Power Ranger Mommy

I now have a new name at the boy’s school. Pink Power Ranger Mommy or Power R Mommy for shot. I must say I love it. They come running up to me and hug me and say, “Hey Power R Mommy” or “Yea it’s Pink Power Mommy!” I am thinking that one may be my favorite!

I am always up at the boy’s school, not because he is in trouble, yet! HA I am not jinxing myself but it is inevitable due to his DNA that I will at least get a call for some shenanigans. I could be wrong, that would be fabulous, but I would be more shocked if I didn’t get a call! No, I am the crazy mom who ends up talking to most of the teachers, director, other parents, etc. I work with them on parties, volunteering, events and whatever they need me to do. I have even helped in the front office in a pinch. I truly enjoy most of the kids there and they actually listen to me. More than some adults if I am honest! Maybe that’s why I enjoy going so much! Plus, all those little hugs and kisses. And after a few hours I am so very done! I am happy to take my boy and head home with just one!

He keeps me going always. He is my miracle child. I can’t imagine not being there for him in every way.

I guess this means I should join Pinterest or some other such thing that moms do, but that isn’t me. I am just me being the best mama I can be. Sometimes I am fabulous and other times I screw up royally. But he knows I love him no matter what.

He loves his friends call me the “Pink Power Mommy”. I just love that he’s happy.

Dreams do come true and the universe has a fantastic sense of humor!

Keep Hope Alive and have a Fabulous Day!





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