Sticky Sweet, right

Pour some sugar on me

Ohh in name of love

Pour some sugar on me

C’mon fire me up

Pour your sugar on me

                                                    Ooh I can’t get enough

I’m hot, sticky sweet

From my head to my feet, yeah


The weather is changing here in sweet home Alabama. It’s so true that in a week you can wear a heavy coat one day, maybe a light jacket the next followed up by the hot, sticky mugginess.

It has begun.

The official it’s going to be hot, sticky and chances of muggy have finally hit the southland. I am sure that we will have “cooler” days where you don’t feel the need to cut the humidity with a knife but we will have them.

They also seem to be quiet sticky. And not like pancakes and syrup sticky or even candy stickiness. Not touching anything else there! But the stickiness prevails! Hence the Def Leppard song in my head!

Welcome to the twisted mind of Fabulous Gracelessness.

Come right on in!

Keep Hope Alive!

And bring a fan if you’re visiting. You just may need it!




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