Fabulous Friday and still going

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Even though I have to work this weekend, I am so thankful it’s Friday! Celebrate!

It hopefully won’t be as active as this past week and I can maybe not go as much  because this fabulously graceless chick is a wee bit tired.

wk wkend batmans

Sometimes you are expecting things to be hectic and maotic. You expect Murphy to show up and life to change your plans.

What you may not be expecting is so much of it all in a 4 day period! You aren’t expecting the extras, though you should as you know how this game of life works. You definitely didn’t need that little memo about more things to do and people flat out disrespecting others and the cruelty of some.

We made it to Friday! That my friends is why Keep Hope Alive is my mantra. Because even in the storms I will find a silver lining. The phone calls I got to make and talk to those near and dear. The time with the boy, even when he’s having a moment and it’s unpleasant, the full on love and hugs he freely gives. Time with new people and being able to see things from a different perspective. Those moments that can make you stop and have to catch your breath and then plan on how you get through it.

The fact that we woke up this morning and are facing the day. The miracle of something as “simple” as that.

I hope you all have a wonderful and fabulous Friday!

have a beautiful friday

Keep Hope Alive!

Power Ranger Mommy

I now have a new name at the boy’s school. Pink Power Ranger Mommy or Power R Mommy for shot. I must say I love it. They come running up to me and hug me and say, “Hey Power R Mommy” or “Yea it’s Pink Power Mommy!” I am thinking that one may be my favorite!

I am always up at the boy’s school, not because he is in trouble, yet! HA I am not jinxing myself but it is inevitable due to his DNA that I will at least get a call for some shenanigans. I could be wrong, that would be fabulous, but I would be more shocked if I didn’t get a call! No, I am the crazy mom who ends up talking to most of the teachers, director, other parents, etc. I work with them on parties, volunteering, events and whatever they need me to do. I have even helped in the front office in a pinch. I truly enjoy most of the kids there and they actually listen to me. More than some adults if I am honest! Maybe that’s why I enjoy going so much! Plus, all those little hugs and kisses. And after a few hours I am so very done! I am happy to take my boy and head home with just one!

He keeps me going always. He is my miracle child. I can’t imagine not being there for him in every way.

I guess this means I should join Pinterest or some other such thing that moms do, but that isn’t me. I am just me being the best mama I can be. Sometimes I am fabulous and other times I screw up royally. But he knows I love him no matter what.

He loves his friends call me the “Pink Power Mommy”. I just love that he’s happy.

Dreams do come true and the universe has a fantastic sense of humor!

Keep Hope Alive and have a Fabulous Day!