Throwing back and moving forward on this fabulous Thursday!

We are soooo close to the weekend and I am so ready!

Thursday is the day you try and finish all the many things you want to do that so on Friday, it starts feeling like that feeling when you get readying for a vacation. Or a few days off work!

So today I am going to be busier than usual due to my migraine Tuesday, which I worked through and my hangover migraine Wed. I also got a good bit done though not as much as I would like! It’s a catch up day plus finish my “chores”!

I got a good bit done on the house management part of my life this week and that made be happy. A bit more to go but thus far, happy client!

I was feeling all good about the resumes I had sent out.

I had to laugh though when 3 of the jobs I applied for turned out to be scams! The way they are worded seems legit, then they reply to you and all I can think is, “there must be a script somewhere because they all use certain catch phrases to tip you off that it is a scam!”

A few weeks ago I thought I had found a great personal assistant job. The hours were what I needed and I could also do my freelance work and most importantly, spend more time with the boy.

I agreed and we emailed back and forth. They said they would be sending me a check to start.

I somewhat forgot about it so when it did come in I was surprised. It was drawn on a bank I was familiar with so I took it to my local bank.

I had one of those “odd feelings” and told the teller to check and see if the check was legit. She asked me why and I blurted out, “well this could be a scam and I want to make sure it isn’t.”

She handed me over to another manager and then the branch manager, actually now a good friend, who came out to talk to me.

He ran the account and found that the “company” would have you deposit the funds into your account and then cancel the check.

They would encourage you to withdraw part of the funds as soon as possible. Then then wanted you to send the funds to their “art dealer” and the “art” would be sent to you. They also suggested I use the outside deposit for “my convenience!


So I am still searching for a possible part time day job, while writing, doing home management, volunteering and caring for the boy.

However today I will be focusing more on the boy and his schooling.

I get to confront the “better” school on what they can do for my kid. I want them to back up what I had been told when I did the first tour 4 months ago. Apparently a lot has changed.

I also get to do a little shopping because my main manager loves me and says I need a few items of clothing. She is the best manager ever! If you know me you will be laughing at that statement! It is true she is the best, but I am a bit biased because we are related! She is kind enough to let me help her out around her home and believes in me and my ability to write, be a caregiver and make a good living.

Do you know how blessed I am to have someone believe in me enough to give me a chance to make my dreams come true?!

Plus the perks are fabulous, I may be writing to you beachside next week, and she is pretty flexible with my hours.

She knows that I will only do the best work and I do get things taken care of even if it takes me a bit longer because I am doing my very best. Nothing else will do.

So today as I get my errands run and eventually write a few more articles, my mind will be drifting off to next weeks’ vacation with my fabulous family!

I’m so ready I wish we could leave Friday. No Saturday! I have chores and errands Friday too! Haha

My OCD won’t allow me to leave until all of my responsibilities are taken care of.

And the boy? He’s coming with me.

At the tender age of almost 5 he is starting to get the “is it Friday yet?!” thing.

I love it!

I am going into this day with hope and happiness!

My wish is for you to find a bit of hope and happiness on this fabulous Thursday!

Stay graceless my friends!

 tbt kid on potty

PS I had to post one of those “throwback Thursday” photos. See how my love for words goes wayyyy back?!




It’s my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way

It can sometimes be hard for me to get to sleep.

I am always thinking of all of the things I need to do, people I should call, projects I should get done.

I do decent, I would guess, on judging myself about getting things done.

I try to set a schedule and follow it. I make sure I am flexible.

I love that dude Murphy of Murphy’s law because I know he sets out to wreak havoc on my life at times.

I have to even admit sometimes I have no choice but to laugh or I would run screaming and never, ever stop.

I try to plan when I am going out of town or doing something outside of my day to day normal life.

Take for example earlier this week.

I had started a new job and was getting into the grove of it.

This means the boy must also get into my new grove and fortunately it doesn’t affect him too greatly and we go along smoothly.

Monday and Tuesday go well so we are heading into Wednesday where I have plans to travel and he will go to school and then to this grandparents after and I will go take care of my business.

All I can say looking back is thank God I was off Wednesday because I so would have had to have called in after my early morning wake up.

I’m not sure why it is when something dramatic happens, it seems to happen when I am in full on REM mode and getting much needed sleep.

