Rain, rain it’s my thing

“Rain, rain go away, come again another day.”

lightning rain

It seems we have had a lot of much needed rain lately. When I was little I learned the “rain, rain go away” mini poem. Rainy days meant I couldn’t play outside. Cold rain was the worst.

Now I am grateful to see the rain. Even when it feels like we need to build an ark. I learned that it gives moisture to the earth, the plants, trees and flowers. It nourishes the humans and the animals. It cleanses the land and smells divine. Have you ever smelled the earth after a fresh rain? I remember my grandmother teaching me how to smell the rain coming. Now every time it’s going to rain I can smell it and I think of my grandmamma. She taught me to love the storms and how to respect them but not be afraid.

Rain is beautiful, cleansing. It knows no boundaries, it just is. It falls sometimes long and hard. It brings lightning and thunder, flooding and destruction. But not always. Mother Nature at her finest.

I no longer chant the poem of rain to go away. Even when it’s inconvenient for me.

I learned to dance in the rain. To make the best of it. On rainy days sometimes we sleep in, lay around and just listen to the sounds of the heavens cleansing the land.

As Luke Bryan, the country singer says, “rain is a good thing”.

learn to dance in the rain



I can smell the rain coming.

It won’t be long now before the land is drenched from the skies.

Like the heavens are trying to wipe away the grit and grime from the earth.

It smells so clean and fresh.

There is also a smell on the wind. A smell of hard weather. Storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

I love the wind that carries the smell of the rains.

I respect Mother Nature and all of her power and glory.

She does not discriminate on whom and where she chooses to let loose.

I love the winds, the rains, the raging storms.

I feel the wind calming. The calm before the storm.

Now it is picking up, bringing on its outer edges the rain, lightening, thunder and hail.

The heavens sound like they are tearing open and letting Armageddon loose on mankind.

The rain pours forth like the ocean emptying itself from the depths and darkest places.

The thunder sounds like hundreds of bats being hit and cracked at once, rippling out across the land.

Lightening illuminates the skies, showing backdrops of clouds shaped like demons and wild fairy tales.

It seems like it will never end.

I wonder if the rain will ever stop, if the thunder will cease and the lightening will end.

Slowly, so slowly that the creeks, rivers and low lying roads are overflowing, but the rain starts to slow. The thunder and lightning gradually fade away.

Eventually the rain becomes a drizzle and then drops.

Finally, I see the sun peeking through the hazy clouds.

I think of Noah when the rains stopped and they saw land for the first time.

Like a miracle had occurred.

The earth was cleansed and fresh once again.

Gone were the things of man, replaced by the beautiful bounties of nature.

We are once again given the chance to start anew.

When the rains come, try to see it with a different prospective.

How it cleanses and how you can use it in your own life to start fresh.

Keep hope alive!




I love storms!

I always have loved to watch storms.

Even the scary ones.

I remember being about 4 years old and we heard on the radio there were tornado warnings in the area.

Suddenly the sky went black and the sirens went off. The power flickered and then went off.

Our family hustled to the basement to wait out the storm with a battery powered radio.

However my grandmamma loved storms too.

She felt this was the perfect time to teach me about storms and her love of nature.

So she grabbed my hand and up the stairs we went.

When she opened the front door I remember feeling the change in the pressure and the feeling of being scared but excited.

I trusted my grandmamma with all of my heart and knew she would never do anything to put me in harm’s way.

She asked me to smell the air and watch the tree tops.

We watched the swirling clouds as they built up speed and strength.

And then the coolest, most terrifying thing happened.

A tornado touched down right up the street.

I remember looking up at her with anxiety on my face.

She had the most serene expression on her face. Her body was calm, not tense.

She looked over at me and smiled.

I will never forget her words, “Storms are one of the most beautiful displays of chaos in nature. God gives us storms so we remember to appreciate the beautiful things in our lives. But if we watch them, we see storms have an intense beauty all their own. We must respect them, and even fear them a bit, but know if you take precautions you can be safe and sheltered from the storms. Never believe you are completely safe though because no one but God knows what that storm will do.”

How right she was.

To this day over 40 years later I love to watch storms.


I treat them with the respect they deserve but still get a thrill out of watching them.

However, driving in them not so much!

Storms come in and cleanse the land.

Hurricanes and tornados can reshape the landscape.


Yes they can do unspeakable damage and destroy homes, businesses and even lives.

But they are a part of the very fabric of our existence.

The storms of life we have all suffered through.

Hopefully to come through it better than we were before.



No matter rain nor shine I hope you all have a Fabulous Day My Friends!

Stay Graceless!