Celebrate Monday

Celebrate! It’s Monday!

Obviously Fabulously Gracelessness has stepped outside of her mind for her to be yelling “Celebrate!” on a Monday!

Well maybe a little, but actually it is because I took a day off *gasps* because I wanted to hang out with my sister before she left!

So I am in that happy place but also in that “Oh my god what is happening at the office without me” place too. Yeah. Like Sybil I am torn but still happy!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderfully fabulous Monday!

If not, then keep hope alive that this day gets better! You deserve it!




Monday’s comin’ for you

move it monday

One, two, Monday’s coming for you…. well actually it’s here whether you are ready for it or not!

On weekends that the boy is with his other family I am usually on call for work. When I first started working being on call was a few calls here and there, but it wasn’t stressful. However, a few months in, more clients and caregivers on staff, it is like a circus.

It also seems like things in my personal bubble can really flair up.

I learned I can still be shocked every once in a while too. That’s good to know.

There will definitely be more detailed posts on the shock factors coming soon. Between people who don’t follow through on their commitments, seeing other’s family dynamics and the consequences of their actions, and someone from my youth thinking they have some sort of power and manipulation over me, I have been surprised today.

I am also going into this week on a lack of rest so that is a guarantee that today will be quite entertaining. I wish you could feel the sarcasm that drips from those words!

One thing I do know is that I am stronger than some people realize. I may be shocked but I am not shaken.

I may gimp a bit but you can believe I am pushing on.

I don’t have to steal others words and use manipulation to say what I need to say. I am an original where others forget how to be. They have become sheep. They are lost in their own delusions.

prison of how others see you

I never forget I am human and fallible. I always remember to Keep Hope Alive.

We all need hope to get us through this day.

Monday, oh Monday, just watch me get through!

The Monday before the Valentine’s Day

We are back to the beginning of another week welcoming Monday.

monday be good

After a somewhat lazy weekend with the boy, getting back into the grind will be a real challenge. I mean pajamas were the outfit of choice and now I am back into work clothes which are not nearly as comfy. Plus there are schedules and appointments. Hello Monday!

For so many this week can be either really good or really bad depending on their relationship status. The “will they or won’t they recognize me as their valentine” and the blast of commercialism-in-your-face of the holiday doesn’t help some folks.

Some people have detailed plans and other have no plans. Some are going about the week in a haze of hearts and flowers while others are just struggling to get by.

Personally, it’s always been an over the top holiday that I don’t place a lot of emphasis on. If I am with someone, then that is wonderful, but then I would hope they know every day how much I care about them. I would do something but not on a grand level. If I am single, I enjoy watching others have their moments of love or maybe it’s lust. I don’t “hate” because I don’t have that “special someone.” It just does not bother me one way or another.

sometimes heart needs time to accept

From the time I was young, my mom always gave my brother and I a “valentine” on the holiday. It was her way of letting us know we were her valentines too. Her and my father had 46 valentines before he passed away. Now I try to make sure I give her a little something, even a card, just so she knows she’s m valentines too. I do the same for my boy. I get it now how much you love your children and include them to make them know they are a special to you. Not just every day, but also on Valentine’s Day.

It’s the beginning of the week and Valentine’s Day isn’t until Sunday! I am just noting that I have a date with the TV at 8:00 PM CST no matter what as the Walking Dead return! This girl is fired up about that! Ha!

There is much going on in my fabulously graceless life but I am one strong, stubborn, crazy chic that isn’t giving up or giving in to the challenges life throws at me. I will fight my way through the day and pray for strength and peace. Maybe a lot of peace! Some sanity wouldn’t hurt either!

monday clothes and bra

I hope you all face this Monday with an attitude of determination and remember to Keep Hope Alive!




Hellooooooooooooo Monday!

hello monday

Ah Monday my old friend, I’m hoping it’s good to see you again.

I have hopes that you will be, more than yesterday and kind to me.

I worked my tail off all weekend long. I feel today I need a song.

I will work all day that’s true. I hope the night is better too.

Starting a new week can be hard. Reading this you know I’m no bard.

But writing is a freeing of my heart and soul and sometimes I can get on a roll.

I work so hard to make words mesh. My heart and soul pour from this flesh. Sometimes things may be quite deep and other times I write half asleep.

Life comes out, melded experiences too and no I don’t write about “you”.

The words I write come from deep within and from places others have been.

If you can relate to what I write, I’m happy to share my odd insight.

For those who know me and those who don’t have a clue, I have to write it’s just what I do.

So go into this day and Keep Hope Alive! For see this Monday has fully arrived.

keep hope alivw

Peaceful, patient Monday Christmas countdown

Sometimes I can’t believe how fast time moves. And other times it is so slow,

I can’t believe we are only days away from Christmas. I try to be so positive and sometimes plans and life just don’t work out the way you want them to.


Sometimes I have to set a course for what is best for me and mine. It isn’t always the easiest course but in my soul I know it’s the best one for me. I may not always be able to articulate it to others, and I am learning that is okay.

I just have to get through and I have to be me. it may seem selfish or like I am dropping my basket some, and I do, though not everyone sees that either. But I will pick it up and move on, because it is what I choose to do.


