Marvelous, manic but it’s still Monday


Well, well, well Monday we meet again.

I say we should try this being friendly thing. I mean why not?

Why should we dread you this way?

All you ever did was get the name after we decided to count the time by the rotation of the sun. Months don’t get this bad rap the way Monday’s do.

So we should all try to be a little nicer to Monday’s. Try to have a better attitude.

In fact, try having a better attitude every Monday and see what happens!

I mean just have a little hope people… Keep Hope Alive!

Keeping it short and sweet yet full of hope for y’all my fabulous graceless friends!

Happiness and hope,

Lady Maos



It’s a Marvelous Monday!

Ah Monday we meet again!

The beginning of another work week, the start of a brand new week…. What do you have in store for me?!

I know I get to work, knit and clean, but what other jewel will you offer up to me?!

For you see, I have decided to have a Marvelous Monday.

I’ve had enough of manic Mondays. There will always be manic Mondays because that is a part of life.

I thought I would find the positive and go with the good flow, happiness and memories to carry me through the day, if not the week.

I am trying another perspective on the Monday thing.

A more positive spin if you will.

I was blessed to spend the weekend with some absolutely fabulous humans and I want to carry their awesomeness with me through this week.

Their outlooks on life shared with me, and they were all from all walks of life, and these wonderful humans also shared their time and space with me.

We ate, talked, danced and even shared comfortable silence together.

Just humans being.

Too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to take in those jewels of life. We get caught up in the routines and schedules, yes they are needed, but we also need to remember to breathe and reflect for just a moment when we are running through life. I found that’s when those jewels are discovered.

So I challenge you to try and have a Fabulous Marvelous Monday.

Or even a Terrific Tuesday if you are all about skipping Monday. There is nothing wrong with that!

But try to try and find a way to catch that needed jewel in your life, whatever it may be.

I know I am sending out the hope!

Keep Hope Alive and have a fabulous and fantastic Marvelous Monday my Fabulously Graceless Friends!

*me channeling my Loretta Lynn “do”!

k as ll blk white

Manic Monday in 3D!

Today we have Manic Monday in 3D!

manic monday horse

This gal is on her way back home from the great northern adventures and visiting with friends and family!

I am sure there will be things that do not go according to plan, Mr. Murphy please take those laws and go!

We’ve no time for all that!

For we are going down the highway of life and living it to the fullest!

on the road

There’s no need for the dramas and the trials today!

Nor for any other!

So yes we have frantic, manic, even sometimes panic Mondays!

That does not mean we do not face them head on and break on through to the other side! Thank you Mr. Jim Morrison!

I urge you to Never Lose Hope!

Never give up!

Always Keep Hope Alive!

keep hope alive

Especially on manic Mondays!

Have a great one Y’all!

Stay Fabulous!


Frantic Manic Monday

Dear Monday

Well it’s here again.


It can be dreadful or it can be great so I am choosing Great!

It will be a crazy week!

This week is my yearly pilgrimage to Pennsylvania for my sister’s “pig roast”.

It is so much more than that!

It’s friends and family together for a weekend, technically a “one day” party, but so many friends and family now camp out and stay over… it’s like a mini Woodstock of totally different proportions! Ha!

I leave out Wednesday with the boy and my girl “A”, stay over in Tennessee and then trek up, with the other 5 humans I dearly love, in the van, to arrive by Thursday evening.

road trip

It’s an insane trip with 3-4 humans and this year we’ve upped our posse to 6!

So Monday, I will tackle you like Polamalu (as in #43 Troy Polamalu, sadly now retired, of the Pittsburgh Steelers) being the human wrecking ball!

troy p

Can you tell I am a bit excited about marching into Monday and onward to the rest of the week?!

I will overcome your chaos and your Mr. Murphy and his little laws and I will do this!

Even though my lists are long and I still haven’t got the grits I will get through this day and onto the week so I can once again travel for 14 plus hours to see my Yankee family!

I never said I was sane! At least not ALL of the time.

That would be Boring!

I’m so sure I will drop something, fall, walk into something, or some other such gracelessness today!

That is who I am!

My Miss Candy loves my gracelessness and still is willing to hand me knitting needles. She is obviously a brave lady! My knitting group is today! They want me back!

sheep knitting

I will get to the stores, get everything packed, gas up the van and be ready.

Ok I will get the majority of it done today and the rest tomorrow!

I can rock it like that and not lose my marbles any more than I have already! I keep having to darn those holes in my socks so I don’t lose anymore!

This is will be a day for fabulous things!

all good things are wild and free

Another fun manic Monday

Just another manic Monday here in my graceless world!

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday and you remember to Keep Hope Alive!

