Fabulously Fall Friday

Hello my fabulously graceless friends! We should celebrate because it’s Friday!

I can only hope that you get to enjoy your weekend and that if you have had struggles and trials this last week that this weekend give you a reprieve from all of the maos in life!

We are officially into the fall season now and in some areas the trees are changing their colors from the lush green to the vibrant colors they are known for. They are also beginning to fall and I have seen some piles around, perfect for jumping in! I’m not so sure some people would be thrilled with strangers jumping in their leaf piles but I would think as long as you cleaned up, maybe they wouldn’t mind!

Colours of Autumn.

I can picture it in my head, my boy and I seeing a large pile of leaves, pulling over the Jeep and jumping in to play. As I am going to get the rake, doesn’t everyone carry a rake with them geez, the owner of the house coming out to see what all the noise is about. I gently explain what is happening, they shake their head and laugh, help me pile the leaves back up and off we go to find another pile. In reality I might end up talking to the law!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

Keep Hope Alive!



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