The Monday before the Valentine’s Day

We are back to the beginning of another week welcoming Monday.

monday be good

After a somewhat lazy weekend with the boy, getting back into the grind will be a real challenge. I mean pajamas were the outfit of choice and now I am back into work clothes which are not nearly as comfy. Plus there are schedules and appointments. Hello Monday!

For so many this week can be either really good or really bad depending on their relationship status. The “will they or won’t they recognize me as their valentine” and the blast of commercialism-in-your-face of the holiday doesn’t help some folks.

Some people have detailed plans and other have no plans. Some are going about the week in a haze of hearts and flowers while others are just struggling to get by.

Personally, it’s always been an over the top holiday that I don’t place a lot of emphasis on. If I am with someone, then that is wonderful, but then I would hope they know every day how much I care about them. I would do something but not on a grand level. If I am single, I enjoy watching others have their moments of love or maybe it’s lust. I don’t “hate” because I don’t have that “special someone.” It just does not bother me one way or another.

sometimes heart needs time to accept

From the time I was young, my mom always gave my brother and I a “valentine” on the holiday. It was her way of letting us know we were her valentines too. Her and my father had 46 valentines before he passed away. Now I try to make sure I give her a little something, even a card, just so she knows she’s m valentines too. I do the same for my boy. I get it now how much you love your children and include them to make them know they are a special to you. Not just every day, but also on Valentine’s Day.

It’s the beginning of the week and Valentine’s Day isn’t until Sunday! I am just noting that I have a date with the TV at 8:00 PM CST no matter what as the Walking Dead return! This girl is fired up about that! Ha!

There is much going on in my fabulously graceless life but I am one strong, stubborn, crazy chic that isn’t giving up or giving in to the challenges life throws at me. I will fight my way through the day and pray for strength and peace. Maybe a lot of peace! Some sanity wouldn’t hurt either!

monday clothes and bra

I hope you all face this Monday with an attitude of determination and remember to Keep Hope Alive!





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