Soooo lazyyyyyyyy

Happy Memorial Day my fabulously graceless friends!

Please do take a moment to reflect on this holiday and those who gave their ALL so that we can enjoy a day off. That’s the point of Memorial Day to reflect on the sacrifices given for our freedom and then ENJOY the freedoms we do have.

I Always thank my veterans and also with extra emphasis on their special holiday in November, Veterans Day!

Being lazy has it’s perks though. We set low expectations for fun so when something great happens like the Transformer on sale at Walmart & new Scooby Doo movie on HBO we haven’t seen (score!) it’s that much sweeter!

So my boy and I discussed why we have this holiday (aka a no school day yes for him but he got schooled on the reason!) and then made a pizza, cooked together, cleaned up and plan to just enjoy each other’s company today.

There were “plans” to go to the pool, the zoo, try to find fireworks but in 5 minutes of discussing it we had a new plan that has worked out nicely for us both!

We had also planned to be driveway artist (sidewalk chalk and paint) but the rain kept us in. Hence why Scooby Doo movie on HBO was a score! Fortunately the boy is go with the flow for the most part. With me as his mama, he has little choice!

We cook, clean up, watch Ninja Turtles (ok here is where I get to write but we are in the same room together so it counts in my book!), eat, bath, dinner and a new movie together later. So exciting I know right?!

My OCD will have me doing more than that I “planned” for sure since I can’t seem to keep up with my own demands!

Since we went into Wally world, and yes I did it of free will with a 4 1/2 year old that I had told he could get a toy (“mommy did we win the lottery?” yes he really asked me this bless him!), I grabbed a cheese pizza and we came home and “made our own pizza”. We also scored popsicle makers on the clearance isle and should have some “interesting” mixes of popsicle’s!

This is my kind of lazy day! Now if only I had a maid, butler and chef! I could really be lazy!

As it stands I have to go get us ready for tomorrow back to the grind! Then I can semi get back to my lazy afternoon/evening!

Enjoy this fabulous day!


It’s a holiday weekend…

This means the masses will be out in droves clogging up the streets, driving crazy, doing the jeckyl & hyde thing of nice/evil and genuinely “freaking me out” because so there are so many folks out and about.

Not that there aren’t on a “normal” basis but holiday weekends tend to bring out the crazies even more I have noticed.

It is not just here in sweet home Alabama, but everywhere I have lived – coast to coast.

I have to wonder, is it like the full moon and high tides that have proven effects on people? Because that is real I know it. I’ve seen it firsthand. I have witnessed the crazy and been the crazy.

So no judging here! In my world it’s just a scale of how crazy. I mean there are the extremes: Just crazy (and oh there are variances there) and Kill you in your sleep crazy. Seriously.

But back to the holiday weekend theory, again we “celebrate” a day off on Monday.

Memorial Day.

I saw it pointed out some people think that Memorial Day is for all that have served and continue to serve our country.

It is not.

However, you should Always thank those daily for those who have and continue to serve!

Just so you’re in the know we honor them formally in November on Veterans Day. Keep up folks!

Memorial Day is for remembering those service men and women who gave ALL. Who gave their life up for our country. It is a day of respect and reflection.

It is a federal holiday but it is for Remembering those millions of service people who gave their lives so that we could have our freedoms.

Originally it was named Decoration Day after the American Civil War for  folks would go out to the cemeteries to clean and decorate the graves of those servicemen who had died for their country . The name was changed to Memorial Day in the twentieth century to include all service men and women who had died for their country while serving.

So while you are enjoying your day off work, or eating your bar-b-q and baked beans remember why we “get” this holiday.

Take a moment, just a brief moment, to give thanks to those who gave us this freedom to do as we please and say how we feel.

Try to respect your fellow human and not throttle them. Try to be of the just crazy variance please!

Here’s to a fabulous “holiday” weekend!

The United States of America: Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.