Fabulous, crazed, keep hope alive Monday!

Hello and Happy Monday My Fabulous Graceless Friends!


I am on a crazed mission with a 5 day countdown to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday and not everything is done!

I am also riding on the high of the fantabulous weekend I had with the boy and our friend. Since the boy will be gone for the next 3 weekends, I tend to go a bit over board in terms of spending time with him. Arcade, Hotel Transylvania 2, Alabama Football, Greek Festival and The Pumpkin Patch where he rode horses, played at the petting zoo and did bouncy things. Yes it was a bit overboard but FUN! And we didn’t get to go to the Butterbean Festival because of the rain but I think we did enough! We only got to carve one pumpkin but we can get the others done before Halloween! Overboard, maybe just a tish!


He will fortunately be home before Halloween as it is our favorite holiday and we love to dress up, trick or treat and have our kind of fun. We now include his cousin, Baby HaHa, so named when he was still in the oven and his parents were not revealing his name and Baby HaHa stuck. It’s still ok to call him that now, but I am guessing by the time he’s a bit older, it won’t be so “cute”!

Today is filled with work and volunteering (read crazed calls and last minute errands for the walk) for me and school for the boy and this evening family gathering at my brother and sister-in-law’s.

It is also my parent’s anniversary, the second one without daddy. It is so strange with my daddy being gone. Just the other day I was thinking “It’s the first of October I know bow season starts sometime soon.” I know so many things because of my daddy. Things precious and special to me because of who taught them to me.

Maybe I may a bit nostalgic this week. I tend to get that way knowing the boy is going to spend time with his other family, even knowing he’s in good hands. Knowing I need a break and time for me and all the things I need to take care of I can’t always find time to do when he’s around but still. I miss him.

Here is where I know it’s time to sign off and not get too morose in my blogging!

I do wish you all a fabulously wonderful day!

This week is going to be amazing!


Keep Hope Alive!





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