Sometimes life takes turns and twists you never expected.

When you are young you think you are invincible and nothing can really hurt you. As we age we may learn that the opposite is true.

I say we may learn because some don’t and others don’t care.

We learn how precious life is.

How much loving someone can hurt no matter what you do to save yourself from heartache.

You can’t save yourself from heartache, not really.

I can’t see living life without experiencing some heartache.

It is a part of Living.

Heartache comes in many forms.

To me, the most intense is one in which a relationship is lost with another person. No matter what kind of relationship it is, be it lover, friend or family, when it ends in heartache you feel like your whole world has shifted.

For some people, these shifts may not move them deeply. It may move them in other ways but they don’t seem to be as fazed by it as others.

It makes me wonder if their heart was truly in it or if they just don’t feel the way that others feel.

I have seen others crippled by heartache.

I have seen others loose themselves through heartache.

I have seen them also rise again.

Most of them.

Sometimes heartache can consume them to the point of no longer being able to go on.

I know I have lived through my share of heartaches.

I have been so crippled and broken that I felt I could not go on.

There have been times when I felt like I couldn’t make it another day.

Sometimes I wasn’t sure if I would make it another minute.

Heartaches, for me, come in the form the ending of a relationship, rather through choice, or not, of a person or through the death of someone.

I have found through the heartache I find hope.

If I get through the heartache I find a new layer to myself.

I find another dimension of my soul.