Judge Me

Judge Me.


Point out my flaws.

I know them much more intimately than you ever will.

I know their origins, their beginnings from before my existence.

Point out the error of my ways.

How you think I wronged you so empirically that I am beneath you.

That you are superior and have no flaws.

My faults, yes they are many.

You could fill volumes with my sins.

Pointing that one accusing finger at me while you forget 4 are pointing back at you.

Who are You to judge me?

I just want to know.

I have committed no “crimes” yet you decide to play jury and Judge to sections of my life you deem are not up to your standards or are wrong to you.

Unlike you I will admit them. Apologize when needed. I will work to not make them again. I continue to improve upon myself.

Unlike you.

So please, Judge Me.

 *My “observations” on those who judge others are it seems to trend that those who are the loudest and more often those who have great pain and suffering within themselves. They tend to see the flaws in you than run far deeper in themselves, and it scares them to even admit to it a little bit, because that would mean they are not as perfect as they perceive themselves to be. That would be tragic. So they judge others.

This is only my observation.

So Cheers My Graceless Friends!



Embracing my life after the madness

Laughter, madness and a sing song rhyme,

Keep circling round and round inside of my mind.

Where am I going?

What shall I do?

Above all to thine own self be true.

To live a lie, to hurt me and your friends…

Please, do tell me, the worst of my sins.

For each “bad” deed that I commit

You have hundreds more you judgmental twit.

Who are you to play judge and jury?

Are you the one to pass out God’s fury?

Chosen one, you think you are.

Your own small word, a shining star.

You smile and wave and talk real big.

Yet you go home and lie with the pigs.

They feed you lies that you take for truth

It feels so good you don’t ask for proof.

And here I am living my life

Going through joy, love, pain and strife.

Thought somehow you feel that you should cast stones,

At me, of all people, because you’re all alone.

Your pigs, they left when you ran out of money.

You should have learned you draw more flies with honey.

They words you thoughtlessly tossed about

Have come full circle and now you’re without.

No friends will call and your family walked away.

You feel the sadness of not getting your way.

So you call my number to rant and rave

Forgetting I dropped you when you retreated to your cave.

The one you wallowed in and judged mankind,

And blame everyone and everything for all your hard times.

So I will sit back and watch stumble around the chaos into your life.

I can no longer help you for your words cut me deeply like a knife.

I know I am not perfect nor do I claim to be.

I have always and will forever be openly me.

I don’t hide who I am or play those head games,

I am constantly changing yet my core is the same.

So your words, you actions and your deceitful ways,

Pushed me farther and farther away.

I can forgive but can’t forget,

How you told me you would be strong and truthful and I truly believed it.

Chance after chance I gave to you.

But for you, to thy self, you cannot be true.

So I wish you well on the next journey of life.

I know for me I am embracing my life.