Writing a blog can be a dangerous thing!

Writing a blog can be a dangerous thing.

I have always written since I was a little girl and kept a diary. I have written in journals, short stories, articles, essays, poems – you get the idea.

Oftentimes when I am writing a post I just write and don’t always think about how it is taken on the other end. I mean it is my blog and my thoughts. I try not to offend too badly.

I’ve been contacted by some people asking if I was writing about specific people or why I wrote about them because “they knew” that I was.

It isn’t about “you”. That’s why it’s called FabulousGracelessness.

Writing and maintaining a public blog is something I always wanted to do but wasn’t sure if I could.

I knew I could write. I write and get paid when I can and I write letters and poems and of course in my journal. I have been published, a small publication in the National Library of Poetry, but still published. I’ve written articles as a ghostwriter and for organizations where my name was actually listed as the author.

I have found in writing a blog I love the challenge I set for myself to write one post a day. I love stretching my mind to find things to write about and pulling from my mind, my thoughts and opinions.

I have also learned friends and family will tell me “don’t post this on your blog, it’s personal.” I completely respect that. I do. For the most part, I honor their wishes. I do end up writing about them but never names, places or any pertinent information about them.

So many of my life situations I find hysterically funny or completely fascinating and I want to share it.

But I also censor myself.

Because if I truly said everything that was on my mind, in my thoughts and heart I would be in a level of hell I do not want to venture through.

I do put a large part of my life “out there for anyone to see.”

Judge me as you will, but don’t forget the saying “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “he/she that is without sin cast the first stone.” *Please see my post “judge me” to see how I really feel!. https://fabulousgracelessness.com/2015/07/28/judge-me/

Believe me when I say I keep a lot to myself. Literally. I have my written journals and electronic writings, but if I don’t write things, I feel like I will fester up from the inside and explode. I sometimes feel I would lose my mind if I didn’t write it out.

There will always be critics and haters. There will always be those who think they know more about me than I do. Those people are amusing and also quite annoying.

There are also folks out there who genuinely enjoy my writings and ramblings and to y’all I say THANK YOU!

Thank You for allowing me to live my dream of writing and knowing others read, comment and sometimes even enjoy! If I am truly blessed, they will take something positive away or know they aren’t alone in their feelings and beliefs.

That is the best feeling of knowing that you made someone’s day a little brighter or helped a complete stranger with your words.

So I continue to write and to share.

I can’t not do it.

But know, it’s not about “you”, it’s about ME getting my thoughts and feelings Out.

Was that clear enough? If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

As for the rest of you I truly hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of this maotic (that’s mayhem and chaos all together) mind of mine!

Hence why I say, writing a blog can be a dangerous thing. Good thing I like a bit of danger!

Here’s to Keep Hope Alive and following your dreams!

Have a fantastically fabulously graceless Friday my friends!


One thought on “Writing a blog can be a dangerous thing!

  1. Sometimes people ask questions to learn or just for curiosity’s sake, but we all know the that old story about how curiosity killed the cat. I think mine has completed it’s 9 lives lol. As for certain people that you think may assume they know more about you than you know yourself, that may not always be the case with some people, and that’s what find entertaining and annoying at the same time. May be they see something you don’t about yourself and have the best intentions, but they have a saying a about good intentions also. I know I am not always aware of how I may seem at times, an I am perfectly happy with their input because it means they give a shit about you, and you can learn a lot about yourself through the eyes of someone else and their perspective. I admit assuming is annoying, so people ask questions, the ultimate solution to assuming. It is your blog, and you have the right about whatever, whover etc etc you want because like i said it’s YOUR Blog. Maybe you shouldn’t hold your tongue so much with certain people, no matter who they might be, a little honesty no much it may sting as better than second guessing. I for one have NEVER EVER believed that Any of your blog post have been written about me in any kind of way. I will admit, I have asked, privately, were talking about so in so in the post; and I really shouldn’t do that because quite frankly it is none of my business, and this curious cat will no longer be asking 🙂 i figured if you want to tell me or know something, you will tell me,please by all means never ever feel you have to hold your or bite your tongue in any way 🙂 i will not be asking questions or assuming, I will simply “wait” until you tell what you want me to know and when, because your life is none of my business 🙂 have wonderful day and weekend, I will talk to you later. 🙂 Great Blog post btw, thoroughly enjoyed it :), as I always do.


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