Delicate balance of fall and winter

I love the fall and I love the changing of the seasons, the leaves as they fall in mass yet still there are beautiful colors of the trees. The thunderstorms and cooler temperatures.

I do not like the migraines, aching body and the sometimes dark places I can go in my mind when it’s rainy and icky out, I feel overwhelmed and it’s cold.

Yes, those statements could seem a bit contradictory but yet there aren’t. To me it’s a delicate balance. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays but not always the chaos that comes with it. Some of the over the top, and not a la Grizwald style as they are hands down coolest ever when it comes to Christmas decorating, but it’s some traditions and people get to me though.

I Love Halloween. I love to decorate, wear costumes, watch scary movies and do the whole gauntlet from fall festivals and pumpkin patches to haunted houses.

The following month we have Thanksgiving and the month after Christmas. Yes, I am pretty sure everyone knows that but when you look at it in a broader picture it makes more sense why I, and many others, often become crabby, distant or just weird during what is one of our favorite seasons.

You go from fun and dress up, to Thanksgiving with Christmas falling less than a month later.

Thanksgiving, for many, means travel, cooking and volunteering. All fun under most circumstances, however it can be stressful if you are spending a portion with some you aren’t so fond of, don’t know well, or you are missing someone you once spent holidays with. The same can be said of Christmas.

Plus, it is now a fact that Christmas and Thanksgiving supplies can be purchased and are displayed at many stores in October and in some places, as early as August. I would not be lying if I said that I didn’t want to punch someone in the throat when I went into a local store and Christmas carols were playing and the Christmas section was larger than the Halloween section…it was the very beginning of October! Here in Alabama it was still warm and not even close to time, in my graceless mind, to be displaying Christmas items, especially when they took away things for the fun holiday that was still over 3 weeks away!

People post on social media the countdown to Christmas and have since last Christmas. I love Christmas too and yes, after Christmas sometimes get things for the following year when the sales happen, however I am not a Christmas tree up all year kind of gal. I have been known to keep up festive lights and just call them “holiday fairy” lights throughout a year. That all depends on where you are living and how well it works and if it looks good or just plain odd!

I remember when I was younger and you shopped for Christmas presents the day after Thanksgiving. The real Black Friday. Now you have stores open on Thanksgiving night and the week of online specials. I noted that those run for about 3 weeks! The Only places that were opened and you could go to on Thanksgiving and Christmas night were are few gas stations and the theater. I worked at the theater in my teens and we could get time and a half if we worked on a holidays. There were so many families that came to the movies as a family for on those two days more than any other day of the year. This was before cell phones and having to schedule in time with the family. It was something you just did.

I am all about bargain shopping but this is too much! People need at least 2 days a year to celebrate with friends and family. A holiday that along with all government offices are closed, businesses are closed so that people can truly get a day off. I understand hospitals, care facilities and the like will of course have people working. We take care of each other. But it’s time to enjoy and reflect in my opinion.

I can understand why people can go into a funk during this time of the year. I know there are many reasons, but I truly think we now place too much on ourselves and each other and don’t take the time out to actually relax and enjoy the holiday before we begin jumping into the next holiday. I understand getting jump on Christmas shopping but give the rest of us time to enjoy the holidays as they come in the order they come. You may want to try it. It can be fun!

Just sharing the thoughts and opinions of my maotic mind!

As always, keep hope alive!

Also, Happy 95th to my Guardian Angel Papa, It’s been 5 years since you left us yet I see you in my boy, your great grandson daily. I will always love you!


It’s a Fabulous Fall Saturday!

Fall is definitely in the air! The temperature and landscape has changed so much in just a week. You notice how everyone is feeling the change. Some are already complaining about it being “cold”! After the scorcher of a summer we had I wonder how could they even say that! It isn’t even cold in Alabama, even in the northern regions. Cold is below 40 in my mind and although it is getting cooler at night, it isn’t really cold. Just much cooler than it was a mere 2 weeks ago!

