Please don’t “assume”…..

You know the people who judge others?

Ha got you with that one!

Of course everyone does it to one degree or another, if they say they don’t I question their honesty!

You may not even mean to judge.

I know I don’t. But I can’t say I have never judged anyone because I would be a liar. I don’t like liars, therefore I will tell the truth even if it’s painful.

However, I am referring to the ones who “assume” they know what you (me) are doing and how you are thinking.

Better yet, they are the ones who feel the need to tell you how to live you life and what You are doing Wrong because they’ve been watching and apparently have given it a lot of thought.

The will even say “Well I Assume you are doing this because I have the 7th sight from the star planet of Omega” like they are the judge of all mankind and can tell you how “everybody does it wrong” and also how all of their problems can seem to be blamed on others/things, so it’s so and so’s fault for them being that way.

Therapy ain’t cheap but it is so worth it!  So are Good friends to hash it out with!

And you need to find one (therapist/friend) quick because my limit is being reached and I will not be your pity party of one any longer.

I can only see re-runs of the same play so many times before I run screaming from the theatre!

But yet these type of people have NO Idea about me or what I am doing.

You may have an idea, you may think you have an idea, you may be close or even right sometimes; but unless you are physically sitting in a room with me or have spent enough time to REALLY know me, Please do not “ASSUME” to know what I am thinking, feeling or doing. Especially if you have not actually been around me or talked to me in a day or ten.

Chances are good you will be wrong about your judgmental assumptions. Then I will be extremely irritated.

If you accuse me of something or demand something of me you get shut down.

I do not like confrontation at all.

I would prefer to communicate like normal people by either talking or writing out our feelings. I do not like screaming and yelling and cursing.

There is a time and place when it is called for and Never in public because someone would YouTube it and then the crazy would go viral and No. Just no!

It is also hard to communicate with those who chose to “not be fully present” mentally when you are having a conversation.

If you’re impaired, on strong medications, alcohol or drugs I will flat out not have a conversation with you about anything serious due to the fact that chances are good you won’t remember it and I will get severely irritated all over again.

The ones who tell me “I’m fine, finnnnnnnnnnneeeeeee” and the words are stringing and slurring together get me the most.

Like I can’t tell something is “off”.

I get blamed for “accusing” them of “being on something.”

Right, you didn’t take anything and I flew my purple unicorn down to the corner grocery! Seriously! I’m Not that Dumb!

But in all seriousness, please don’t “assume” things about someone just because you “think” you know.

ASK. Please Ask politely!

And if you aren’t in you’re right mind at the time I won’t judge you!

I will just tell you nicely we will have our conversation when we both feel better.

And hope for the best!

Otherwise you will be “assuming” a lot about me because those who keep “accusing” end up “leaving”!

Have a fabulously graceless evening!



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