Sometimes I just don’t want to…

Do you ever have those days where you just don’t want to do Anything?!

Maybe because we got up so much earlier than usual on the Monday after spring break, I might add.

Maybe because I am on call all week and I don’t want to be.

Maybe the crazy weather is reeking havoc again on my lovely self so I am just not feeling it.

I want to lay down and sleep!

I want someone to just take care of it all because I don’t want to have to do anything!

Where’d that genie get off to?!

Yeah, sometimes I just don’t want to, but I do.

I owe some friends links to their page…I will get it done this week!

Keep hope alive!


I write, I write

I write, I write it’s what I do

I write, I write it may not be for you

I write, I write I cannot stop

I write, I write until I drop

I write, I write I share thoughts of mine

I write, I write to share with human kind

I write, I write now all the world can see

I write, I write I am bit crazy