Have a fantastically, fabulous Saturday!

betty b great sat

Hello my Fabulously Graceless Friends!

I hope this lovely Saturday you find happiness, hope and peace at some point this fine day.

I hope that these very words make you smile.

I hope that you can let go of your pain, your hurt and your worries and just enjoy Be-ing for a few moments.

beautiful sat

I hope you find beauty in something, somewhere.

I hope you smile.

I hope you remember to keep hope alive even in the most challenging times. Just remember to breathe.

I hope you all have a fantastically, fabulous Saturday!

sat smile


Maybe motivational Monday


Greetings and Happy Monday My Fabulous Friends!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know our household was full up and in gear for Halloween and the sugar detox Sunday. Of course the boy is thrilled to have so much candy. He had me help him separate it yesterday with the stuff he likes, chocolate and stuff none of us will eat! He won’t eat the chocolate but knows others like it. I am trying so hard to stay away from the chocolate bucket of candy! I was never a big sweet person until after I had my hysterectomy and then it was like my taste buds craved the stuff. Not so fabulous… that saying a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips seems to be coming true so I am trying to only eat in moderation when it comes to sweets, including chocolates!

Ahhh the rainy Monday again too. Ugh. I know how much we need the rain but it can be a challenge to drive in and get out in. I know work today will be especially challenging with the weather since we always get out and about! Hopefully we will get to go to the knitting guild and they can see how poorly I am doing on my scarf! They inspire me to work harder. I mean it is only one scarf but finding extra time seems to be one of my biggest challenges lately.


I feel I am letting everyone down by not getting things done. I am trying! I am also job hunting, like I ever stopped, but the blog doesn’t pay my bills and my current job is part time with shabby pay, though I love my work. There just isn’t enough of it. My dream is to write and take care of others. Sadly, caring for people doesn’t pay well. It makes me angry that we pay people so little who care for our children and the elderly, as well as those in between who need help.

Trying to live and raise a 5-year-old isn’t cheap! I scrimp and save every way that I can. When I make a purchase sometimes I get looks due to the fact I don’t have much money. I can promise you I have thought about what I need to sacrifice to purchase said item and the flack I will get for spending. No one likes people to criticize them for their life and I am pretty sure unless you are in a court of law or standing before your maker that judging others is frowned upon, yet people tend to forget that.

There are so many times when I wish I could just wave a magic wand and fix things. Or maybe win the lottery! That would work too. Then I could do the things I love, which are not high paying jobs, and enjoy life. Instead we are expected to get a job, any job, it doesn’t matter if you are miserable doing it, to make money and pay bills. It’s a vicious cycle that I am trying to find my way away from.

Today I have hope that things will be better. I will find the time to make my many doctors’ appointments, clean the house and find a “real” job, or at least something that pays more so I don’t have to ask for assistance. I am so grateful for the help but I despise asking. If it wasn’t for my child I wouldn’t worry so much. I have always been able to care for myself, but when you bring a child into the world, you are responsible for them. Giving up things I once thought I needed was easy for me when I had him. I’ve never been one to purchase costly clothing, unless it was second hand. I have never had the newest car nor do I want one. I did stop buying random items that I didn’t need any more and started actually using the coupons I cut out instead of forgetting them! In fact, it is one of my many projects to go through the Sunday paper this week and get out the coupons I need. I have decided it may be worthwhile to invest in a milk cow since the boy seems to drink a few gallons a week. Hey it saves me money on sodas!

So yes, I am motivated this week! I am working and never losing hope, even when I get in a funk. To lose hope, to me, means to give up, and I am not giving up!

I hope you have a motivational Monday and never lose hope!

Always keep hope alive!


Fabulous, crazed, keep hope alive Monday!

Hello and Happy Monday My Fabulous Graceless Friends!


I am on a crazed mission with a 5 day countdown to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday and not everything is done!

I am also riding on the high of the fantabulous weekend I had with the boy and our friend. Since the boy will be gone for the next 3 weekends, I tend to go a bit over board in terms of spending time with him. Arcade, Hotel Transylvania 2, Alabama Football, Greek Festival and The Pumpkin Patch where he rode horses, played at the petting zoo and did bouncy things. Yes it was a bit overboard but FUN! And we didn’t get to go to the Butterbean Festival because of the rain but I think we did enough! We only got to carve one pumpkin but we can get the others done before Halloween! Overboard, maybe just a tish!


He will fortunately be home before Halloween as it is our favorite holiday and we love to dress up, trick or treat and have our kind of fun. We now include his cousin, Baby HaHa, so named when he was still in the oven and his parents were not revealing his name and Baby HaHa stuck. It’s still ok to call him that now, but I am guessing by the time he’s a bit older, it won’t be so “cute”!

Today is filled with work and volunteering (read crazed calls and last minute errands for the walk) for me and school for the boy and this evening family gathering at my brother and sister-in-law’s.

It is also my parent’s anniversary, the second one without daddy. It is so strange with my daddy being gone. Just the other day I was thinking “It’s the first of October I know bow season starts sometime soon.” I know so many things because of my daddy. Things precious and special to me because of who taught them to me.

