I can’t call you

I woke up this morning and reached for the phone.

It was then I remembered you have gone on.

It’s so hard, these feelings I get.

I miss you so badly and sometimes want to just quit.

You taught me that life must go on.

It is so hard without you but I still sing your song.

I need you now more than ever before.

My life, this world, so many at war.

Things aren’t the same since you have been gone.

It breaks my heart knowing I’ll never hear you voice on the phone.

I can’t drop by or even send a hello.

I wish you were here to see us all grow.

Things change so fast and get crazy you see.

I need you, my daddy, for you were always a comfort to me.

**I have been missing my dad more than ever lately. His humor, his advice and his unconditional love. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings. Since what is put out on the internet last “forever” maybe it will be known how much I love him always.**


Fabulous Gracelessness, Best Daddy Ever &  GrandMama


One thought on “I can’t call you

  1. Much love to you, my prayers are always with you. Please take comfort that those that have gone on, they still see us and all that we do, they just have a much better view from up there 🙂 I am quite certain, your daddy has always is very very proud of you; the work you do, the way in which you raise your boy, and the wonderful woman you have become. It is so hard I know and we miss the one we love so much and lost, no matter what age they passed. I wish I could say time makes it a little easier, and it dull a tad over time. But we honor them by remembering all the good times and continuing to be the best person we know to be; sharing stories good stories of them, striving to be the kind of person they were also, and most of all remembering they would not want us to be sad, but remember them with love or a random smile on our face as we remember a special moment only shared by the two of you. Always Keep Hope Alive 🙂 Keep on writing!!! and much love to you my dear friend, No Matter What.


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