Fabulous hope for a new week

I’m hoping this week starts out fabulous!

It’s a brand new week and I know that it is going to be what I make of it so I am choosing Fabulous!

There is so much to be thankful for in life.

I have plenty of regrets and what ifs, but I can’t continuously dwell on all of my shortcomings. I know them all. Much better than those who can so effortlessly point them out to me!

So for those who chose to point out the negatives, just please go! No time for you today!

Life is happening, goals to accomplish, lists to cross off… I pray that it is not too maotic and that good things really do happen.

Keep hope alive!!!


Brand new week

cg how much love mother t

Today we start a brand new week

Dancing fast, no cheek to cheek

Answering phones, taking care of all

I listened to my heart and took the call

To help those in need and care for others

Because we are all sisters and brothers

As I step into this complex role

I don’t forget who I am deep in my soul

A daughter, sister, mother and friend

Someone who stays until the end

Have a fabulous day and Keep Hope Alive!