Whatever course I take I know I will do the absolute best as I see it for everyone. Each life touches another. Sometimes the link falls but if we are true and patient the link falls back into place. Patience is hard and can be extremely hard this time of year. We miss those we love, we get irritated at others, we lash out when we don’t need to and don’t speak when we do. Finding a peaceful balance is what is the hardest to do. Yet I never give up. I keep hope alive. Always.

I have an amazing miracle as well as so many others to never give up and always, always have HOPE.


Wishing you all a peaceful, patient Monday my fabulous friends.


Have a happy maotic, madness Monday!

enjoy monday madness

Greeting from the land of the maotic Monday!

I hope you all had a fantastically, fabulous weekend!

Mine was filled with love, fun and maos of course! I really need to remember my limitations but seem to be pushing myself further and more than I should. I just can’t help it. I am paying for it but every moment was worth it. Except the20- minutes it took me to go 2 miles due to traffic Friday evening. That I can do without thank you very much!

Looking forward I realized it’s all downhill from here… Thanksgiving is next week, then we jump right into the Christmas season.

turkey santa

On the plus side I have heard more and more people talking about NOT going out on Thanksgiving night to Christmas shop for those bargain deals and hearing of more and more retailers having online sales and of not being opened Thanksgiving evening. Something I am opposed to for numerous reasons. It’s enough that medical and law enforcement have to work but I don’t see why people can’t wait a few more hours so that people can actually have a whole day off from the retail!

no shopping on thanksgiving

I also got fabulous news on the career front and I will be going back to work full-time like people do starting the Monday after Thanksgiving! It’s been a bit of a roller coaster of a ride of life regarding employment for me.

Last year, during this month, I was laid off from my “corporate respectable decent paying” full time job. I didn’t let it phase me too much. In part, I was somewhat relieved as I honestly couldn’t see myself in that industry for the rest of my life. I had a bit in savings, however, as we all know, life is not free. So I signed up for unemployment. That’s only 6 months for those who think it lasts a year(s) that isn’t the case here in the great state of Alabama. Plus, is it a tiny fraction of what you made so I began looking for work.

I was blessed to find care giving jobs. I also went on interviews, sent out literally hundreds of resumes and corresponded with several potential employers. The only decent/good one is the one I have now working in the care giving industry part-time which sadly doesn’t pay a lot. I have generated funds selling a long respected line of beauty products, yes fabulously graceless loves her skincare products, as well as a handful of writing jobs here and there but have constantly been looking.

dr nurses caregivers

When I did the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, a friend sent an email about another potential caregiver position and went in to apply for the job. The owner and I hit it off immediately and chatted away. I felt pretty good I would get clients from them and hopefully even some office work down the road.

That was 3 weeks ago. Last week I got a call from him wanting to “pick my brain”. After talking for 45 minutes, neither of us realizing it had been that long because we were talking about work but it’s with that passion you find with people who believe like you do that people deserve and should receive the best care possible, how challenging Alzheimer’s disease is, how employees should perform and how each case varied but the compassion should be there no matter what… so my hope grew a bit bigger after that conversation but I didn’t want to jinx or say anything because well, I have that Murphy dude who likes to mess with me so I wasn’t saying anything! Then I got the call Thursday evening and it was a go and my start date! Talk about the happy dance!

My biggest concerns, of course, were telling the employers and clients I have now I will no longer be able to be with them. It was easier telling my employer than I thought and she congratulated me as she understood why I was branching out. Telling Miss Candy and my knitting friends I won’t be able to go on Mondays anymore will be a bit harder. So say a little prayer for me on that part today! I tend to get close to my clients. There is a lot of trust between caregiver and patient. It isn’t always easy. I even think about the clients who were only in my care a time or two and hope they are well.


With my new adventure I will be able to work with the families as well as the caregivers. Being on both sides of the coin I am excited to start my new adventure. I am also a bit nervous because I know what’s expected of me. I know I can do it. I always have HOPE!

I Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Keep Hope Alive!!!


Going to have an upgraded Monday!

i can will succeed today my own herp

I am hoping to get an upgrade today. Not that last week was bad, however I am just hoping that my week is better than the most recent upgrade to my phone.

It seems every time I do something to make something better, it’s two steps back, wait a few beats and then three steps forward.

I know I am moving forward but I have to learn the upgrades before I can apply them to my daily life.

I have one of those smarter than me phone, the iPhone 5S, and I won’t elaborate what the S stands for in my mind… I kept getting a “storage almost full” message yet it was showing I had a large amount of space left. I am not a techie. I full on admit it here and now. I am not too bad and can learn a lot about computers, but these iPhones and the apps that go with them can make me go a bit insane. Fortunately, my awesome man can help me with that. I got the space issue fixed and the new upgrade helped it finally stop giving me that irritating message. At first it had a snafu and I had to, again, hand it over and ask, again, if it was something I did. It wasn’t. I don’t know nor do I really want to know what he did but it works and all my apps are back. The ones I actually use. Other than that 7-minute workout that I am going to start. Sometime. This week. I know I will… keep hope alive!


