5 days til Christmas, social media break and making it through

I can’t believe the countdown until Christmas is only 5 days away!

I am seriously not ready and still have so much to do. I am just trying to hang on to those things right in front of me and the things that need to be done that I can do.

I have even stepped away from social media for the past 48 hours in order to try and get things together. Something I normally wouldn’t do as I keep in touch with many family and friends through it but sometimes you just have to realize you need to stop!

Between getting into the grove of the new job which included a very early start Friday, a late afternoon client visit and being on call this weekend, I am struggling. Not to mention that the lovely weather here in sweet home Alabama has wreaked havoc on my body and the joyous *sarcastic drip* migraines that I am prone to have also decided now is the time to visit.

My phone and texts have blown up and I have been struggling to respond and answer, missing several, of course. It’s a learning curve and one that is painful, icky but enlightening all the same.

Oh and we are 5 days out to D-day and this is first time I have ever been this far behind on actual Christmas things I get done! It’s one thing to not mail cards, but I haven’t finished shopping, creating, ordering and I still have to cook. All of those things which I will do in some fashion somehow some way in the next 4 days! Keep hope alive! I have to believe it because I know it’s true.

One of the many calls I have had this weekend was from a caregiver who sits with a family for their mother. Yesterday our client was taken back to the hospital and her prognosis does not look good. Not only is it right at Christmas, but her and I share a birthday. Being in this industry for so many years I understand what the final outcome will be. It still doesn’t make it any easier and I haven’t even met this client yet. The way things look I most likely will not get to meet her. It’s another reminder of how fragile life is and how I am once again in an industry where I feel like I am responsible for someone’s life other than mine and my child’s. It is a scary good feeling but also very humbling.

It is a hard time of the year for so many for so many reasons.

We never know how much time we have or that we have with others. I know I have family and friends who are not well and I pray that I get to talk or see them again before it is too late. We all have guilt, or some of us do, and we want to do and go and see more, but we can’t always do what we want to do.

I wanted a lazy weekend. I was fortunate to somewhat get it but not necessarily in the way that I had hoped. I wanted to also get things done. Yes, I understand that sounds conflicting but for me it isn’t… it’s just how I am. I didn’t get everything done I wanted to get done. I didn’t get to be lazy like I wanted either. Not completely but I am OK with that. I chose to be OK with it because otherwise, I end up feeling guilty and bad and wish I had got more done and there I am wishing away today for what I didn’t get done the day before.

So now I hopefully can move forward and get a few things accomplished. It is kind of cool to put an unplanned self-imposed kabash on your social media time. I do know when I get back on later that I will spend probably an hour just responding to things I had commented on or conversations I was having prior to me just dropping off like that.

I am keeping hope alive for a fabulously glorious day!

I wish you all the same.

Good luck with the Christmas countdown!

And for all of the others, Happy Festivus for the rest of ya!



Sunday my day of “rest”

Some say Sunday is considered a day of rest.

pause and rest

I often ponder that when I am getting up early for church, the walls don’t fall down be shocked I am, or when I am running errands to be ready for the week. There are actual Sundays where I do get to be restful and enjoy the day. At least until about 6 PM ish when I suddenly start running around trying to make sure I actually did get everything needed for the following day put where it needs to be, clothes laid out for me and, every other Monday, the boy, along with anything that needs to additionally go with us for either school or work. Yeah not considered restful, however I have now made it a part of my routine so that it flows better and is easier for me to finish a bit faster and enjoy the rest of my evening. Sometimes when I am at home and it’s easier to do, but often we have places to go, people to see, errands to run, projects to finish and we seem to be in a time crunch on Sunday or Sunday evenings.

I can proudly say I do not allow a whole 24 hours of total freak outs anymore as it doesn’t do anyone any good. No matter how much is happening in your life and the lives of your friends and family, you have to take a bit of rest for yourself. Let it heal your soul and replenish your body and mind. Really take at least an hour. You owe it to yourself at least once a week.

I oftentimes find it hard to make time to do all of the things I need to do for myself. I am distracted and put myself behind the needs of others. To some people I may even seem selfish because I can’t get back to them as quick as they would like, much less as quick as I would like to. This is where the guilt starts seeping in and I can’t help but feel bad that I didn’t follow up or get back to them.

Recently I’ve noticed I have no texted folks back when I clearly thought I had. I mean down to the wording of what I was planning and thinking and then go a few days and realize I did not send said text or email and in once instance a letter (still partially written). At this point I am banging my head against the table, cabinet or floor. I mean how crappy does that make me look?

head in head head hang

So I will grab my Sunday and try to make restful plans in addition to the resting of course, to catch up on all those I love and miss. At least that’s my plan for this Sunday! Who knows what life will toss at me?! Last Sunday I didn’t even “schedule” things I just listed what had to be done before Monday morning. Ha! I did get to be restful some throughout the though. And that is the whole point. Be restful.

And as always, Keep Hope Alive!

Stay fabulous and graceful my friends!

relax its sunday