Maybe I may a bit nostalgic this week. I tend to get that way knowing the boy is going to spend time with his other family, even knowing he’s in good hands. Knowing I need a break and time for me and all the things I need to take care of I can’t always find time to do when he’s around but still. I miss him.

Here is where I know it’s time to sign off and not get too morose in my blogging!

I do wish you all a fabulously wonderful day!

This week is going to be amazing!


Keep Hope Alive!




The First Fall Monday

Today is the first fall Monday.

hello monday image

The air has been crisp the days not quite as smoldering as it has been here in sweet home Alabama. The changing of the season to cooler at night and in the mornings.

We have a bit more rain but yet it isn’t all over.

We have some leaves that are colored still on the trees and then leaves on the ground of green, brown and bright reds and orange.

leaves green yelow orange red

Every day brings changes and fall is a time of change. That sweet spot between boiling hot and freezing cold.

What they say about the south is true. In one week you may wear shorts and sandals, jeans and t-shirt as well as heavy coat with boots. I keep a coat, boots and flip flops in my jeep year round.

flip flop boot

I am looking forward to a fabulous week with hopefully beautiful weather. I will find a way to find the good no matter what. After all, I have the miracle boy, proof dreams do come true and the universe has a wicked sense of humor.

Keep hope alive my fabulous friends!

Let’s go into this week kicking full of gracelessness!

Hello Monday

hello monday

Hello Monday my old friend.

Good to see you once again.

Can’t say it’s always great, but I always know I can count on you.

You never let me down, showing up week after week.

Sometimes I despise you, however I realized it isn’t the day, but the thought of beginning a new week.

Like if I didn’t have to face Monday sometimes I could put off the inevitable.

Right and I wave my magic wand and everything turns out hunkey dorey!

Oh how I wish!

If only life were so easy.

If only I could leave my responsibilities and troubles at the garden gate and go on with my day!

But alas, I must move forward and face my challenges and fears.

I must remember to hold my head high and never give up.

I must always remember to keep hope alive!


Truth can hurt. It can be painful and cutting.

Relationships can be destroyed and friendships lost.

It can also be freeing. It can give you that exhale you’ve been waiting on for far too long.

People don’t always tell the truth. Sometimes they have different version of the truth. Nicer, cleaner. Not so dirty and hateful.

Some don’t want to recall their actions and deeds that hurt the ones they claimed to love.

Others take full responsibility of their faults and mistakes.

I have been called brutally honest.

That is painful in ways but also very true.

I know I don’t always want to see or accept the truth.

I know that I could never ignore it no matter how hard it may be to face.

For the old saying, the truth shall set you free, is so very true.

As is the truth can destroy.

The balancing act of truth telling is as fragile as a flower.

Now go have a fabulous day and ponder the truth of happiness!

A blue bunny kind of Thursday

So my jeep has been in the shop for a while now. I am worried that the “Blue Bunny” may not be suitable for me any longer and I dearly love that vehicle!

It is far from a luxury car, but it is mine, bought and paid for. It seems, however, that it’s days of carting me and mine around are limited.

I purchased that jeep when it was just me and my big love dog, Jethro. It has a manual transmission, aka manny tranny, and lots of quirks but I was in love from the test drive.

b jethro

I started receiving recall notices, little things like windows, buttons, etc. after the boy was born and took it in the first time when the passenger rear window got stuck in the down position. At first the dealership tried to claim my kid had worn it out, but seeing as how I had him in a carrier and he had limited head control, much less the ability to repeatedly push the button to roll down the window they conceded it was probably due to the defect of the system. Ya think?!

Then, about a year and a half after the first time I had the window repaired, the same thing happened. It got stuck on the passenger side in the down position. It was winter and cold, like 23 degrees outside cold. I took it back to the dealership and told them of the problem.

Let’s just say things did not go well for either of us, and I had to pay for a new part for the window they “repaired” with the recalled parts they were given to “replace the bad ones”. Whatever. My kid is still in a car seat and can’t reach the button for the window. *Ahem.

Of course I had to do the usual maintenance, fluid changes, tires (several times as I drive a lot and yeah, I think I am an Andretti descendant at times), even a new windshield, which I lived with for quite a while before I dropped the cash to fix that.

Moving along I came to the decision to move back to the motherland with the boy and dog. I figured it would be easier to do the majority of it myself to save funds.

Logical right?

So I started packing and planning and realized I needed a hitch on my jeep as I figured I would at some point need a trailer for my move.

I take it to the local U-Haul and schedule a time for the hitch to be installed. Since it was during the week and I worked, I had a co-worker take me up there so I could have them install the hitch while I am at work, go back to work and come back when they finished as it was less than 5 minutes away.

I get to the U-Haul, walk in and tell all these “young” guys why I am there. The cockiest one walks up, snags my keys and smirks, “I got this.”

I just smiled at his other 2 co-workers and said, “He’s kind of confident. That’s going to be a good thing to have in life.”

As they looked at me oddly, he returned via the back entrance with a sheepish look on his face. His co-workers quickly inquired as to if he was ok and if the vehicle was ok. Of course the vehicle was fine. The problem? He couldn’t drive a manual transmission, stick shift or anything like it. If it wasn’t “automatic” he couldn’t drive it!

