Sticky Sweet, right

Pour some sugar on me

Ohh in name of love

Pour some sugar on me

C’mon fire me up

Pour your sugar on me

                                                    Ooh I can’t get enough

I’m hot, sticky sweet

From my head to my feet, yeah


The weather is changing here in sweet home Alabama. It’s so true that in a week you can wear a heavy coat one day, maybe a light jacket the next followed up by the hot, sticky mugginess.

It has begun.

The official it’s going to be hot, sticky and chances of muggy have finally hit the southland. I am sure that we will have “cooler” days where you don’t feel the need to cut the humidity with a knife but we will have them.

They also seem to be quiet sticky. And not like pancakes and syrup sticky or even candy stickiness. Not touching anything else there! But the stickiness prevails! Hence the Def Leppard song in my head!

Welcome to the twisted mind of Fabulous Gracelessness.

Come right on in!

Keep Hope Alive!

And bring a fan if you’re visiting. You just may need it!




Snowmagedden and the flakes

Much like the rest of the country, the snow fell yesterday in Alabama. I am sure in some parts it’s still snowing on and off.

canceled til snow gone

It was somewhat surprising in that it came sooner than projected, but the temperature yesterday morning was 51where I reside in central Alabama. It dropped about 11 degrees in 3 hours and folks lost their minds. I had pulled up school closings on my phone when I got up around 6 AM to keep a look at. Around 11 the schools were posting they were closing at 1. I was planning on working but Mother Nature and Murphy had other plans for me and many other folks.


Most of the morning was just misty and rainy. The temps were dropping but nothing to be concerned with. Yet I saw people driving erratically and the stores were packed. Around here, other than a bit of icy patches, there isn’t anything to worry about. I wonder if all those folks ate all their food yet. I am so amused that people feel the need to go buy extras for the “storm” that is going to last, at most, 2 days before we are back to a bit warmer weather.


Some areas actually had reason to be concerned and get home. However the area where I live was, as projected, spotty as to even getting mere dusting. Some areas got an inch or so while others got barely dusted. My neighborhood got about an inch and since it was wet, icy spots. The boy got to play in the snow on the porch. He was hoping to wake to snow to play in today but I’m afraid he will be sadly disappointed as it is just going to be ice and slush in our area. And really freaking cold! But by Monday we should be back in the 50’s again. Gotta love Alabama weather! I may get to wear flip flops next weekend!

I hope wherever you are that you are safe, warm and happy. If you got snow, I hope you get to enjoy the beauty of it without the ick.

Always remember to keep hope alive! The boy is trying in hopes of getting lots of snow to play in. Preferably on a school day!

Have a fabulous day!