Can we just potty in peace please?

For the love people!

Lately everyone is all up in arms about Target announcing that they support transgender folks and allow them to use the restroom they identify with. All they are doing is following suit as to the hundreds of other big name companies already doing so. The difference is, people are seem to now have ” a say” on the issue. You need to check the list if you’re truly going to “boycott” and go all the way with it. Which means you won’t be able to shop at most of your current big companies, your cable options are slim and forget letting your kids watch anything Disney related. Just for starters.

Let’s be real for a minute. How many of you would even know if you were sharing a bathroom with a trans person? Chances are good that not many because they don’t run around saying “Oh I’m trans and I’m going to be sharing the stall next to you!” I’ve gone to thousands of public restrooms in my life and I never once questioned someones gender. Body odor yes, but I don’t “check out” who is in the stall next to me.

I recently read an article from a woman who went to the bathroom and had another woman look into the stall to see if “she was a girl.” This is more jacked up than I can even begin to describe. I may look to see if a stall is free but I’m not looking to see a person’s business, much less make eye contact while they are letting it go and dropping off the kids at the pool. What is WRONG with people?! The lady who was, looked at, was female from birth, not that it matters, and also has a daughter who is a lesbian. Her daughter felt bad for the person. I’m still outraged someone would do this at all. Ladies, have we forgotten the girl code of only building each other up and not acting like it’s high school and you’re on hall patrol?

Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. Back in 2001 when I lived in Berkeley, CA there was a female (born male) who worked with me and it was asked of the ladies if we had any issues with her using our bathroom – NO ONE, not even the 70 year old bookkeeper had an issue with it. She never looked at our business and we never looked at hers. I was jealous of her wardrobe though, way better than mine!

Weirdo’s and pedophiles will still attack because that’s what they do. Also, anyone attacking someone in a public restroom has serious issues. There are not a lot of instances of this happening and when it does happen, it is people who have more than a few screws loose and have been doing it since BEFORE this became an issue.

So all I am asking is can we please go in peace? I don’t need to worry about someone’s husband/boyfriend/father coming into the restroom because they “thought” someone looked like a dude. Seriously. Please get a grip. Worry about the state of our country or maybe even your own neighborhood, but not the bathroom!

I am only sharing my views and opinions on my blog. You may feel differently and that’s okay. We are all human. How about we try to treat each other with a bit of respect instead of tearing each other down?

Genderless toy aisles, George Carlin and raising my boy

It seems lately George Carlin is running back through my head again. I like remembering George and all of his rants and insights.

I loved his creativity of being able to convey and articulate his thoughts and views into monologues that were not only hysterically funny, but also made you think.

So often now we have everyone being politically correct so they don’t “offend” groups of people. I understand that some PC is needed; however it really gets out of hand for some things.

A perfect example, in my humble opinion, is the “genderless” toy aisles at Target. No more pink and blue to” jump” out at you as to make you go to one aisle or the other. Now you just wander up and down the aisles looking for that certain toy. I do wonder if they are going to just put a bland background as I still see all the pink Barbie stuff and the My Little Pony sets aren’t exactly oozing with “gender neutral” colors. Neither are the Ninja Turtles or Jurassic World toys. I have to wonder does it really matter?

My son who is 5 and very much a boy will sometimes, when I let him in the toy department, cruise up and down all of the isles of toys as he wants to see what there is. He often stops at the Doc McStuffins section as he loves the show and I have no problem with him imagining being a vet or doctor. It does not matter to me that Doc McStuffins is a girl or that the majority of the toys are pink and it doesn’t matter to him either. We look at everything including the little kid toys. We talk about what he likes and what you

We wander down most of the aisles when I allow him to go into that department. Seriously, when we go to a super Target or if I have to go to Walmart instead of the local grocer, there is no going to check out the toy department unless there is extra time, and there is an agreement sealed in blood that he will not ask for Anything. Period, nothing, nada.

Life is challenging enough and he has to learn you don’t get a treat just for going into a store that sells toys. I don’t get a treat for going to get the basics.

Not to say we don’t have fun or I don’t give him a “treat”,

Here, hold your go-gurt and be happy! Oh look, the good string cheese! You can totally hold that whilst we cruise the store to get the things we need.

We have wants and we have needs.

We do not need a toy. We need milk and cheese. Sometimes we need ice cream so we have that stocked too. It doesn’t mean that he gets ice cream all the time either, or popcorn. Yes we have it if needed, sometimes as a dessert and sometimes just because we want it.

Maybe I see things differently now because of him. I have always tried to be aware of how others are and be considerate of others without leaving out who I am. I admit I now tone myself down a bit. Just a tish, but not too much.

He watches me and studies how I react and view things. It’s kind of freaky and I am still in shock they just let me take him home after I had him. “Here you go! Have fun with him and try not to screw him up too bad!” No manual or instructions. It isn’t easy but it’s worth every second.

I guess that’s why teaching him empathy and compassion are top priority for me. Along with a dash of sarcasm and how to handle it when life isn’t as fabulous as we would like it to be. And always about love. No matter what.

As far as being PC, we will just have to see what the situation is.

And for me, I am always keeping hope alive!