Through my sleep filled senses I think I hear “Mommy” but surely that can’t be happening because it is dark out and why am I feeling some kind of wetness on me that I know isn’t a night sweat and it’s kind of thick?

Is this a nightmare?

Then I hear the “sound” all parents know.

The one that you immediately jump up asleep or not because that means something disgusting is happening to your child, and you don’t want to be in the line of fire.

Yes, the dreaded puking in the bed.

Let me just say my child drinks a lot of milk and the last thing that went down is the first to come up.

It was like I was in a waking nightmare.

It was heinous.

It was on me.

I rushed to turn the light on and make sure he was ok when I looked into the mirror.

And I froze.

I look like I had on a milk mask that had splattered.

And I couldn’t breathe deep or that could go very poorly.

So I grabbed towels and washrags out from under the sink and proceed to wipe myself down when the boy says. “Mommy I got throw up on me. Oh hey you got a lot on you too that’s funny.”

And I am happy he’s ok and not still sick but I want to go “Really kid?! Cause this can’t be real!”

But I know that it is.

And it is my life.

I wouldn’t change it for the world because for every bad, gross, icky moment there are 20 more that are happy, funny, full of love and so much better.

So yeah, this is my life.

I just wish he would have aimed for the floor instead of me.

He will learn eventually.

After all when he got sick later, after I had stripped us, the bed and cleaned up and moved us to another room, he got sick in the bucket by the bed.

Bless him!

I wouldn’t change a thing because it wouldn’t be my life otherwise.

Be glad this didn’t happen to you.

If it did, I am so sorry but at least you aren’t alone!

Happy Saturday My Fabulous Friends.

Keep Hope Alive!


Manual labor and the chic who forgot how it feels

Recently I agreed to clean an empty “small” garden home to help out an older gentleman who wanted to sell it as he no longer lived there. His son had moved out some time back he said, and I went over, we discussed pricing and I started the next day.  

First of all, I am so thankful he offered me more than I asked for!  

I was quoting him based on size, etc. knowing full well I would throw in some cleaning he didn’t mention because that’s how I am, and he was a single, older, gentleman who had come referred by a friend. I needed the money and he needed the help.  


It’s not that I am not physically active. I have a 4 year old son and OCD. I am constantly on the move and cleaning, organizing and Running to catch him from numerous things. Trying to avoid as many doctor visits as possible!  

However, when I clean something, especially for someone else, I CLEAN It.  

I scrub and put my whole body into that scrub. I spray, scrub, wash, scrub and scrub some more. I become somewhat obsessed I admit.  

I will get bathrooms, kitchen, doors, laundry room, windows, floors, fans, floorboards Cleansed. 

I was thinking 4-5 hours maybe close to 6, broke down over 2 days, no problem. 

I did get it done in 2 days but it took 9 ½ hours! 

Yes I used muscles that I haven’t used in a long, long time. I had blisters on my hands. My spine, hips, back and booty feel like I went dancing for at least 10 hours solid.  

I wanted to crawl around but that is frowned upon in places and I can’t catch the boy crawling. Or just lying there.  

My son jumped into my arms earlier today and I struggled not to drop him and fall over.  

He asked me if I was “Ok mama? You seem shaky.” Very good observation young boy! I told him mommy had been working hard and her body was sore.  

He then asked if it was because I had cleaned the screened in porch yesterday. I had forgotten about that!  

That explained it!  

In addition to my house cleaning and new job duties (taking care of a lovely older lady who needs help in her home, including getting up and down), I had also cleaned a roughly 10 x 20 area top to bottom. And all the furniture – think Pollen build up from all season long. Nasty! OCD here it was bad!  

I do not mind cleaning and helping. I enjoy making money and helping family and friends clean. I am a freak, this I know.  

But I forgot that I am no longer a spring chicken and that my spine, for real, is not at its peak, and I am, in fact, having a procedure done later this week to burn those irritating nerves back there and get a spinal block and maybe something else my fabulous doctor will throw in. Because he feels sorry for me being all jacked up knowing how I live my life! And I do bend at the knees like I’m told Trust Me! I couldn’t do anything otherwise!  

I mean I go in every three months for maintenance! Seriously! 

Manual labor I can do, I just have to pace myself.  

To those who do it daily, my respect goes out to you!  

It is hard on a body!  

