Truth can hurt. It can be painful and cutting.

Relationships can be destroyed and friendships lost.

It can also be freeing. It can give you that exhale you’ve been waiting on for far too long.

People don’t always tell the truth. Sometimes they have different version of the truth. Nicer, cleaner. Not so dirty and hateful.

Some don’t want to recall their actions and deeds that hurt the ones they claimed to love.

Others take full responsibility of their faults and mistakes.

I have been called brutally honest.

That is painful in ways but also very true.

I know I don’t always want to see or accept the truth.

I know that I could never ignore it no matter how hard it may be to face.

For the old saying, the truth shall set you free, is so very true.

As is the truth can destroy.

The balancing act of truth telling is as fragile as a flower.

Now go have a fabulous day and ponder the truth of happiness!


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