The snowflakes let me know you’re with me always

sno in al

Snowflakes fell and they made me think of you.

When I was little and it snowed, we always enjoyed playing in the snow. You would find ways to make it even more fun for me than the winter wonderland it was already.

It doesn’t snow much in our area of the world, but you always made it special.

It was so fitting how it snowed the night before your funeral. The land blanketed in white beauty. We even went out and played in it for a bit. Why not enjoy what I know you would love too?

It snowed yesterday, the day you died. It didn’t blanket the earth, or cover anything really. All I saw was beauty and the flakes like angels all around me.

I know you sent it to remind me of how you’re still with me always.

Every time I see snow I think of you.

I remember catching snowflakes when I was little with you. I remember dressing up and going on grand adventures. I remember you showing us how to maneuver in the snow and cold. I remember you teaching me to drive in the snow. I remember so many things about you.

dad n b

Snowflakes fell again today I know you’re here with me.

I always Keep Hope Alive.




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