But I love it and of course I will be doing similar cleansings again… once my spine is fixed!

And that house I did? It is Cleansed! The owner said he hadn’t seen it that clean since he had been living there! Score for the gimpy girl!

 Have a Fabulously Graceless Tuesday my friends!

 Keep Hope Alive!


Suck It Up

Sometimes you aren’t in a mood to do Anything.

There is work to do, errands to run, music to face but you find yourself doing any and everything to avoid doing that one task you would rather clean the floorboards than face.

This is when you have to Suck It Up!

On this journey down the river of life we often times find ourselves dodging what needs to be done. Even rationing like Scarlett O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day” does you no good because if you’re lucky, tomorrow comes and that whole “what you put off today” yesterday becomes “just do it” today. It’s a vicious cycle to be sure!

Hiding your “to do list” doesn’t help and if you are OCD like me the darn thing is practically chiseled into your brain so even though you are physically seeing it the list mocks you in your head.

“You Need to get that organizing done.”

“You need to call about that job.”

“You need to pay that bill” Ok that one may be easier to ignore if you don’t have the funds at the moment, however it still calls out to you in that sick sing song voice “Pay attention I won’t let you forget!”. Ugh!

Which reminds me I need to organize my list.

Guess I will add that when I remember where I put it!

At least I can finally scratch off “Get to post office ASAP your girl needs her products!” Go Me!

I think I got 4 out of like 27 things done!

Seriously I don’t put numbers on the items of things to do or I would really lose it! I just write down the page and put a “-” dash for new entries and leave a few lines because then the sub-entries of things to do gets tacked on!

Then sometimes you run out of time and have no choice but to “face the music” so to speak and this is where one must Suck It Up.

I really dislike having those “Suck It Up” items on my list, but if I am honest, it is a natural part of life.

Like having to go to my boy’s school and figure out why I have a balance showing on the new sign in screen of fancy gadgetry they have. Because no matter what else is going on my kid is taken care of first and foremost.

The director was on vacation for a few weeks (use it or lose it policy and I don’t blame her a bit), but her “temporary replacement” told me I had past due fees, I was paying the wrong amount, etc. I do not know this person but I do know nearly All of the wonderful ladies taking care of my child so for her to sort of treat me like I had done wrong really rubbed me the wrong way. I did not want to show my ass in front of the rest of the teachers, but I wanted to very badly let this woman know she had messed with the wrong crazy mama.

You know how you get a vibe for people who either just don’t like you or really just don’t like other people at all?! Yeah she was one of them. She would also push it off onto the assistant, who is a wonderful lady and great with the kids and family.

I could tell “Jenny” (obviously not her real name) was uncomfortable telling me I was “past due” because she Knows I come in at the first of Every month and pay the Whole month in advance and not week by week. You get a discount doing so and I truly never had a thought about it until this new system came in and showed “balance due” and was told “it’s the system you pay fine I wish everyone did.” To me, that meant all was good.

Then this person comes in telling me in her hoity toity attitude that I needed to pay because the regional director “said so” and why hadn’t I addressed the “late fees”.

Excuse me? Late Fees? I have no idea in hades what she is talking about and told her as much. I said “maybe you should look at my payments since I have Always paid them on time, same amount every month and No One has ever said I was late nor did I get a notice.”

You know when you put it like that, when you Suck It Up and speak the truth they have no choice but to take a step back and re-access. So back to the books we went and she showed her side, of course I disagreed but knew once the director came back I could work it out.

So now I have to go in Monday, like going to the principal’s office, and sit down with her and work it all out again. I only dread it because the boy is on vacation with other family and I miss him so going to his school makes me miss him more. I know sappy Suzie! At least I know I will be getting a discount because he is out all week and I will ask about the “late fee” I paid and since he was also out a few weeks ago, of which they knew in advance, maybe I will get another discount. No one was real thrilled about how this other woman handled things!

So that is one instance of which one has to Suck It Up.

There are so many!

That conversation you need to have with a loved one or friend that you are dreading.

The actual cleaning and organizing of rooms because, let’s be honest, another month and you might qualify for an episode of hoarders!

We all have to Suck It Up during our lives and face and do things we would prefer not to do.

But they say that which does not kill you makes you stronger.

I say that which does not kill you makes you stranger. And strange is good!

Have a Fabulous Saturday My Graceless Friends!