We are all superheroes


Today is superhero day at the boy’s school. He is under the impression that I need to dress up as well. Even though, in his mind, I am a superhero every day. Today I am supposed to “show the world” my superhero self.

I keep telling him no one wants to see mommy in costume but he disagrees. It isn’t that I don’t like to dress up, but wearing a costume to work when it isn’t Halloween won’t go over too well. I am sure my boss would be amused, but some of my client’s not so much.

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I love that my son thinks I am a superhero. He says I am his own personal superhero.

He truly believes when I go and help “take care of people” that I am being a superhero. I told him I am still just his mommy and trying to help others as much as I can.

I told him I mess up, I make mistakes and sometimes I let people down. He knows I am not perfect. He has seen me mess up, lose my cool and fall apart. He loves me unconditionally as I love him. It amazes me that he always wants to be with me even when I get onto him when he does wrong. He informed me it’s because I tell him when he is wrong and I also tell him I love him no matter what. He can grasp the importance of messing up, learning from his mistakes and having those who love you still love you even when you mess up.

He looked at me with his sweet, innocent face and said, “Mommy, you are human. You tell me no one is perfect. Even you. But I think you are perfect for me.” He is so right. No one is perfect. But on those amazingly rare occasions, we are perfect for each other.

That it took a 5 year old to remind me of something so profound and true tells me I must be doing something right.

So today, find your inner superhero! And recognize those who are everyday superheroes. You never know who it may be.


Keep hope alive for a fabulous day!

Bring back the capes!

superhero capes

The boy and I were discussing superheroes the other morning on the way to school. It seems that “Carley”, one of the “older” kids being 6, told the boy that superheroes aren’t real because no one really wears a cape. Therefore, no one could be a real superhero.

Little man was a bit upset by this revelation and I informed him that just because Carley was in school, that certainly did not make her an expert on superheroes. In fact, I bet she got a bit of coal in her stocking for telling kids a big fat story! How dare she say there were no superheroes?

We began the obvious list of superheroes: police officers, soldiers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, caregivers and the like. We named people we knew and pointed out others we didn’t. The man that let us get in front of him became a hero so we could make it to school on time. The older kid at school who stuck up for the younger kids that some other kids were being mean to. Every day superheroes.

“But mommy,” the boy began, “no one wears a cape! What about superheroes with capes like Batman and Superman? Even Super Girl has a cape! You even have a red cape mommy and you’re my superhero!” Yes, at this point I would have bought the kid a 5 pound bag of Skittles as he knows the way to my heart!

I realized he had a point. Most superheroes wear capes. At least in his 5 year old boy mind in order to be a “real” superhero you have to wear a cape.

Although, it is hard to be a doctor, nurse, soldier, police officer or fire fighter and wear a cape. There could be hazards to wearing a cape in say, a fire. Of course, if the cape is fire resistant then that could work, but it still wasn’t something worn daily.

The bad guys could grab the policeman’s cape unless they sprayed it with magic spray and when they grabbed at it, the cape would wrap around the bad guys arms like cuffs. That idea was actually pretty cool once you get past the magic spray that binds it together.

He still isn’t convinced that doctors and nurses couldn’t wear capes on a regular basis. Again with the magic spray so it doesn’t get in the way.

When he asked me if he could be a superhero when he grows up and wear a cape I told him, “Absolutely!” I mean, why not? I want him to do whatever makes him happy and where he doesn’t end up in jail or on drugs. Although wearing a cape as an adult may make folks think he is on drugs but that is an issue for later. For now, he wants to be a Batman/Ninja Turtle/Power Ranger/Jedi Knight type of superhero who helps people and kicks bad guy booty. He wants mommy to make his cape from magic and love so that it will “defeat anything”. He believes with all of his 5 year old little boy heart that this is possible. As his mommy I will let him believe it and achieve it. I mean there are worse dreams to have!

Keep Hope Alive!

I say bring back the capes, Superheroes! We could all use a cape now and then!