Going to have an upgraded Monday!

i can will succeed today my own herp

I am hoping to get an upgrade today. Not that last week was bad, however I am just hoping that my week is better than the most recent upgrade to my phone.

It seems every time I do something to make something better, it’s two steps back, wait a few beats and then three steps forward.

I know I am moving forward but I have to learn the upgrades before I can apply them to my daily life.

I have one of those smarter than me phone, the iPhone 5S, and I won’t elaborate what the S stands for in my mind… I kept getting a “storage almost full” message yet it was showing I had a large amount of space left. I am not a techie. I full on admit it here and now. I am not too bad and can learn a lot about computers, but these iPhones and the apps that go with them can make me go a bit insane. Fortunately, my awesome man can help me with that. I got the space issue fixed and the new upgrade helped it finally stop giving me that irritating message. At first it had a snafu and I had to, again, hand it over and ask, again, if it was something I did. It wasn’t. I don’t know nor do I really want to know what he did but it works and all my apps are back. The ones I actually use. Other than that 7-minute workout that I am going to start. Sometime. This week. I know I will… keep hope alive!


So I get my phone and start looking at my email, all normal except when I start to type I realize it puts words up as options I can now click on so I won’t have to type as much. Okkkkk I start realizing that all the main programs I use have new interfaces. Upgrades. Oh joy. Just when I “master” the first one, they change it for the “better”. Their better makes my life more challenging! But I am really not complaining.

I mean life with upgrades isn’t too bad of a thing when you think about it. Upgrades are meant to make things better. Sometimes you seem to have to take a step back to move further forward. It isn’t such a bad thing.

I am looking forward to a fabulously productive week with my new upgrades, both for my phone, my life and my health.

going to succeed because i crazy enough

I hope you have a fabulous weekly upgrade too!

As always, keep hope alive!!!!


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