Those moments

Those moments you wish everything would slow down, yeah those got to me.

I felt I was running 100 miles an hours and I couldn’t stop, couldn’t, wouldn’t slow down.

It seemed all of a sudden, that moment, where I had a few moments to myself in the first time in what seemed forever.

I had such a moment of clarity.

I could see in every direction where the fractions of my life met up as a whole.

I could see every nuance of the air around me as I reflected on my life stretching out in so many directions.

Like ripples from the center they blow out into the wide world.

I can see myself running around, zooming from part to part trying to keep everything under control.

I can see me finally understand that I truly have no control.

I can see underneath and to the top and sides and all the cracks that are in between and I see where changes need to be made, things need to be corrected and I just need to rest.

I need to let my mind and soul heal.

If only for a moment but the healing has to happen.

When your moment comes make sure to stop and take it because it passes you by so swiftly.

It is gone before you know it and you are off and running again.

Maybe you’re running a bit more blindly because you didn’t just stop for the moment when you should have.

Maybe in those moments you will find hope.



At times I feel only have stolen moments.

There are moments I give to others

Some are obligations I give freely

Others are obligations I begrudgingly oblige

Some are wanted

Many are not

Some are unexpected

Those are both happy and sad

Good and bad

Ecstasy and terror


Brief or long it is all we have

I often forget how to give to myself

Moments I need to breathe

Moments I need for my sanity

Mere moments

Yet they yearn for more

Clamor for my precious moments

I try and I fail

I disappoint

Them, myself I am disappointment

Steal them

Take them

Rip them from me

Mere moments in time

What more do I have to give but moments?

I hope you all have fabulous moments today!