right on into the Christmas season and I feel I am behind on my responsibilities doesn’t make things easier.

That’s when I have to remember to step back and take a breath.

I am blessed with wonderful people who care about me and help me get through this crazy life. I know I am far from perfect, I have dropped more than I want to admit but I am working to pick it all up.

I don’t think I have been this happy to see Friday for a while!

I realized it has been a bit over a year since I worked a 40-hour work week outside of the home. I think I am still in shock getting up early each day and not only making it to work, but being happy and working all day. I actually enjoy my job. Yes, it is new and I know I haven’t even touched on everything I have to learn and do. However, I am all up in my element of doing what I love. Being able to help place caregivers with families isn’t always easy. I love helping to find that perfect fit for families. I love my job!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Keep Hope Alive!!!

friday end or beginning


Happy 200th post to me and oh yeah happy black Friday!

Happy fabulous Friday after Thanksgiving!
Know to some as “Black Friday”, of which I am not partaking of thank you very much, but This Friday, today, is the 200th post of Fabulous Gracelessness!
Yes, I have been writing so much that it is now up to 200 on this blog and I have followers! LOL like less than 50, but I have them and I am thrilled with each one. It’s hard to believe people actually enjoy reading what I write and put out into the universe! I know that not everyone likes everything, I may also be a bit delusional but I do know there are some of my posts that weren’t as good as others. Sometimes I go back and read my stuff and think, “what was going on in my maotic, twisted head to write that?!”
Just to clarify, I write how I feel and what I think about life as I see it. Sometimes I will expound upon some subjects with references and information or links to other sites. I write poems and personal essays and thoughts. It can be random and often I get passionate about my thoughts. I know I tend to ramble too! I am working on it.
I had no clue what I was getting into when I decided to blog. I had been laid off work, was recovering from major surgery and was doing a lot of soul searching. I had an active 4, now 5-year-old boy, who I am challenged to keep up with but would not trade anything for him and the bond and love we share. I have always kept journals, I’ve written for several newsletters, written articles, poems, short stories and other random bits. I love to just write. I was writing a few articles and getting paid a tiny bit when I realized I could somewhat come up with things on the fly with a deadline. If I could do that, I certainly could do a blog. I have an amazing friend who kept encouraging me and nudging, without actually screaming to my face haha, to at least try it. I thought how hard could it be to write a blog?
So I jumped.
Free falling does not describe the thrill, frustration yet peace that I get from writing.
It is a challenge to meet my daily post quota. I have learned to plan ahead, and try to keep a few back, which isn’t hard because I have so many things running through my mind I want to write about! It is hard when I haven’t written said topics down and it may or may not be in one of the 5 or 6 notebooks I carry around with me! If I am out and about and a topic comes to mind, I try to write it down. I also use the voice to text for my notes but more times than not I can’t decipher what Simon (the male Siri) took down. I don’t think he understands southern as well as I thought! Sometimes he can be spot on.
Plus there is the time involved to actually do it daily! I want to keep my readers engaged and maybe, just maybe, touch one person and make them think and realize they are not alone.
After all it is my blog and, while I have it, free speech shall flourish here! My thoughts, my mind, my maos, this fabulously, graceless, crazy mama from Alabama whose life motto is Keep Hope Alive! That which does not kill us makes us stronger, but stranger! We are not alone! Life throws us some crazy curves and we have to deal with them the best way we can. We are blessed if we have others in our lives to help us and walk with us along the way!
I never thought my life would go the way it did but I truly couldn’t be happier! Yes, things still stress me out, but I believe that things can and do get better once you get through all the mental crap that tells you that you can’t! You can! It may be hard as hell, and you may just have to walk through it, but you will get out if you Believe in yourself. It is the first step and also can be the hardest.
I started writing my blog when I was basically at a very low place in my life. Writing and holding myself accountable made me want to do it better and keep going.
Since I started writing, I have better relationships with the people in my life, I am still scatterbrained and flaky at times, but I am also finding I am stronger and more organized. It is still a process and it is literally one step at a time many days, but I am moving forward. I wanted to get a job writing and I wanted to take care of people. I got both just a bit differently than I envisioned but it is better than I could imagine. I found love and a peace I haven’t had before. I feel I am a better mama to the boy. I am finding my patience and learning more about the complexities of myself daily. I often pull from personal experience or situations that are close to me. It’s nice to hear friends and family say, “Don’t put this in your blog! Or if you do change my name!” it fulfills me in ways I didn’t know I need to be fulfilled.
So on this Black Friday, I am celebrating with my loves and not shopping… unless it’s for food or maybe ice-cream!
I will keep cranking out my maotic thoughts and working toward the goal of 1,000 posts! Only 800 more to go!
I hope you all have a fabulously wonderful Friday!
As always, Keep Hope Alive!!!

TGIF… We made it!

friday awesome


Can I get an amen and a halleluiah?!

I feel like I have struggled to get here and have finally begin making headway on getting things in order…somewhat! I mean I’m fabulously graceless and Murphy loves me so some things have to go a bit off! But being my OCD me I just try to plan for it so when it doesn’t happy I am pleased. When it does I still stress! However, no matter what today is going to be a fabulous day! I chose to believe that and I hope you do too!

its fridaywe made it peanuts

Keep Hope Alive My Fabulous Friends!

Much happiness and peace,

Lady Maos

motivational friday



It’s Friday!!!

friday peanuts

We have made it my graceless peeps! It’s Friday! I feel like I have crawled to this day! But I have made it! If you are reading this, you have made it as well!

