Reflections on a Friday night movie out

Good Saturday my Graceless friends!

I have so many things in my brain but had to share this experience that I had last night upon visiting our local cinema.

I love to watch a good movie and I love all kinds of movies. Horror movies are a favorite of mine. However, I do not like crowds so most of the time I rent or if I do go to see a movie I try to go on a day or night that is not crowed.

That said last night I went to see “Poltergeist” with a friend on a Friday night. As the movie started at 8:50 PM we got into the theatre about 8:55 and it was starting to fill up. You know you get the commercials (No talking & Please Silence your cell phones) then the trailers for the upcoming movies.

People talk, check their cell, etc during all of this. My slightly OCD self works to ignore these things and focus on the screen in front and the popcorn in my lap. I can tune them out I have a kid! I am in public and sharing a movie with strangers! This should be fun!

My friend and I are watching the previews and getting a bit irritated at the folks in front of us as they seem to be living their life on their phone and the glow from their nearly iPad sized tablet is annoying and the folks behind us are quite loud but again, it’s the previews not the movies. Just breathe and hopefully they will stop when the “feature presentation” comes on. Yes, keep hope alive!

Finally we get to The Movie.

I’m wondering if it will be any form of scare or pure cheesiness due to the classic of Steven Speilberg and how it totally scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. I am tuning out the “rebels” and digging into my popcorn. Let’s go!

5 minutes into the movie, and I am hooked, by the way. I can also see a strange glow on my companions face and the utter frustration of having to see the Big tablet size phone of the woman in front of me.

“Slump down maybe you’re too tall and that will help.” He tries to no avail. I suggest him moving to the seat next to me and that works. Now I can sort of see her phone but I am not tall therefore it isn’t as bad.

That is until she take a Call 15 minutes into the movie! Seriously?!

This movie is better thus far that I had hoped. I set my expectations low so that I am pleased as punch when watching any “horror” film that shows promise.

Now I am contending with her making calls, checking her dating profile and updating Facebook! You are in a movie for the love of Pete lady! I even said “wow there is a neat blue glow coming from the row in front of us” not loud enough for everyone to hear but the folks next to us and definitely on both sides of her heard me and laughed quietly.

I get it. You need to check your phone for various reasons: the babysitter, mom, dad, kids, whatever but please be Discreet!!! We all paid our $11 plus snacks so we want to enjoy the flick! Don’t update your profiles and check in DURING the film Please! If it is that important leave the theatre and do it in the hall outside or the bathroom!

I continued to enjoy the movie but couldn’t help but notice here and there that “glow” from other cell devices. I contemplated randomly and discreetly tossing popcorn on said distractor in front of me and looking up as if “I just saw something fly through the air” look when they turned around. I may have perfected this for noisy folk back in the day. Haha

Finally the little movie usher came into the theatre (I am always watching people come and go and how close all the exits are, even before the madness that happened in theatres – Always have an out!) and brought a police officer with him. Yipee! Restore order and peace as several patrons are starting to get a bit cheeky with comments and the last place I want to be is in a large dark room with lots of angry folks watching a scary movie. No, no, no thank you!

Apparently someone had complained of the loud teens and all of the cell phones that were glowing around us. Almost like lighters at a concert but not quite as cool.

Yea girl who got snacks and came back trying to look like you didn’t know what was going on but you turned them in – well done!! I wanted to thank her after but of course it was chaotic so to the chick in the white dress Thank You from the 6th row of people that were getting quite irritated!

As I watched the movie I also watched the usher and the officer go to no less than 8 people and ask them to put away their devices. Wow. In addition they went to 2 groups and asked them to please quiet down.

It was interesting to also note that the officer and another usher had to stay “in the shadows” for most of the rest of the film to repeatedly “reprimand” those who kept using their cell phones.

Though I feel pretty certain that one dude way in the front was recording the movie! Unless he is really good at editing that was one loud theatre and your angle was bad! It won’t be worth it if you’re caught because whoever you give it too will most likely toss it and wait for the $1.50 Redbox!

Back to watching the movie it was easy to be engaged by the film. I will say I enjoyed it despite what had been written on reviews – I saw it had a 6 out of 10 stars but I would give it an 8 out of 10!

Many moons ago I worked at a theatre (only 6 cinemas). You could buy a popcorn and soda for way less than todays cost of an hour or two of wages. We didn’t have the worry of someone recording the movie as the technology for that wasn’t yet possible. We did have to worry about people drinking too much (as like now people smuggle their booze in), puking on the floor and burning holes in the seats with their cigarettes as that was still allowed back then. And all of the above happened every week.

I have complete respect for those who work at the theatres knowing at the end of the night it is an atrocious place to clean but also now they have more “security” and devices to make sure the trouble makers and rebels are kept in check to some degree.

All in all it was a fun night in public and I would recommend “Poltergeist” to anyone who enjoys a good scare and a decent storyline.

As for me I am off to get ready for a graduation party and will write more later.

I hope you are having a fabulous graceless Saturday!

Take care!