Happy Veterans Day – Go Thank a Veteran for your Freedom!

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Today is a day that we should all stop and thank our Veterans. We should give thanks daily, but especially today. We need them to hear and know that we are thankful to their service as well as all they continue to give as a result of that service for our freedom.


Because of Veterans I am able to write about anything that I want without persecution from the law.

Because of Veterans I am allowed to live freely, and as a woman, without fear of retribution walking outside my home and being about to go where ever I please. I can vote, work, volunteer and be respected as a member of the community.

I raise my son knowing he has great men and women to inspire him because they chose to live their lives for the freedom of others. I can teach him and he can/will/does learn of others who sacrificed their time, their families and even their very lives so that he could be free.

veterans day poem

Recently he asked me why we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I told him that people had fought and died for us to have that right and so we would be free and they continue to fight and die. I told him every time you place your hand over your heart and say the pledge, it’s like talking to God and it was a time to be respectful and reflect on your freedoms and be thankful.

pledge of allegiance

I told him he was free to play and learn and grow without fear of his family being taken from him, wrongly accused or killed because we have a justice system. It may have flaws but I have to teach him about these things. He was free because of our Veterans. When I walk up and thank a soldier in uniform he sees that. He is starting to better understand why I walk up to a complete stranger and say, “Thank you.” I am a parent and I see it as my duty not only to myself and my son, but to our country and our Veterans.

some gave all

He understands that Veterans are “regular” looking people. His great grandfather, great uncles, grandfather, father, uncles, some cousins and friends (male and female) are Veterans. He is also starting to “understand” more of what it is to be a Veteran and the cost of service.

I want to Thank All of the Veterans in my life from the bottom of my heart.


my first Veteran, my Papa – Merchant Marines 1942/3

Thank you to any Veteran who may be reading my post.

Please know there are many of us civilians out here who truly are grateful for all that you do and have done. And we are also teaching our children and the younger generation to respect and understand what you so selflessly gave up for our freedom.

Bless you All and have a Fabulous Day!

Keep Hope Alive




It’s a holiday weekend…

This means the masses will be out in droves clogging up the streets, driving crazy, doing the jeckyl & hyde thing of nice/evil and genuinely “freaking me out” because so there are so many folks out and about.

Not that there aren’t on a “normal” basis but holiday weekends tend to bring out the crazies even more I have noticed.

It is not just here in sweet home Alabama, but everywhere I have lived – coast to coast.

I have to wonder, is it like the full moon and high tides that have proven effects on people? Because that is real I know it. I’ve seen it firsthand. I have witnessed the crazy and been the crazy.

So no judging here! In my world it’s just a scale of how crazy. I mean there are the extremes: Just crazy (and oh there are variances there) and Kill you in your sleep crazy. Seriously.

But back to the holiday weekend theory, again we “celebrate” a day off on Monday.

Memorial Day.

I saw it pointed out some people think that Memorial Day is for all that have served and continue to serve our country.

It is not.

However, you should Always thank those daily for those who have and continue to serve!

Just so you’re in the know we honor them formally in November on Veterans Day. Keep up folks!

Memorial Day is for remembering those service men and women who gave ALL. Who gave their life up for our country. It is a day of respect and reflection.

It is a federal holiday but it is for Remembering those millions of service people who gave their lives so that we could have our freedoms.

Originally it was named Decoration Day after the American Civil War for  folks would go out to the cemeteries to clean and decorate the graves of those servicemen who had died for their country . The name was changed to Memorial Day in the twentieth century to include all service men and women who had died for their country while serving.

So while you are enjoying your day off work, or eating your bar-b-q and baked beans remember why we “get” this holiday.

Take a moment, just a brief moment, to give thanks to those who gave us this freedom to do as we please and say how we feel.

Try to respect your fellow human and not throttle them. Try to be of the just crazy variance please!

Here’s to a fabulous “holiday” weekend!

The United States of America: Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.