Change in schedules, plans and all around chaos seems to have been the theme for the week. The boy has been with his dad for the week so I have been a bit off but been so grateful to my friends, family and my man to help me get through it. Even with work, sickness and not getting to see several friends I am still grateful that I am alive and here to be writing whatever random thoughts my brain releases!

I feel like I am always trying to be a cheerleader for folks. Don’t get me wrong but it is just how I am. If my brain goes to the dark places and I write about it, people question if I am “OK”. Hello I am human! This means that I have multiple thoughts and emotions and sometimes I have to write about the not so pretty stuff too!

However, today is not one of those days! No, today is a get some things done, rest and hang with my girls kind of day! WhooooWhoooo I take my visits when I can get them and the universe smiled and said, “It’s time again” so we are together again minus one. It makes me happy in my heart!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday and that you make it through this day with a bit of laughter and maybe a dance or two!

friday happy dance

This fabulously graceless freak is signing off for now!

Have a fantastic day and always Keep Hope Alive!



It may be beginning or ending, but it’s Friday!

friday end or beginning

It’s FRIDAY! Welcome to the beginning of the weekend! Or is it the end of the week? Whatever it is for you I hope it’s fabulous!

welcome back sexy friday

My plan is to take it easy, clean a little, hang with my honey and go out with the girls one night. Ah girl’s night out… I remember when I once did that a lot more than I do now and I miss it! I think it’s important to have girlfriends, or guy friends, that you can get together and just be your goofy self with.

One of my friends is actually one of my cousins who I don’t get to see as often as I would like to. I was dying laughing the other day going through a box of my things and I came across several papers I had written for classes back in 1988! Oh the dreams of youth! I had to send them to my cousin to remind her we were long overdue on a trip we were supposed to make apparently back in July of 1989. It involved finding one of our friends we had met and going to St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands and staying on his boat! We both had other adventures that summer and the trip was put off. Since it’s been over 25 years I think she and I just need to make the trip!

Friday means the beginning of football, sporting events, festivals and hopefully a weekend of family, friends and fabulous fun! It brings joy to my heart in the hopes to get to sleep in for at least a day!

I remember when I could sleep until noon, now it seems if I get up by 10 I feel I have slept in. What’s up with that?! Does this come with the aging thing? I am not so down with that as I once was! I miss my sleep! Something about having a child at almost 40 messed with my system and now I seem to be more prone to waking earlier than I previously did, and I yearn for sleep. I day dream about it! Yet I am a night owl and if I want to get things done during regular hours I have to get up so I can get moving and get out. And the whole get moving thing seems to take longer than it once did. Seriously I am not digging this getting older business! I may be ok with the getting older but the recovery time of a night out and the body not moving as well kind of sucks!

I am just grateful I can even complain about it as some aren’t as fortunate. I do realize that and know that even though I struggle with many things, I am blessed beyond measure that I am still able to do the things I do and to have the people in my life that I have.

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a fantastic weekend!

As always remember to Keep Hope Alive!

hooray friday oh wait im a blogger



It’s a fabulous Friday with a workin’ weekend! WhoooWhooo!

happy friday wknd begin

T.G.I.F. for real! I am so glad it’s Friday I am sure there will be a happy dance or two done today!

We have finally made it to the end of the week! WhoooWhooooo!

everybodys wkin for the wkend

Of course I will be working and working some more for tomorrow is the Walk to End Alzheimer’s here in the Magic City.

bham magic city

I am one of those people who like to have everything done and right now I am still far from done, but I know I will get done everything I possibly can accomplished. I mean I am scheduled to show up at 6:00 AM to set up for the walk and I am not a morning person. I can do it… Keep Hope Alive!

walk to end alz starts w you

Did I mention it’s Friday?! Do your happy weekend dance people!

tgif cat dance

No matter what your weekend holds try to make a Fabulous moment to hold close, no matter what it is!

tgif fabulous


Fabulous Friday readying for weekend fun

b chaos

Its Friday my fabulously graceless friends!

No matter what happens I am keeping hope alive today, because for me and mine it’s the day the boys “aunties” come from TN & GA, the birthday party weekend where we get to see friends and family, make new friends and have fun.

We have been celebrating all week more or less.

It has not been a constant barrage of gifts because this crazy mama isn’t made of money, and even if I was I wouldn’t give the boy gifts all the time as he gets plenty of “surprises” in the off season when it isn’t a birthday or holiday. He realizes excess now and will go, “Oh yeah, I forgot I have all those toys, I am going to play with my Ninja Turtles” or whatever it is he wants to play with. I encourage him to be creative and not watch as much TV, it’s pretty much a split on who wins that one depending on time frames and other random things but I know he has a wickedly funny imagination. He “pretends” a lot. A costume that is one thing can often become something else in his fascinating mind. He got a TMNT costume for his birthday, it a little big, but I have a feeling things are going to get a bit more ninja like for a while around the house.

Did I mention his “aunties” are coming?! This is one of those things I’m excited about because they are my “sisters” and when they boy was born, have been there every step of the way for both of us. Tonight the boy will get to enjoy his mommy and aunties laughing hysterically and having fun. Saturday will be the night we get to stay up late since his party is in the morning. What was I thinking again? Oh yeah get it done and hang out with friends and of course, football! Roll Tide! 

So I am keeping this post short and sweet as this crazy mama needs here energy!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous Friday and an absolutely splendid weekend!

b ninja