Maybe motivational Monday


Greetings and Happy Monday My Fabulous Friends!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know our household was full up and in gear for Halloween and the sugar detox Sunday. Of course the boy is thrilled to have so much candy. He had me help him separate it yesterday with the stuff he likes, chocolate and stuff none of us will eat! He won’t eat the chocolate but knows others like it. I am trying so hard to stay away from the chocolate bucket of candy! I was never a big sweet person until after I had my hysterectomy and then it was like my taste buds craved the stuff. Not so fabulous… that saying a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips seems to be coming true so I am trying to only eat in moderation when it comes to sweets, including chocolates!

Ahhh the rainy Monday again too. Ugh. I know how much we need the rain but it can be a challenge to drive in and get out in. I know work today will be especially challenging with the weather since we always get out and about! Hopefully we will get to go to the knitting guild and they can see how poorly I am doing on my scarf! They inspire me to work harder. I mean it is only one scarf but finding extra time seems to be one of my biggest challenges lately.


I feel I am letting everyone down by not getting things done. I am trying! I am also job hunting, like I ever stopped, but the blog doesn’t pay my bills and my current job is part time with shabby pay, though I love my work. There just isn’t enough of it. My dream is to write and take care of others. Sadly, caring for people doesn’t pay well. It makes me angry that we pay people so little who care for our children and the elderly, as well as those in between who need help.

Trying to live and raise a 5-year-old isn’t cheap! I scrimp and save every way that I can. When I make a purchase sometimes I get looks due to the fact I don’t have much money. I can promise you I have thought about what I need to sacrifice to purchase said item and the flack I will get for spending. No one likes people to criticize them for their life and I am pretty sure unless you are in a court of law or standing before your maker that judging others is frowned upon, yet people tend to forget that.

There are so many times when I wish I could just wave a magic wand and fix things. Or maybe win the lottery! That would work too. Then I could do the things I love, which are not high paying jobs, and enjoy life. Instead we are expected to get a job, any job, it doesn’t matter if you are miserable doing it, to make money and pay bills. It’s a vicious cycle that I am trying to find my way away from.

Today I have hope that things will be better. I will find the time to make my many doctors’ appointments, clean the house and find a “real” job, or at least something that pays more so I don’t have to ask for assistance. I am so grateful for the help but I despise asking. If it wasn’t for my child I wouldn’t worry so much. I have always been able to care for myself, but when you bring a child into the world, you are responsible for them. Giving up things I once thought I needed was easy for me when I had him. I’ve never been one to purchase costly clothing, unless it was second hand. I have never had the newest car nor do I want one. I did stop buying random items that I didn’t need any more and started actually using the coupons I cut out instead of forgetting them! In fact, it is one of my many projects to go through the Sunday paper this week and get out the coupons I need. I have decided it may be worthwhile to invest in a milk cow since the boy seems to drink a few gallons a week. Hey it saves me money on sodas!

So yes, I am motivated this week! I am working and never losing hope, even when I get in a funk. To lose hope, to me, means to give up, and I am not giving up!

I hope you have a motivational Monday and never lose hope!

Always keep hope alive!



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