Genderless toy aisles, George Carlin and raising my boy

It seems lately George Carlin is running back through my head again. I like remembering George and all of his rants and insights.

I loved his creativity of being able to convey and articulate his thoughts and views into monologues that were not only hysterically funny, but also made you think.

So often now we have everyone being politically correct so they don’t “offend” groups of people. I understand that some PC is needed; however it really gets out of hand for some things.

A perfect example, in my humble opinion, is the “genderless” toy aisles at Target. No more pink and blue to” jump” out at you as to make you go to one aisle or the other. Now you just wander up and down the aisles looking for that certain toy. I do wonder if they are going to just put a bland background as I still see all the pink Barbie stuff and the My Little Pony sets aren’t exactly oozing with “gender neutral” colors. Neither are the Ninja Turtles or Jurassic World toys. I have to wonder does it really matter?

My son who is 5 and very much a boy will sometimes, when I let him in the toy department, cruise up and down all of the isles of toys as he wants to see what there is. He often stops at the Doc McStuffins section as he loves the show and I have no problem with him imagining being a vet or doctor. It does not matter to me that Doc McStuffins is a girl or that the majority of the toys are pink and it doesn’t matter to him either. We look at everything including the little kid toys. We talk about what he likes and what you

We wander down most of the aisles when I allow him to go into that department. Seriously, when we go to a super Target or if I have to go to Walmart instead of the local grocer, there is no going to check out the toy department unless there is extra time, and there is an agreement sealed in blood that he will not ask for Anything. Period, nothing, nada.

Life is challenging enough and he has to learn you don’t get a treat just for going into a store that sells toys. I don’t get a treat for going to get the basics.

Not to say we don’t have fun or I don’t give him a “treat”,

Here, hold your go-gurt and be happy! Oh look, the good string cheese! You can totally hold that whilst we cruise the store to get the things we need.

We have wants and we have needs.

We do not need a toy. We need milk and cheese. Sometimes we need ice cream so we have that stocked too. It doesn’t mean that he gets ice cream all the time either, or popcorn. Yes we have it if needed, sometimes as a dessert and sometimes just because we want it.

Maybe I see things differently now because of him. I have always tried to be aware of how others are and be considerate of others without leaving out who I am. I admit I now tone myself down a bit. Just a tish, but not too much.

He watches me and studies how I react and view things. It’s kind of freaky and I am still in shock they just let me take him home after I had him. “Here you go! Have fun with him and try not to screw him up too bad!” No manual or instructions. It isn’t easy but it’s worth every second.

I guess that’s why teaching him empathy and compassion are top priority for me. Along with a dash of sarcasm and how to handle it when life isn’t as fabulous as we would like it to be. And always about love. No matter what.

As far as being PC, we will just have to see what the situation is.

And for me, I am always keeping hope alive!


I think a George Carlin Tuesday is needed

One day down people! We have now made it to Tuesday! We should have some sort of celebration! Not the middle of the week yet, but Monday is now behind us.

I can hear George Carlin in my head, “Holy Shit it’s only Tuesday!” I miss George. My kid has shoes with lights in them… I remember when those shoes were the “new thing” and his whole rant about them! Golly if he were alive today would he have a field day with everything going on in the world! I would be in hysterics laughing as I truly loved that man and could totally relate with his assessment of life. I remember seeing him live at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. It was Fabulous!

There is so much madness and things beyond maos in this world. Listening to George’s views on life and how people were screwing up, politicians, celebrities and the common man, no one can beat his spot on humor and brutal honesty. I really do miss him!

Especially after the wild Monday I had. I mean it wasn’t “horrid”, however I was on the phone all day and I would seriously rather see a female doctor for hours than be on the phone all day. I know weird, a woman who doesn’t like to be on the phone all day! It’s so bad when I leave work, I have absolutely no desire to call anyone. And there are people I really do want to talk to! I just find myself giving the phone the stink eye when it isn’t the fault of the phone. Kind of a “don’t kill the messenger” situation. *shudders*

I am grateful I have a job, really I am. I just get tired of being on the phone! I was on call all weekend and it’s like on Monday once that’s over, I want to throw any phone, far, far away from me! I look at is as at least it isn’t as bad as several years back I daily weighed the pros and cons of tossing my phone onto the interstate while driving! Those hate them but need them devices!

I think I will go watch some George today. I need a good laugh and a reminder to open my eyes, find the humor and get through it with laughter and creatively!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and never forget: