2 days ’til Christmas…my delusional mind

2 days til christmas

I am in denial that it is now 2 days until Christmas!

I am in denial that the boy may be sick, again, on Christmas.

It is like if I deny it and refuse to acknowledge it that it won’t happen so quickly. Like I am so cool that I can stop time or something. I know, delusional.

ch not denial accept my reality

Time can move so fast and also so damn slow. Right now it is flying by and I have so many things I Need to do, and believe me I have cut it back to the bare bones of Needs. Wants left a few days ago. Seriously.

I currently am writing with a small boy in my lap. He doesn’t feel good and I have a deadline. Twisted I know but whatever works. I have no delusions that I will get up earlier because I know me and that just doesn’t work out well for me, early mornings that is. I can set my clock with the best of intentions and I can make it to early morning appointments because they aren’t in the house. However, if I set the alarm and try to get up and get more done in the mornings, that Murphy dude will mess with my plans and life changes its course and nothing I need to get done will get done. Could be part of the reason I am a night owl! Even if I have to stop working on the computer to hold the boy and comfort him and fall asleep, I will get back up and finish before I lay down for the night. Weird I know.

It is not even cold outside. Rainy and overcast but the temperatures are again in the 60’s and 70’s… it is officially “winter” according to the calendar I need my cold weather! This change in temperature is messing with a lot of folks, because it doesn’t feel like Christmas in Alabama and it throws off the body in ways that make myself and others feel like we’ve been hit by trains, planes and automobiles. That is the watered down version too!

lalal little girl

Today is what some call Christmas Eve Eve. I’m not even ready for the actual Christmas eve!

I keep reminding myself that the boy and the other children are taken care of. Food will be made and we will be with family and friends. Those are the things that matter most to me.

I know I will keep hope alive. For I can only do those things that I can get done. All else will have to wait.

I am wishing you all a peaceful and fabulous Wednesday!

Only do the things that matter the most! Love those you’re with and take care of things to the best of your ability.

Always keep hope alive!

christmas is coming