So I get my phone and start looking at my email, all normal except when I start to type I realize it puts words up as options I can now click on so I won’t have to type as much. Okkkkk I start realizing that all the main programs I use have new interfaces. Upgrades. Oh joy. Just when I “master” the first one, they change it for the “better”. Their better makes my life more challenging! But I am really not complaining.

I mean life with upgrades isn’t too bad of a thing when you think about it. Upgrades are meant to make things better. Sometimes you seem to have to take a step back to move further forward. It isn’t such a bad thing.

I am looking forward to a fabulously productive week with my new upgrades, both for my phone, my life and my health.

going to succeed because i crazy enough

I hope you have a fabulous weekly upgrade too!

As always, keep hope alive!!!!

Maybe motivational Monday


Greetings and Happy Monday My Fabulous Friends!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know our household was full up and in gear for Halloween and the sugar detox Sunday. Of course the boy is thrilled to have so much candy. He had me help him separate it yesterday with the stuff he likes, chocolate and stuff none of us will eat! He won’t eat the chocolate but knows others like it. I am trying so hard to stay away from the chocolate bucket of candy! I was never a big sweet person until after I had my hysterectomy and then it was like my taste buds craved the stuff. Not so fabulous… that saying a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips seems to be coming true so I am trying to only eat in moderation when it comes to sweets, including chocolates!

Ahhh the rainy Monday again too. Ugh. I know how much we need the rain but it can be a challenge to drive in and get out in. I know work today will be especially challenging with the weather since we always get out and about! Hopefully we will get to go to the knitting guild and they can see how poorly I am doing on my scarf! They inspire me to work harder. I mean it is only one scarf but finding extra time seems to be one of my biggest challenges lately.


I feel I am letting everyone down by not getting things done. I am trying! I am also job hunting, like I ever stopped, but the blog doesn’t pay my bills and my current job is part time with shabby pay, though I love my work. There just isn’t enough of it. My dream is to write and take care of others. Sadly, caring for people doesn’t pay well. It makes me angry that we pay people so little who care for our children and the elderly, as well as those in between who need help.

Trying to live and raise a 5-year-old isn’t cheap! I scrimp and save every way that I can. When I make a purchase sometimes I get looks due to the fact I don’t have much money. I can promise you I have thought about what I need to sacrifice to purchase said item and the flack I will get for spending. No one likes people to criticize them for their life and I am pretty sure unless you are in a court of law or standing before your maker that judging others is frowned upon, yet people tend to forget that.

There are so many times when I wish I could just wave a magic wand and fix things. Or maybe win the lottery! That would work too. Then I could do the things I love, which are not high paying jobs, and enjoy life. Instead we are expected to get a job, any job, it doesn’t matter if you are miserable doing it, to make money and pay bills. It’s a vicious cycle that I am trying to find my way away from.

Today I have hope that things will be better. I will find the time to make my many doctors’ appointments, clean the house and find a “real” job, or at least something that pays more so I don’t have to ask for assistance. I am so grateful for the help but I despise asking. If it wasn’t for my child I wouldn’t worry so much. I have always been able to care for myself, but when you bring a child into the world, you are responsible for them. Giving up things I once thought I needed was easy for me when I had him. I’ve never been one to purchase costly clothing, unless it was second hand. I have never had the newest car nor do I want one. I did stop buying random items that I didn’t need any more and started actually using the coupons I cut out instead of forgetting them! In fact, it is one of my many projects to go through the Sunday paper this week and get out the coupons I need. I have decided it may be worthwhile to invest in a milk cow since the boy seems to drink a few gallons a week. Hey it saves me money on sodas!

So yes, I am motivated this week! I am working and never losing hope, even when I get in a funk. To lose hope, to me, means to give up, and I am not giving up!

I hope you have a motivational Monday and never lose hope!

Always keep hope alive!


MONDAY…. We can do this!

have a wonderful monday

Well it has arrived full steam ahead… MONDAY!

Whether you are ready for it or not it is here! You may have hidden for a while thinking you could hide from it but it is going to happen whether you are ready for it or not. It can be dreadful or fabulous. I guess it could even be fabulously dreadful but I am all about the hope and I hope it is fabulous!

Coming off a weekend into Monday can be hard no matter if your weekend was good or bad.

A good friend of mine said Monday is like getting to start with a clean slate. I like that thought. Not that everything else is forgotten, but it is a brand new day and why not make it a good Monday? For the person who spoke those words to me, I can only hope your day is better than the weekend.

monday isnt bad

I am ready for my boy to come home! He was with his dad and family for a week, and even though I got to talk to him and see him once, I miss him terribly when he is gone. Plus, it is our favorite week, Halloween week! We are hoping to do a few different things this week in celebration, but as life teaches us, things can change any second. I am hoping we get to do everything we have planned! Of course it involves dressing up! Which in my household, we do on a regular basis anyway. That is a sign of being creative. Or maybe a little bit crazy, does it really matter?!

So go out and find the good in this Fabulous Monday!

Remember it’s only 5 more wake ups ‘til Halloween!!!!!


Have a fantastic Monday my Graceless Friends!

Keep Hope Alive