I love the options of things to do for the fall too! We do as much as possible outside, festivals, parks, zoo, the yard and the neighborhood but if it’s rainy or actually too cold, we find indoor activities like the movies, the science center, skate center or crafts, games and movies at home.

alabama football how i roll

Of course from September through the end of November we have college, more importantly Alabama football & I am a big Steelers fan so I try to catch those games if possible.


This month is Halloween! It’s one of mine and the boy’s favorite holiday! I tend to get a bit excited. Maybe sometimes a bit extreme. We put out decorations and get at least one pumpkin early. Ok maybe one big a few smaller ones! We carve the big one and draw and decorate the smaller ones.

multi halloween pumpkins color

Dressing up is not an option for us, we have been planning for months! Actually I purchased his costume last year… I may be on the Halloween Express preferred customer mailing list! We have several costumes. Yes both the boy and myself! Last year we were the Power Rangers! Hand to God I NEVER want to wear that much pink again! And the boots looked fabulous, I even got a larger size knowing they would not be high quality, but they killed my feet and I was waddling for a few blocks before I decided the pink power ranger did not need cute white go-go boots but black cowboy boots! Red Ranger approved the wardrobe change and we were back out with his cousin, the mouse in a trap, headed for more sugar that no one but the adults would really eat!

power rangers

So yes, you could say I love the month of October and to me, the real beginning of another fabulous fall!

One of the other things that I now am getting back into during the fall months is Alzheimer’s walks. For 8 years the walks to end Alzheimer’s, previously known as Memory Walk and now “The Walk to End Alzheimer’s”, in Georgia was my life from the end of September through the first of November. I am once again walking, working and volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association of Central Alabama. It’s a cause very near and dear to my heart as my grandfather had the disease and my aunt and 3 great grandparents had the disease. I posted about my feelings and the walk here and here.  So a week from today I will be in downtown Birmingham at the crack of dawn for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Anyone interested come on down! Volunteer, walk or just take in the Hope of the event!

alz walk

As far as today, weather permitting, we are headed out to a few festivals and to visit with those we love and enjoy their company.

I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday! If you’re into football I hope your team wins… as long as it isn’t against one of my teams! Roll Tide! Goooo Steelers!!

And always Keep Hope Alive!





The First Fall Monday

Today is the first fall Monday.

hello monday image

The air has been crisp the days not quite as smoldering as it has been here in sweet home Alabama. The changing of the season to cooler at night and in the mornings.

We have a bit more rain but yet it isn’t all over.

We have some leaves that are colored still on the trees and then leaves on the ground of green, brown and bright reds and orange.

leaves green yelow orange red

Every day brings changes and fall is a time of change. That sweet spot between boiling hot and freezing cold.

What they say about the south is true. In one week you may wear shorts and sandals, jeans and t-shirt as well as heavy coat with boots. I keep a coat, boots and flip flops in my jeep year round.

flip flop boot

I am looking forward to a fabulous week with hopefully beautiful weather. I will find a way to find the good no matter what. After all, I have the miracle boy, proof dreams do come true and the universe has a wicked sense of humor.

Keep hope alive my fabulous friends!

Let’s go into this week kicking full of gracelessness!

Fabulously Fall Friday

Hello my fabulously graceless friends! We should celebrate because it’s Friday!

I can only hope that you get to enjoy your weekend and that if you have had struggles and trials this last week that this weekend give you a reprieve from all of the maos in life!

We are officially into the fall season now and in some areas the trees are changing their colors from the lush green to the vibrant colors they are known for. They are also beginning to fall and I have seen some piles around, perfect for jumping in! I’m not so sure some people would be thrilled with strangers jumping in their leaf piles but I would think as long as you cleaned up, maybe they wouldn’t mind!

Colours of Autumn.

I can picture it in my head, my boy and I seeing a large pile of leaves, pulling over the Jeep and jumping in to play. As I am going to get the rake, doesn’t everyone carry a rake with them geez, the owner of the house coming out to see what all the noise is about. I gently explain what is happening, they shake their head and laugh, help me pile the leaves back up and off we go to find another pile. In reality I might end up talking to the law!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

Keep Hope Alive!