Being a kid is required for sanity

kids joy u should too

I challenge anyone who has the opportunity to spend 24 hours just being a kid! You don’t have to run races or get too dramatic, it just involves being in the right mind frame. It also involves not thinking so much. Being a kid or even being kid like requires you to let go of the tensions and suspicions of everyday life.

Young children, usually 7 and under, have a true innocence and can often see things we as adults cannot, as well as imagine fantastical worlds. They blend things they have seen during their short lives, things they’ve experienced and things, I believe, they remembered from a past life. They say so many things they don’t even understand, but yet in some ways they do. It can be hysterically profound.

We place so many responsibilities and schedules on them. Not that I don’t think consistency isn’t a good thing, because it is. But sometimes you just need to kick back and see what happens. You will still eat and do all the things needed to take care of and fuel yourself, but you do it in a more laid back frame of mind.

no plan see what happens

It has been a truly challenging week for me. I knew that I wasn’t necessarily up for doing too much, yet I always love to have fun with the boy. I get creative and finding fun things to do for him. I admit I am a big kid at heart so it isn’t hard to find things we both enjoy doing!


So for a whole day we just did kid stuff. I didn’t do any chores, other than cooking and pick up from that. We hung out, watched movies; we were good guys, bad guys, became zombies, had sword fights, did science projects, had superpowers, morphed into creatures and laughed so hard we couldn’t see. We set up a table in the bedroom and ate breakfast and lunch watching movies. We ran around the house screaming and chasing each other and the cat. When it came time for dinner, I made homemade venison spaghetti with little cheese on the top and we ate in our pajamas because we felt like it.


We stayed up late and took baths and showers and put on clean pjs before laying down to stories and a movie. It was going to be more movies but the boy finally passed out! Shortly after, so did I!


Lately life has been extremely stressful. I am finding more creative way to lessen my stress and enjoy my life. It doesn’t have to be flashy or planned out to perfection; it just has to be fun and relaxing. Loving from the little man doesn’t hurt either!

Enjoy the pictures from the maos of our lives!

I wish you all a fabulously fun Sunday!

creativity m angelou

Keep Hope Alive!


Bring it on Tuesday

It seems to me that Tuesday just trickles in every week. Coming in behind Monday Tuesday’s for me feel like a day when I can sort of catch my breath and gather myself for the upcoming week. I have such grand plans for Tuesday and sometimes they work, other times they are still on the to-do list on Wednesday but then it’s later in the week if not the following before I can get to them again. Such a vicious cycle I know. Not healthy!

I set out tasks to do: cleaning, house management, organizing and writing are all on the main list every week. I am getting better at managing my time and getting things done, however I can’t seem to get everything done I need to get done. Especially this week with the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday! No I can’t flow slowly into Tuesday and trickle in and just cruise today. I have to jump into this day with both feet and a gallon of caffeine. Or two. Plus there are always deadlines. Of course there are deadlines. Deadlines are life’s way of keeping things entertaining. Schedules and deadlines. Or so it seems at times.

I get all keyed up on Sunday nights over Monday. On Monday night I am keyed up over Tuesday and on Tuesday nights… you get the drift. I think I have a problem. Or two or ten. Maybe.

So I take you on Tuesday. Bring it baby!

My mantra is Keep Hope Alive and I am doing it.

Even if I feel like crawling back into the bed after I get the boy off to school being his “it’s going to be a great day cheerleader”. No matter what I am always there for him cheering him on and trying to do my best to make sure he knows how much he is loved and how he can make the world a bit better. I try. I really do. When he puts his arms around me and kisses me and hugs me and tells me how much he loves me everything I do is all worth it.

Carpe diem!

Keep Hope Alive and Stay Fabulous!

It’s my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way

It can sometimes be hard for me to get to sleep.

I am always thinking of all of the things I need to do, people I should call, projects I should get done.

I do decent, I would guess, on judging myself about getting things done.

I try to set a schedule and follow it. I make sure I am flexible.

I love that dude Murphy of Murphy’s law because I know he sets out to wreak havoc on my life at times.

I have to even admit sometimes I have no choice but to laugh or I would run screaming and never, ever stop.

I try to plan when I am going out of town or doing something outside of my day to day normal life.

Take for example earlier this week.

I had started a new job and was getting into the grove of it.

This means the boy must also get into my new grove and fortunately it doesn’t affect him too greatly and we go along smoothly.

Monday and Tuesday go well so we are heading into Wednesday where I have plans to travel and he will go to school and then to this grandparents after and I will go take care of my business.

All I can say looking back is thank God I was off Wednesday because I so would have had to have called in after my early morning wake up.

I’m not sure why it is when something dramatic happens, it seems to happen when I am in full on REM mode and getting much needed sleep.

Through my sleep filled senses I think I hear “Mommy” but surely that can’t be happening because it is dark out and why am I feeling some kind of wetness on me that I know isn’t a night sweat and it’s kind of thick?

Is this a nightmare?

Then I hear the “sound” all parents know.

The one that you immediately jump up asleep or not because that means something disgusting is happening to your child, and you don’t want to be in the line of fire.

Yes, the dreaded puking in the bed.

Let me just say my child drinks a lot of milk and the last thing that went down is the first to come up.

It was like I was in a waking nightmare.

It was heinous.

It was on me.

I rushed to turn the light on and make sure he was ok when I looked into the mirror.

And I froze.

I look like I had on a milk mask that had splattered.

And I couldn’t breathe deep or that could go very poorly.

So I grabbed towels and washrags out from under the sink and proceed to wipe myself down when the boy says. “Mommy I got throw up on me. Oh hey you got a lot on you too that’s funny.”

And I am happy he’s ok and not still sick but I want to go “Really kid?! Cause this can’t be real!”

But I know that it is.

And it is my life.

I wouldn’t change it for the world because for every bad, gross, icky moment there are 20 more that are happy, funny, full of love and so much better.

So yeah, this is my life.

I just wish he would have aimed for the floor instead of me.

He will learn eventually.

After all when he got sick later, after I had stripped us, the bed and cleaned up and moved us to another room, he got sick in the bucket by the bed.

Bless him!

I wouldn’t change a thing because it wouldn’t be my life otherwise.

Be glad this didn’t happen to you.

If it did, I am so sorry but at least you aren’t alone!

Happy Saturday My Fabulous Friends.

Keep Hope Alive!