Falling down but I get back up, sometimes slowly

sometimes find self in middle of nowhere

I fall down and get back up.

I make mistakes and try to learn from them.

I don’t want to get caught in the repetitive cycle of repeat, yet I find myself doing that at times.

It takes more than one cycle for some things to get through my thick skull.

I may get down, I may get depressed but I lose hope.

sometimes life repeats ntil u learn

I may remove myself from people and situations that are toxic for me but I don’t give up. I see it as doing better for me.

People have advice, opinions and “how it should be done” to offer me. I do appreciate some of it. Other opinions not so much.

Ultimately it is up to me to find that place in my mind and soul that holds my peace.

I make some doozy mistakes. I accidentally hurt feelings when I don’t mean too.

I am completely human.

It is during my times of climbing back up that I find who can take me and who can’t. I have learned I am absolutely okay with that.

sometimes people not change mask falls off

If someone can’t accept me for me and handle me when I drop my basket, and I realize sometimes there is a Lot of crap in my basket, then they can’t handle me. I can respect that.

I am not perfect.

I am perfectly me. Fabulous Gracelessness.

Have a fabulous day and Keep Hope Alive!

Accidental texting can be fabulously amusing

accidentally send

You know the feeling… that moment you hit send and you think, “Maybe I shouldn’t have sent that text because Lord only knows how it will sound”?! Yeah, I do that on occasion. More often than I should. Most recently I sent my sister-in-law a text after accidentally calling her in which I texted, “OMG I am so sorry I boob dialed you” complete with the little emoticons laughing with tears. Oh yes I sent that. And now I am sharing it here because that is how I am! I never got a response so I am thinking, am I supposed to pretend it didn’t happen? It still makes me laugh! I just can’t help it!

Of course there are other texts that I send and I question if I sound harsh, rude or cold sounding. Text is pretty bare bones. One would think it’s black and white but of course it can’t be that easy!

I recently learned that when I send long text, imagine me getting a bit wordy, that if you don’t have the same type of phone that I have it comes across in broken text boxes. Example: “d anything down or in since his tot’s cake. I have an indoor/out” new box, “door George foreman never used…” You get the idea. It’s like trying to figure out code! I was oblivious this happened to others when I sent longer texts when one of my friends just called me because she said, “You have no idea what it looked like you were trying to say!” We both had a good laugh but I tucked that information in my mind so that going forward, I will try a little harder to not write a short story when texting.

I am also in the category of accidentally texting the wrong person back on occasion. The great part is usually it’s similar to a conversation I was having with them so it’s fine for a text or two, then by the third and fourth back and forth I realize that I have yet again texted the wrong person! Yes, I have embarrassed myself a time or ten with that one.

dead body text

Technology is great and all but sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. Accidental texting is just one of many things I have done with my smarter-than-me-phone.

It just goes to show, we are all human and all make mistakes. In my case, it tends to be at the amusement of others for the most part. As for my sister-in-law, she never said a word about the text when I saw her!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Keep Hope Alive!

no text n drive