Another fabulous Friday

oh its friday minion

Ahhhh Friday! The “last” day of the work week… unless you have to work or are on-call, which in my case, means working!

However, I am choosing to make this Friday Fabulous! No matter what!

It’s been a rough couple of months weeks and I am going to just be. Let whatever happens happen and do my best to not get ruffled by the winds of change and life.

I only have control over so much and also I have absolutely no control over others. I get in a funk when the boy isn’t home. I tend to throw myself into work or projects that need to be done and not just let myself rest and re-charge like I need to.

I don’t enjoy too many public outings, yet I crave humanity. Not an overwhelming abundance of folks but a select few… which is what makes it so challenging that I am not the one who gets to select the folks I would like to see these days or so it seems. I have a lot of interaction regarding work, but not so much on a personal level. I really need to work on that!

It’s just so hard to commit to plans when you know that you will also be working. It can annoy some people who may assume being on call is just taking a few calls when in actuality, for me, ends up being several hours or even all day. I would rather not make plans so that I’m not disappointed when I have to break them.

ffeling all done me either

But hey, it’s Friday! So I am going to make the most of trying to relax in between calls.

I always keep hope alive!

After all, we are all superheroes! Some of us sprinkled with a bit more maos and crazy than others!

Have a fantastically, fabulous Friday!


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