Children’s programming, the creepy and the fun

There is somethings about children’s programming that is just a wee bit creepy. No matter how “innocent” something is, I seem to be able to find things both hysterically funny (maybe too funny as my filters are off) or deeply disturbing. I remember when Teletubbies came out in the 90’s. If you ever got the pleasure, or torture, of watching that show then you know what I mean. Since I had a best friend who had a 2 year old at the time, I was introduced, much like I had been to Barney *shudders still* many years earlier. The first viewing I was in hysterics laughing so hard I hurt. I turned and asked her if the opening “music” sounded like something you would hear at a party, frat house or stoner pad. She fell out laughing. The characters were also a bit disturbing but funny. I am sure adults and children watching this together had different opinions. I know her son did and so did we. They later changed the opening “music” but kept the rest of it pretty much the same. I know there were groups saying they were satanic, still not sure how and what I read was more like someone reaching for Mars but only making it to Michigan and calling it Mars. Like I said disturbing.

Then there is South Park. Anyone who has watched this knows it is not appropriate for children. I mean they air it mostly later in the evening, but I have noticed it on cable channels as just about any hour. I am not complaining. Just pointing out a fact. When I was recovering from surgery and the boy wasn’t home I caught a few minutes of it during my TV flip flop. It was still funny and I enjoyed it but I am not watching it with my kid!

We watch “Pinocchio”, “Alice and Wonderland” and “101 Dalmatians” among a several others that were from my era. He loves Scooby Doo and the Mystery team. I urge you to go back and watch a few of those. Political correctness and innuendos blast at you throughout the films. It is a hoot to me and I laugh but he doesn’t yet understand why I laugh. He just thinks I am laughing at the movie like he is. As he gets older I will teach him about these things, but for now I am letting him enjoy the innocence of the films.

They do have very cool graphics these days in children’s movies I must admit. We watched “Epic” recently and it was definitely a good movie. Now the boy wants binoculars so we can find the little people in the trees. I have to admit I was the same way. I also still believe.

I hope you will enjoy this fine Saturday whatever you do.

And as always, Keep Hope Alive!

Stay Fabulous!



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