Those lies

Why do you smile to my face and lie?

Why do you say you will take care of someone and steal?

Why do you speak of your religion, showing off your beliefs, yet lie and steal from those who need your help?

I gave you a chance.

I believed you.

You were always so helpful.

You were always willing to “help” out.

How was I to know you would be like this?

You talked a good game.

You said the right things.

I and everyone else believed you.

Your lies were so sweet.

It will be sweet watching karma take you down.

You hurt others by your actions.

You think you know so much?

You have no idea the wrath you have brought upon yourself.

Your sweet talking lies can’t save you.

Seeing is believing and video is proof. The cameras don’t lie.

I hope you can make it after the fallout.

I hope you’re prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.

But see, you gave up your rights when you chose to lie and steal.

You gave into that dark space inside and have done harm to others.

You no longer have the same rights.

I hope you learn from this.

I hope you can find your way back to the truth.

For take I take comfort in knowing that at least you will harm no others.

Not on my watch.

You will be forced to pay for your actions.

You might want to “pray” on it since that’s how you started all this to begin with.

Good luck buttercup.

You messed with the wrong group.


One thought on “Those lies

  1. SMH. I’d give my last time and everything I own for 5 more minutes with my daughter, my family. I don’t care about money, what I have those I love it is theirs too. All the material things in the world will not be there in “your” last hour to hold your hand and give you comfort as you pass from this plane to the next, nor does it wrap it’s harms around you after a long day, excited to see you, never asking for much other than your love and attention. I’d give anything to be able to live long enough to start over and build a new family. I do not understand people, once a moment is gone, it is gone forever and can never be gotten back. Oh, but the satisfaction of Karma; no one is immune to ” You reap what you sow”, and it goes both ways. I’d rather sow what will be become a lifetime of love and light, the kind that makes your heart want to burst with joy. People have no honor these days, and it makes me sick to my stomach.
    I love you my dear friend; I am always always here for you until my last breath.
    It’s a Great Day to be Alive, so you Keep Hope Alive, and hold on tight.


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