Today will be a full, fun, learning kind of day with more than I should do but knowing how I am will do!

It’s so nice to be among the land of the occasional paycheck again, even if it’s dribblings it’s steady-ish dribblings and gives me the hope I need to keep moving forward!

I never know what kind of curves are coming but I am ready!

I am on countdown to less than 10 days before I am with my sister from another mister, family and those Yankees I have claimed as mine!

view on hoppe valley

The first pig roast I was preggo with the boy!

b in belly pig roast

Now he is all about running wild and the pig itself, which is beyond yummy along with the multitude of food we will all consume!

cooked pig

I will be driving with the boy and my co-pilot to TN to meet up with more famriends and then it’s all the way to PA baby!

Boy howdy will that be a fun ride! NOT!

It will be filled with entertainment but it is hella long. Sorry to offend but it is a true Road Trip. My Jeep, the Blue Bunny, is getting groomed and checked for the adventure.

Can anyone tell I get excited about this?!

Not to mention I now have my new contacts and glasses will be in this week!

I feel like singing, “It’s a whole new world!” out loud instead of just in my head while wearing them!

Plus I cleaned the windows in the jeep so today’s view will be fabulous!

They give a whole new meaning to sharpness and clarity!

I feel like that is a good way of looking at things on the positive spin of the maos (chaos and mayhem) of my life!

I have been seeking a clarity and working on sharpening my focus and it is not only happening, but paying off!

I worked my booty off yesterday cleaning house and organizing and playing with the boy in between.

I mean I got on a “I feel the need to do all of the laundry in the house just because” and so I did. Yes my OCD went a little overboard as you can see below!


It and the laundry room are now clean and pristine!

I am always trying to catch up and do more so that I can rest and play every once in a while.

I work harder for a day or two off but now that I’m working for myself and my freelancing, I don’t feel guilty by actually not doing any work on my days off.

Before I would feel like I needed to do “something” or else I was just being lazy!

Crazy I know but also a part of my OCD I have been working on.

Now I am working out better time management and finding ways to not feel the guilt because I don’t do some sort of work when I declare I am taking a day off!

One could truly loose one’s mind with the continuance of this kind of behavior!

I will sign off for now but want to wish Everyone a Fabulous Monday!

So much to do, so much to live, so much to be thankful for!

Always keep hope alive my friends!


Manic Monday

In case you didn’t know it, it is Monday again!

Yes, the least favored day of the week for some, and for others the start of something new and exciting.

I personally have the lines of “Manic Monday” going through my head.

Only parts because even though I have a scary good memory, it seems not all songs made the cut in whatever area of my brain in charge of that so I get just loops of parts of a song. Very irritating I can assure you.

For example, “it’s just another manic Monday… oh oh. I wish it was Sunday… oh oh, cause that my fun day. My I don’t have to run day… oh. Oh. Just another manic Monday.” Yeah maybe a line or two more and that is IT for the song. And it loops. Over and over again.

I have read and been told in order to have a good day you have to visualize your day the previous day and it will be good. That works out as well as my poker game, about 50/50 that I do it often because well I have to keep hope alive.

Somehow I feel like I lost part of my weekend somewhere and I should get a few, say 12, more hours tacked on to my weekend.

I am not selfish I would share that extra 12 hours with everyone!

I don’t mean I would want to be with others per se, but I will share the extra hours with anyone who needs them.

The rest of you may place yourselves on pause.

I would take that time and spend half the time with the boy and the other half with blissful, good sleep!

Maybe 15 more hour instead of 12 so I can have 3 more hours to clean up around the house!

Heck why don’t we just add another 9 hours and call it an extra day!

Then I could spend more time with the boy, sleep, clean and write!

Yes a whole other day!

There has got to be a way to get one of those!

Can you imagine?

“Yes I need an extra 24 hours please. No, no emergency I just need an extra day I am not ready for Monday yet!”

But even as I write Monday approaches.

Closer and closer to the midnight hour.

And then it happens.

Monday is here and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Alarm not set and you’re late? Blame it on Monday.

Traffic got you running behind? Blame it on Monday.

Poor Monday.

It gets such a bad reputation just because it is the start of the week!

Everyone loves Fridays but Mondays? Not a lot of the Monday love so it seems.

Even when I try to “visualize” and make myself thing happy thoughts about the upcoming week, I can’t help but think “Oh Monday. We meet again. How will you play this one? Can we have a good Monday please?”

Because I sure could use one of those!

If it has to be Monday then it needs to be fabulous.

Only I have the power to make it so.

No matter what happens, I have to work to make it happen.

I feel it’s worth it.

So here’s to you.

Let’s make this Monday worth it!

Have a fabulously graceless Monday my friends!