Rain, rain it’s my thing

“Rain, rain go away, come again another day.”

lightning rain

It seems we have had a lot of much needed rain lately. When I was little I learned the “rain, rain go away” mini poem. Rainy days meant I couldn’t play outside. Cold rain was the worst.

Now I am grateful to see the rain. Even when it feels like we need to build an ark. I learned that it gives moisture to the earth, the plants, trees and flowers. It nourishes the humans and the animals. It cleanses the land and smells divine. Have you ever smelled the earth after a fresh rain? I remember my grandmother teaching me how to smell the rain coming. Now every time it’s going to rain I can smell it and I think of my grandmamma. She taught me to love the storms and how to respect them but not be afraid.

Rain is beautiful, cleansing. It knows no boundaries, it just is. It falls sometimes long and hard. It brings lightning and thunder, flooding and destruction. But not always. Mother Nature at her finest.

I no longer chant the poem of rain to go away. Even when it’s inconvenient for me.

I learned to dance in the rain. To make the best of it. On rainy days sometimes we sleep in, lay around and just listen to the sounds of the heavens cleansing the land.

As Luke Bryan, the country singer says, “rain is a good thing”.

learn to dance in the rain