Look into the mirror and judge

I wonder why you can’t see your flaws.

You can see mine and everyone else’s.

You can judge and whip up words to try and cut.

You forget others are not ignorant and not everyone has to do as you say because you believe you are in the right.

You think your material items are the way to happiness. I admit it is fun to have nice things, but there is a reality called overkill, too much or you’re just a narcissist and believe you are better than others.

Many of us can find happiness in the little things and the intangible. It seems that works better in the long term for your soul.

One of those things that concern me is how you say you are so empathetic and you feel so deeply for people, yet you can judge others without fully knowing them. You can look at a woman and deem her not worthy because you feel she doesn’t have the right look, breeding or that she can’t be “trained” to “bend” to how you think she should be.

When she changes for herself, not realizing the change isn’t fully refined in all areas and as she is working out the kinks, you insult her and judge her as you stomp on her heart and walk away.

She won’t come after you.

Why would she beg you to not go and to be treated so subserviently by someone who clearly does not know where they are going in their own life?

You are so miserable you feel the need to drag her down with you.

You don’t see the need for change in yourself yet may admit to some “issues”. Yet you don’t see you as the “issue” at all because you’re above that.

Why does it even matter when you walked away from her?

Why do you care about her now when you stopped caring so long ago?

Why do you care what people think about you when you judge them to begin with?

Maybe you need a long look into the mirror.

Maybe you need to face the judge.

Judge not lest ye be judged…or no one is perfect!

Lately I have noticed more judgement being passed on others. Not opinions but judgement.

In the Christian faith, and I will paraphrase, there is a verse, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” I am seeing is that there are many Christians that are doing the judging. Though to be honest, I am seeing a lot many people of all backgrounds who judge. I don’t understand that. For real, it does not compute with me.

I do not know anyone who is perfect. Seriously. Being perfect is being without flaw.

I don’t know one person who is truly without any flaws. One of the main problems I have with this is, again, who is someone else to judge others?

I understand laws, not that I agree with all of them, but I understand, respect and follow them. Of course I would never walk my cow down the middle of main street after 6 PM! There are some out of date laws on the books, but I will follow the law. That would be an entertaining one to break though, not that I am planning nor condoning the breaking of laws but that one makes me laugh!

What I have issue with are judgements because of disagreements. Disagreement on lifestyle, clothing, food, whom you should be with, when/if you should pray, maybe some think you shouldn’t pray so they judge because you do. Maybe your speech sounds funny or different so someone will judge you on that. Maybe they judge you on what I call the partials… they see a partial piece of your life so they therefore feel they know you and somehow that makes them master of judging you.

There is a fine line between judging and advising or suggesting.

Many times people don’t realize they are judging, they may feel as they are suggesting, but their tone and words sound so very harsh it is hard to think any other way. “You really should wear the other shirt that one makes you look fat.” To me that’s a judgement. And my girlfriends better tell me in a nicer way if something makes me look fat! Saying it like this sounds so much better. “You know that other shirt looks so much better on you. Why don’t you wear that one instead?” If I chose to wear said fat shirt, it is my choice and not for anyone to judge me.

That really is a lighter example of judging but hopefully it gets the point across! I have people that say I should get a bit more in depth with what I say and others say I say too much.

You can have opinions, strong one, just make sure not to blur the line of opinion and judgement. You don’t know what all is going on in the life of someone you so thoughtlessly pass judgment on. They may have lost a loved one, had a child melt down, lost their job so they aren’t in top form when running out the door. Their clothing choice is not for you to judge. The car they drive is not for you to judge.

You saw someone you know talking with “known criminals” so you assume and judge them. What if they were helping them, witnessing to them or sharing with them a better way to live their life? Yet you decided you “know” what’s going on so you judge. Then you tell others. Not only have you judged, but you have gossiped and most likely spread lies. How does that make you a better person?

I have seen people judged for their sex, their skin color, their political views and the church they do or do not attend. They are judged for their choice in friends.

Trying to raise a child in these conditions are challenging. It seems daily I am having to give my boy a different perspective and teach him how to not judge others. I admit I am not perfect. He now tells cars turning without signaling and going to slow to “Use your signal and own your turn!” Anyone who says kids don’t pay attention doesn’t pay attention to them! But he understands name calling, using the words fat, stupid and idiot regarding others will get him in time out faster than Superman can fly to the top of the tallest building.

So I ask you, do your best to not judge others. After all, when you point your finger at others to judge them, you have four fingers pointing back at you.

Have a fabulous day and Keep Hope Alive!