Cleaning out the closets

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Recently I have been doing some fall cleaning/organizing. Actually it’s just long overdue yet we need to call it spring or fall cleaning when in fact it is just cleaning you should have done but waited to do!

For me, I am going through clothes in closets, drawers and the attic to see what I want and what needs to go. It is always fun to look through your stuff once you get it to a point where you can actually see what all you have! I moved from TN last year and had the best of intentions of getting things organized when I moved. I did somewhat but not what was really needed. So now I am going through for both myself and the boy cleaning out and organizing the massive spread of stuff we have accumulated! This could take a while. It seems I have stuff everywhere! When I moved I thought all of my clothes, etc were put upstairs, yet when I was seeking out a particular item from my storage in the basement I found another clothes box. Sigh. The good is I found some stuff I had been looking for. The bad is I am not sure what other boxes have clothes! It’s nearly impossible with the tetris stacks of boxes to go through just one. I have such big dreams!

piles of clothes everywhere

The good thing is one of the charities I volunteer with will be getting a large donation of clothes and shoes! I even found a pair of boots I never wore. For the record I did try to send them back and give them away but couldn’t find anyone with the right sized foot. The best part is someone will get a new pair of boots they weren’t expecting! See how I found the good in all of that madness?!

It seems I have infected others with the “clean it out bug” and that has turned into a win for me! I have ended up with clothes and jackets from my friends. Score! Of course it makes me rethink some of my “I will just keep that just in case” choices and give it to others who truly need it more than I do. How many pairs of black pants can one person own?! That is a rhetorical question for anyone that knows me!

I hope you are all having a fabulously fine Tuesday and getting things accomplished, whatever it may be.

As always, Keep Hope Alive and Stay Fabulous!




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