It turns out only one of them had ever even attempted driving a vehicle that wasn’t an automatic. All of the trucks they rented were automatic.

b gearshit gfriend

Wow, just wow!

There was only one that had attempted to drive a stick, and yes, I let him attempt it again but he couldn’t do it. He had the true humor to tell me he was temporarily turning in his man card because he now knew he needed to know how to drive one.

The other two pretty much hid from me more or less.

I had to back my own vehicle up the ramp so they could install the hitch. Their manager was coming over from another store to get it down and they would call to let me know when to pick it back up.

I had to say I laughed long and hard about that one as did several of my co-workers and friends! I still do. I mean, really, you take your vehicle to get something done to it and all of the employees working that shift could not drive it because it is not an automatic?! I cannot make this up!

I’ve had so many great adventures and good memories in my “blue bunny” so named for its color and general happy feel!

My boy had one of those walkers that had the jeep look on it and that was done randomly and not because of my jeep. I have a photo somewhere of him in his walker behind my actual parked jeep. See below.

b jeep

I have lived in 2 states and driven through 7 in the bunny.

I know her quirks and oddities like I know my own.

Of course I paid it off last year so it’s just Murphy and his laws again messing with me telling me it’s time to move on. But this one is hard for me.

I have so many great memories.

My dog, Jethro, who is no longer on the planet with me, rode all over the southeast in that jeep.

My dad got a kick out of it and we talked about how I always wanted a jeep when I was younger, but he was worried then that I would flip it with my driving skills at the time. My dad is no longer here either.

I got the Blue Bunny and 14 months later had my boy so I carried both boy and dog in the jeep back and forth from the park to the house and to visit family.

I know that sometime soon I am going to have to make a decision on what to do about her.

I’ve been blessed to have a “loaner” minivan that is quite cool. Words I never thought I could ever put into a sentence and mean! It’s “loaded” as they say and my boy likes it better than the jeep. I mean ALL of the windows roll up and down, there’s a sun roof, space, good on gas and oh yeah it has DVD players in it.

We took it on our trip to PA and even with 6 humans and all of our crap we had space. We even discussed, other than hitting laundry mats and grocery stores, we could just keep driving and take a trip around the country. It is that comfy and cool.

But still, I will miss the Blue Bunny once she goes.

For now, I can still keep hope alive that I can squeeze a bit more time out of her.

b bluebunny

For nostalgia’s sake if nothing else.

Memories last forever.

Have a fabulous graceless day!






The Mid-Week Hustle

Welcome to the midweek hustle!

If you’re reading this, you’re still breathing so be happy!

You may be going through a rough patch, hell, it may be a rough month/year but you are still on this planet breathing in and out, so be grateful.

So many have not made it this far.

I know personally it has been a challenging week for me.

I have been blessed to have wonderful humans in my life to help drag me from the brink and take care of me. Even when I think “I’m fine” and I am being stubborn they seem to keep sticking around.

I spent part of my weekend with my girls in Atlanta and oh how I needed it!

We didn’t “do” much, we did have a birthday party for a dear friend, but as far as getting out and doing things, no that didn’t happen other than dinner one night.

I didn’t go to sleep before 3:00 AM either night I was there!

I wish I could say I was up dancing and partying, however since I was up late 2 nights, anyone that knows me knows that isn’t possible!

I did, however, enjoy awesome, silly conversations with my friends, covering every topic we could think up! From our fashion faux pas, relationship, politics to what were are planning to eat, we discussed it all. We laughed until we cried and kept going. Let’s just say I was not an early riser those days!

I spent the rest of my child free time working, cleaning and with my someone special. We will see where it leads but I have a lot of hope this time around!

The best part of today is my boy comes home!

I have missed that little booger!

He’s went for his final week with his dad and grandparents and I know he had fun as I got updates, but golly gee do I miss him when he is gone.

Also today will be crazy hustle as early scheduling for work and then karate with my boy, then we again go to our happy place at the beach. Another fun family vacation! I wish I had my cousins and brother, sister-in-law and nephew going too as it is a lot of fun with so many helping hands, but we will have fun no matter what.

So I wish to end this on a happy, full of hope kind of note.

Always remember to Keep Hope Alive!

Stay fabulous my graceless friends!

Lady Maos

Manic Monday in 3D!

Today we have Manic Monday in 3D!

manic monday horse

This gal is on her way back home from the great northern adventures and visiting with friends and family!

I am sure there will be things that do not go according to plan, Mr. Murphy please take those laws and go!

We’ve no time for all that!

For we are going down the highway of life and living it to the fullest!

on the road

There’s no need for the dramas and the trials today!

Nor for any other!

So yes we have frantic, manic, even sometimes panic Mondays!

That does not mean we do not face them head on and break on through to the other side! Thank you Mr. Jim Morrison!

I urge you to Never Lose Hope!

Never give up!

Always Keep Hope Alive!

keep hope alive

Especially on manic Mondays!

Have a great one Y’all!

Stay Fabulous!