MONDAY…. We can do this!

have a wonderful monday

Well it has arrived full steam ahead… MONDAY!

Whether you are ready for it or not it is here! You may have hidden for a while thinking you could hide from it but it is going to happen whether you are ready for it or not. It can be dreadful or fabulous. I guess it could even be fabulously dreadful but I am all about the hope and I hope it is fabulous!

Coming off a weekend into Monday can be hard no matter if your weekend was good or bad.

A good friend of mine said Monday is like getting to start with a clean slate. I like that thought. Not that everything else is forgotten, but it is a brand new day and why not make it a good Monday? For the person who spoke those words to me, I can only hope your day is better than the weekend.

monday isnt bad

I am ready for my boy to come home! He was with his dad and family for a week, and even though I got to talk to him and see him once, I miss him terribly when he is gone. Plus, it is our favorite week, Halloween week! We are hoping to do a few different things this week in celebration, but as life teaches us, things can change any second. I am hoping we get to do everything we have planned! Of course it involves dressing up! Which in my household, we do on a regular basis anyway. That is a sign of being creative. Or maybe a little bit crazy, does it really matter?!

So go out and find the good in this Fabulous Monday!

Remember it’s only 5 more wake ups ‘til Halloween!!!!!


Have a fantastic Monday my Graceless Friends!

Keep Hope Alive


2 thoughts on “MONDAY…. We can do this!

  1. thank goodness for laptops and tablets. That person was right Sunday’s are for rest, Monday’s are brand new slates. You reflect on Sunday at the mistakes or things you could have done better the week before, then Monday you start all over imagining all the great things we have no idea could ever cross our path, you pray to your Creator to give you strength to handle anything that comes your way this new week, you deal with it good or bad with a sense of faith and hope and good attitude, and you start off on your clean slate having learned from the previous week and set off to do your absolute best, with the quote in your head ” It’s a Great Day to be Alive”. No matter what goes wrong during the week, or who makes you mad and aggravated, each morning is like a Monday if your lucky, your eyes open and it’s a brand new day to give it all you have in you, to start over fresh. We can not change the past of last week or 25 years ago, it’s written in ink, but we can learn from it, and start our new “page” of every day, every Monday; I get someone of a say in how my “page” is written. There are going to be aggravations and things that go wrong, it’s the way the world works, but we can control how we react to them, that is the key, that is “Back Your Mondays”, taking back your life. We will have brand new days, and clean slate Mondays, until our “purpose” here on earth is done. Make you purpose a happy and joyful one, not dreading this day or wishing your life way on another day; because you will be missing out on the “now”, and it can taken so quickly, more quickly than we think. Savor every moment of your life, Life is right now!

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